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Avatar n tn they just give me pregnancy test when your going home after everything was done this must be just ireland for you .
606788 tn?1223289353 I have just had my first cycle of IVF. I had my embryo transfer on Friday 29th August 2008(Three days ago). I have had cramping pains since and really just feel lousy. I'm also very bloated. Are these symptoms normal and is this a good sign or bad. Please be honest to keep my mind at ease.
Avatar f tn Felt so movement and pains in my tummy, breast was heavy, back pain for just a while,heart burn but all these started day 4 after the transfer but today it's day 9 and since yesterday their was no more sign. What is happening? Couldn't get myself away from the pregnancy test but sadly it was negative which I know it was early to show but couldn't just help it.
2175001 tn?1337561143 Unfortunately, it's hard to know after IVF if the symptoms are from pregnancy or from the medication you're on (progesterone causes tender breasts, for example)....but in my experience, cramping can definitely be a good sign! It is also normal to have symptoms come and go, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything. As a matter of fact, I had less symptoms after my IVF (which was successful) than I did in my two pervious natural pregnancies (which ended in miscarriages).
Avatar n tn My girlfriend had ivf and had to stay after at the clinic for 4 hours with her pelvic up. my clinic let me go after 30 minutes. that made me nervous. any thoughts.
901431 tn?1242069634 Hi, I had my first ivf day3 transfer on May 7th, today is my 6th day after ET, first two days I had major cramps, but now I don't feel anything anymore. I just want to know if it is normal to have no symptoms after ET. My Beta is scheduled on Thursday May 21th.
Avatar f tn Hi Kele1129, With Ivf you will have twingyness and a full feeling due to your ovaries working over time and producing more follicles. I have the same issues with sitting for a long period of time, so yes it is normal. Good luck on your utrasound tomorrow. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I read that an early sign of pregnancy is a white discharge (w/ no odor, itch, or color) happens when fertilization has occurred. FYI- I had my first IUI 10/18. some discharge started today. (plus i'm bloated and boobs are a little bigger than usual:) Anyone experienced this? Any truth to it??
270512 tn?1333181236 having some cm discharge 4days after transfer of 5day old blastocysts. Pregnancy symptom or meds?
Avatar f tn hi all please can anyone tell me if they had first time pregnancy with ivf ?
Avatar f tn My estrogen prior was 312 and on the fourth day after IVF it was 178 is that bad sign? I took a test today 5 days after the transfer and it was negative is it to soon?
Avatar f tn I did not have these symptoms at 7 dpt but I did have lots of bleeding in my first trimester. I am almost 29 weeks. I was told after my transfer that bleeding after ivf was not uncommon and if that happened to continue with progesterone. I am so sorry about the bleeding. I know how stressful it is. I hope your beta comes back positive.
537169 tn?1365275599 I got my bfp after my first ivf a few weeks ago. Just like yourself, I started spotting about one week after my positive test. Then spotting turned red and then turned into heavy bleeding. I was diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma that causes the bleeding in my case. Luckily my baby is OK so far. Red spotting after positive HPT is unrelated to ivf and is not uncommon in early pregnancy. However, you should be monitored very closely.
Avatar n tn On day 6 of cycle (3 days after the transfer), I had major cramps. On day 7 (4 days after the trasfer), I had some light spotting (red blood) which freaked me out. Yesterday and today, I've had little to no symptoms (very light cramps). I am not due for a preg test for another 5 days. Anxious to find out if the symptoms are "normal". Has anyone had a similar experience?
Avatar n tn Your levels may not be high enough yet. I know I was PG after my 1st IVF cycle. They did the blood test it was positive. I thought it would be great to see that on the stick so I did a HPT and it was Negative. But then a week later got my BFP on a stick. So, just because the stick says neg does not mean it is neg. All the AF signs can also be PG signs or can be caused by the progesterone. We have to trust in our Drs and that they know what they are doing.
1287560 tn?1272220121 We are however going to try naturaly for a few months as you are meant to be more fertile after a miscarriage. As the ivf did work, i just miscarried if nothing by august we will have one more go at ivf, i will be 41 so i know time isnt on my side. i wish you well with your cycle, keep me updated and i will too.
237300 tn?1231458318 I also have been extremely THIRSTY, especially in the mornings when I woke up and also during the day. I didnt thought of this as a sign of pregnancy, ..because after within 4 days after i tested with an Ovulation kit I got from Dollar store, the result has two lines in it, meaning I will be ovulating after 24-48 hrs. the sad part is we didnt had any "action" for 4 days after i tested, because we had visitors staying in our house...but we had contact for 8days (everyday..
Avatar f tn I just wanted to find others also going through the 2ww after IVF... I'm supposed to take the Pregnancy blood test on Saturday, April 19th!!!! (gone through this 2xs before, one without a transfer, one with a transfer, this being the most promising so far...) My mind and my body seem to go back and forth with feelings as to whether or not I'm pregnant. Even though I'm working a good portion of the day distracted with consulting projects, it's always in the back in my mind...
Avatar f tn I've had 2 IUI previously, & i've just had my 1st IVF and waiting to take a pregnancy test on Tuesday 13th May. I've been having continuous abdominal discomforts (like the one I have just before I have a period) for a week now & just wondering if it's a good sign. I'm quite nervous.
1027863 tn?1273186731 Mild cramping/pulling sensation has always been my first pregnancy sign...including after my IVF in April! I'm now 23 weeks pregnant! Best of luck to you!