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Avatar f tn Has anyone on here taken week by week pics to track there growing belly? Or plan on taking maternity pictures? What week are you planning on taking them?
10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
Avatar f tn surprisingly if I drank regular coke it seemed to help there is somethung in it that can settle your belly. My sis-in-law told me to try it and it worked...?! Hope that helps. Mine didnt go away but my belly never dropped with my first.
Avatar n tn Im 32weeks and 1 day I feel like there is no room left like my belly can't get any big I was 129 before pregnancy and im 151 now I feel like a whale
1844410 tn?1322749080 I got lucky that my belly button has not stuck out for either pregnancy, it just stays round and gets streched out.
Avatar f tn I feel like the weeks are going by so quick! Turned 26weeks today & knowing ive got 14 more to go is crazy! I remember being 14 weeks and feeling like I've got such a long journey ahead! Im not even showing that much yet. I wonder when i'll actully pop! How are the weeks going by for you girls?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 11 weeks today and feel shocking, dizziness & nausea seems to have reappeard and I'm getting twinges of pain on and off in my belly. Just wondering if this sounds normal or not? I thought I'd got over the worst of it but seems to all be coming back!
Avatar n tn Omg!! I cant believe i have 1 more week left, it went by so fast. This is my first and its a boy. I cant wait to be a mom and love him. I am so tired of being pregnant!!' Uhhhhh...still have no signs of labor i guess hes to comfty in there lol.
Avatar f tn ) almost every man realizes whats really happening once time goes by and tht belly starts showing :)
Avatar f tn You're 23 weeks pregnant and your doctor did a vaginal ultrasound? No, that isn't too normal. There's no need for a vaginal ultrasound at that point-- it's mostly used in early pregnancy when you can't see the baby abdominally. I would talk to them and see why they did it. Maybe it's standard practice?
Avatar f tn My symptoms stopped at week 13th and by week 17 I didn't feel pregnant at all. I am 31 weeks pregnant and my boy is healthy and active. The second trimester is supposed to be the easiest trimester to get through but If you are really concerned talk to your Dr.
Avatar f tn It is what made love the whole pregnancy. Just enjoy it while you can! Everyone is different but by the 3rd trimester I was miserable from head to toe. I am now in the 2nd tri with my 2nd child. I am loving it!!! It is when I started to feel like doing anything. Enjoy these good days. You might not feel so great later. Relax and enjoy your gift.
8987997 tn?1413288175 Anyone else feeling fed up like their pregnancy is going at a snail's pace! Im 30+2 and my friend who is 33 weeks with twins has just gone into labour which makes me wish it would hurry up more!!! I am so grateful and lucky to have baby safe and sound in my tummy I guess im just getting inpatient now.
5691681 tn?1375735348 t been having symptoms really some days i dont feel like eating then some days im starving nd my son has been lazy this whole pregnancy not moving much no hard kicks are anything untill a week ago i think he heard when the doctor said they were going to monitor him so every since then he's been really active everyday
Avatar f tn I have had all through out my pregnancy. My pregnancy is going so great. They wil probably do an ultrasound just to make sure your baby is growing ok.
Avatar f tn s appt and an u/s to see how things were going with the pregnancy based on some major BH contractions, as well as cramping ive been having fort the past week. dr said its normal considering im only 6 weeks away. my ds is fine, and measuring at 5lbs.
358971 tn?1330888975 I"m 15 weeks and wondering for all those who have been here before, at what point can I expect my stomach to be big and not just because of bloating? I wake up in the mornings and I'm actually scared b/c my stomach is as flat as it was before i became pregnant ( i have stomach pooch but i can make it flat by pulling up with my hand). I've always had this pooch and the fact that I can make it look flat worries me. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn In 2 hours and I'm really nervous. Is that normal ? I haven't had anything go wrong with this pregnancy so far but I'm scared they might find something. I really hope my little bean is healthy and cooperates so we can fins out what sex it is.
Avatar n tn Does anyone knows what happens at your last monthly appointment? This is pregnancy number two for me but I forgot!!
4484425 tn?1384228334 The only issue she is having is she hardly napped all week because the other babies cry quite a bit and are really loud. Hopefully she will get used to it. She started rolling from her belly to back on Tuesday and is trying so hard to roll from her back to belly. I know its going to happen any day. She had her 4 month check up on Friday and her doctor says she's perfect :) Despite her spitting up all the time she has gained 2 1/2 lbs in 2 months and is up to 14lbs 12.
Avatar f tn Ok so i think i felt fluttering in my belly. Ive been pregnant before and i know the feeling but never had it this early is it possibly?