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Avatar f tn No belly yet.. Nothing to take pics off...
Avatar f tn I wanna take some cute pregnancy pictures in two weeks because I will be 30 weeks but ughh I have hairs on my belly :/ I'm pretty sure they gonna be noticeable when I take them and they give em to me -_- I don't like these damn hairs on my belly ughh lol Does anybody got a solution to this ? Lol Any lotions that you guys recommend me and that will work for sure ????
Avatar f tn I've got some pictures of my new belly, i'm starting to show already!
Avatar f tn I recommend you taking pictures from the beginning of your pregnancy (with a personal camera) and getting professional pictures done around 32- 35 weeks, your belly is nice and round!! I prefer this week of gestation because further along your belly may have dropped due to the position of the baby. Mine has quite a bit and I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, our pictures are scheduled for this Saturday.
Avatar f tn I was so excited to take professional pictures of my belly but yesterday for the first time I took one with my phone and oh my I have so many stretch marks!
5739095 tn?1374690666 Im 32 weeks was tinkn maybe at 36 wuld b good what you think?
Avatar f tn Everyone Says Im Small To B 7 Months I Dont Feel Small At All Considering I was 114 pre pregnancy Now im 150 nd its all belly
Avatar f tn Are you on your phone? If so i don't think you can upload pictures by phone. You could try going to the full site button at the bottom of the page and doing it that way. Idk i never figured it out i just got on the computer lol. But it honestly doesn't matter how your belly looks, I'm having a boy i am carrying low this whole pregnancy. He's dropping now tho. My friend who is only 2 weeks ahead of me is carrying low as well and shes havin a girl.
796506 tn?1370188305 Well I thought I was getting lucky with this pregnancy BUT my body is turning on me lol... Food (all) is making me nauseous (but still have not thrown up at all this pregnancy) and the fatigue is soooo terrible but so is the insomia... How unfair. Tired and can't sleep. LOL...
Avatar n tn I probably used the wrong word....what i meant was maternity pictures like pictures of my belly. For example my husband's arms wrapped around me with hishands on my belly or him kissing my belly etc. Did any of you ladies have these done?
Avatar f tn I am 19 weeks along, not showing -- except first thing in the morning when I wake up. During the day, my stomach looks normal, just a little bit bloated but then I go to sleep and the first thing in the morning, my bump is obvious. Is this normal? Why doesn't it just stay where my belly button is? I'm ready for my bump to show :( The top picture is of my belly before bed last night, and the bottom is my belly this morning as soon as I woke up.
Avatar f tn We are gonna get some pictures by a huge water fountain, get some bare belly pictures and some sitting down in front of trees and a bunch of flowers. My sister got some naked ones done and had a white sheet flowed across her.. Very intimate and pretty. There is probably lots of ideas If you Google maternity picture ideas or ask your photographer.
Avatar f tn Is that weird lol. I love looking at it and I take a picture of it every week. I swear I would walk around shirtless if my bf and son wouldn't think I'm a weirdo. It's my secret obsession! My belly button changing is so cool. This is baby #2.
1693461 tn?1374511829 Im still having some trouble down stairs but I figure its cause of hormones. I took pictures of my belly but I dont think Im starting to show yet, although my clothes are starting to feel snug. I see the doc on the 19th. DD is still extremely excited. She got to see her baby cousin the other day a few minutes old. I got to explain to her that her cousin (Gage) will be around the same size as her new brother or sister when its born. She couldn't believe it!
Avatar f tn Okay, for starters, I uploaded 3 new pictures onto this site, but it's much easier to give you guys my Myspace belly photo album link instead of re-uploading them all over again...I have pics every two weeks from week 15, all the way up to 27w5d. if it is private or it doesn't work, please let me know so I can fix it. And you can send me friend requests if you would like, just please tell me you are from this site.. :)
1961938 tn?1398718101 If your pregnancy is "normal" id get them done about 37 weeks. Thats when i planned with my daughter...with my son, i do not want maternity pics done at all. The thought of my belly being as big as it is disgusts me.
Avatar f tn I am due 9/25. I want a belly buddy, someone to share pregnancy stories with and swap belly photos with!!
Avatar f tn actually there's pregnancy belly button rings thou can't get.
Avatar f tn I'll be 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my second child. I took week to week pictures of myself/belly while pregnant with my son but as far as professional maternity pictures, I didn't get them done. Oh boy I regret it!): Some people were telling me that they were $400.00 but after I had my son, I found out they're not even half of that. I'm debating if I should get them done with this baby since I didn't with my first.
4444857 tn?1383325813 When is a good time to take maternity pictures? I don't wanna do it so late that I'll be uncomfortable, but 23 weeks is too early.
Avatar f tn A black long sleeved shirt. Nothing that takes the focus off of your belly. Or you can bring a satin wrap/scarf you can wrap around your boobs & private. They just want to emphasize on your belly.