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Avatar f tn m 25yrs old I have 2 daughters I had 2 miscarriages one last yr and one the beginning of this yr. I had taken a few pregnancy tests the beginning of last month n this month. Im getting pregnancy symptoms (dizzyness, cravings, my breats hurt they feels kinda hard,mood swings and a few cramp moments) so any who the first 3 hpt came back negative and the other 3 after came back with a faint positive line... I went to the doctor about 12 days ago.
Avatar f tn I have a 2 uteri and they are just a little smaller than having a single uterus. Is it a sign of labor when tummy drops? When I had contractions, I would be hard as high as under my breast but not anymore. Any info would help.
Avatar f tn So confused bout what's going on here lately I been having signs that I'm pregnant but I had my tubes cut,tied, and burned 6 years ago. I have milk coming out of my left boob when I squzee the nipple. Went to the er blood work was fine.
Avatar f tn How long did you guys experience the "labor signs"? With my first I dilated 1cm at 30weeks and my baby dropped a couple weeks later and was born at 36 weeks. This time at 31weeks I was 1cm &70% and received steroids. I'm 32weeks now my LO has dropped, I've experienced lightening, peeing every 10to15mins, and nesting like crazy.
1646392 tn?1333251893 t my OB is going to induce me on the 27th. I have had some signs that I feel are real signs of labor coming soon. I am give myself two weeks maybe even three tops. So here are my signs or at least what I think are signs. I have this overwhelming sense that I must get things done now. Baby room is done. House is clean and I keep it clean, always picking up constantlyy which is odd for me. I tend to be lazy and let the dishes stay in the sink or laundry build up. Not now.
Avatar f tn Have you noticed decreased abdominal distention? When the baby drops sometimes a woman can feel as if there is less pressure on her diaphragm area. Try Googling "lightening during pregnancy" and it should give you all the signs and symptoms and what you should be experiencing during this time.
1144257 tn?1261363686 sore breasts, nausea, headache, confusion, cramping/pain in lower left quadrant (by ovary), flutters, anxious, extreme tiredness, food cravings, loss of appitite, really gassy... **actually most of these started late sunday night...
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463595 tn?1333997222 No AF and no signs of af or pregnancy and I am to scare to do pregnancy test.
676143 tn?1312941771 Six days to go until I can take a pregnancy test. No signs of AF or Pregnancy....I hate the waiting....
Avatar f tn My due date is 10/03 been having some contractions but still bearable. I was hoping she would be out by my bday 9/21 especially since I was still working and getting a lot of pain but she decided to stay until the end. Hope your wish about 10/11 comes true and I hope you have a good labor and healthy baby!
1634874 tn?1304530587 There has been a few signs of pregnancy but at the same time my period is very weird and works in mysterious ways i am going on a trip in a week could i e so exceited that my period was weird
459969 tn?1398170254 Do you find it easier to breathe or increase in appetite (other signs of lightening)? But the cramps sound like contractions, and if they're 11 minutes apart that could be a sign of labor. If they don't stop or increase, def. call your doc!
1422814 tn?1333569702 My 28-day cycle this month ran abnormally long with several signs of implantation and increased levels of progesterone, signs I haven't experienced before or in the coming months. My cycle went 9 days longer than expected with only spotting at bathroom breaks during the time at which I should've had my period. I truly believe this was a chemical pregnancy, as I cannot find any other explanation in my research.
Avatar f tn I had all the typical signs; tender nipples, sore and heavy breast with growth and swelling; before the period, cervical mucus was present (one day specifically was thicker, the others were milky/clear); I had signs of uterus growth; etc. The period started yesterday (thick viscosity and clots) - however after dinner on the 13th, it was really heavy and bloody (whole night-infinity pad soaked + a lot of clotting). Definitely a chem.-pregnancy loss.
Avatar f tn I know it's early, but I couldn't help wanting to take one because of all the possible signs this week.
Avatar f tn I found a cream move darkness. You can use it in the time of pregnancy. I think you will find it good.
Avatar f tn Not sure about an electric type of feeling but I think Helen's thought on a nerve issue sounds about right. Since, Im pretty sure my baby has dropped (I goto the OB on Wed and then Ill know for sure) I have been feeling like a surge of pressure on my bladder every now and then. Maybe you feel this b/c your baby has dropped? Below is from babycenter.
Avatar f tn Is it like lightening sort of? I had what felt like spasms of lightening from the sky going on in my vag. I turned out to be 2cm dialated at my next doc apt. Told her I was feeling weird spasms and lightening strikes inside me. She said all that weird stuff you're feeling are good signs. You want to feel the weird stuff. As long as baby is moving and no water is leaking you're good.
1277082 tn?1344057820 so all day ive been feeling like [email protected] im tired nauseated, head aches. heart burn that make you body melt and tiredness. decreased appatite and a slight ear ache. ive had muscle cramps and moodiness. but heres the thing im 40 day from into my cycle and no bfp. i really dont know when i ovulated and really dont think im pregnant. this had to be the flu. the funny thing is i havent had to flu since i was a kid. i really dont want the flu but im prepaired with a bottle of pepto. yeah for a weekend.
Avatar f tn my due date is tday!! but i have had no signs of labour yet no plug no show no bh no contractions no lightening :-( Im booked for a membrane sweep tmorro has anyonw else been in the same situatikn and the sweep has worked? i realy dnt want to have to go two weeks over my due date and have to be induced!! heard so many horror storys of inducement. my sil is also due her baby but not for another two weeks but has her sweep tmorrow aswel .
Avatar f tn I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my second child. Yesterday all of a sudden I felt this intense presure in my rectum and also on my bladder. It hurts more to walk now and I'm wondering if the baby is starting to move down. When she moves I can feel her head turning. They say with second, third babies and so on that lightening doesn't usually occur until the onset of labor. Has anyone had this happen and how long was it before labor started.
Avatar f tn Most of the women under in vitro pregnancy feel confused what would be their symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. Women, who do not conceive naturally, can conceive artificially through in vitro process. Therefore, they often feel whether IVF pregnancy symptoms resemble symptoms of natural pregnancies or not. Following an IVF pregnancy, the egg is taken outside in a Petri dish to fertilize. After fertilization, the egg is again implanted in the body.
1712168 tn?1313111840 i also have nipple pain like crazy not breast pain though i dont remember having it with my first pregnancy. i have a loss of appetite ill go to eat something then all of a sudden change my mind and not eat at all . hopefully these are good signs.
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