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Avatar f tn How long did you guys experience the "labor signs"? With my first I dilated 1cm at 30weeks and my baby dropped a couple weeks later and was born at 36 weeks. This time at 31weeks I was 1cm &70% and received steroids. I'm 32weeks now my LO has dropped, I've experienced lightening, peeing every 10to15mins, and nesting like crazy.
Avatar f tn Have you noticed decreased abdominal distention? When the baby drops sometimes a woman can feel as if there is less pressure on her diaphragm area. Try Googling "lightening during pregnancy" and it should give you all the signs and symptoms and what you should be experiencing during this time.
Avatar f tn My due date is 10/03 been having some contractions but still bearable. I was hoping she would be out by my bday 9/21 especially since I was still working and getting a lot of pain but she decided to stay until the end. Hope your wish about 10/11 comes true and I hope you have a good labor and healthy baby!
459969 tn?1398170254 Do you find it easier to breathe or increase in appetite (other signs of lightening)? But the cramps sound like contractions, and if they're 11 minutes apart that could be a sign of labor. If they don't stop or increase, def. call your doc!
Avatar f tn Not sure about an electric type of feeling but I think Helen's thought on a nerve issue sounds about right. Since, Im pretty sure my baby has dropped (I goto the OB on Wed and then Ill know for sure) I have been feeling like a surge of pressure on my bladder every now and then. Maybe you feel this b/c your baby has dropped? Below is from babycenter.
Avatar f tn I found a cream move darkness. You can use it in the time of pregnancy. I think you will find it good.
Avatar f tn my due date is tday!! but i have had no signs of labour yet no plug no show no bh no contractions no lightening :-( Im booked for a membrane sweep tmorro has anyonw else been in the same situatikn and the sweep has worked? i realy dnt want to have to go two weeks over my due date and have to be induced!! heard so many horror storys of inducement. my sil is also due her baby but not for another two weeks but has her sweep tmorrow aswel .
Avatar f tn Is it like lightening sort of? I had what felt like spasms of lightening from the sky going on in my vag. I turned out to be 2cm dialated at my next doc apt. Told her I was feeling weird spasms and lightening strikes inside me. She said all that weird stuff you're feeling are good signs. You want to feel the weird stuff. As long as baby is moving and no water is leaking you're good.
Avatar f tn m 37 weeks on Tuesday, 1cm 80% effaced at last appointment. I did a lot of walking yesterday at a park for my maternity pictures. I got Thr same sharp pains in my vaJJ and lower tummy. After I got home I took a hot shower and rested. Feel much better today.
Avatar f tn They are all signs of a healthy pregnancy. You must try to keep eating and drinking is very important or you will get dehydrated which could harm the pregnancy. If you are having problems with drinking then you need to see a doctor as soon as you can.
Avatar f tn I want to say yay to all the may mommies on this forum! We're almost done or some of us have already had our little burritos! Lol. I'm jealous of the ones showing labor signs haha and I'm sure I'm not the only one! Only labor signs I have are dilation and lightening and that's about it! I hope you all have had a wonderful journey and a great labor and delivery! Can't wait to see who all delivers this week!!
Avatar m tn Those with a knowledge of dermatology, urology or plastic surgery, what would be the best and safest way of lightening just the red raphe strip in the area highlighted above? Research suggests the best way would be with a bleaching agent much in the same way anal/vaginal bleaching is approached. Hydroquinone appears to be too dangerous; would kojic acid be better? I've heard that a TCA peel can work. I would apply the lightening agent using a q-tip I think.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm Fatima, 16 years of age. For quite a while now, my chin is more darker than the rest of my face and it especially doesn't look good in pictures. Is there any sort of cream I could use to improve this area of my face?
3742874 tn?1348014757 Well...yes, and no. Certainly these are possible signs of impending labor, but they are also signs of later third trimester pregnancy. Unfortunately, until labor actually starts, it's tough to predict. No doubt your body is getting ready though, and at 36 weeks it won't be long. It's good if baby can stay in at least another week or two though. All the best and wishing you a healthy, speedy and safe labor and delivery.
Avatar f tn t know if these might be signs of pregnancy? My boyfriend has ejaculated in me plenty of times before ,but at the end of the month i get my monthly visit..I've never had these symptoms though. I've been so busy lately to go get checked, but I would like to know are these often a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I know i need to take a home test but wanted to know if these are early signs of pregnancy or is this my body bouncing back from the BC? also i forgot to mention that while on reclipsen i had two "periods" which consisted of no more than two days of barely spotting (not enough to wear a pad or tampon). Since ive been off of reclipsen now for two weeks when should i expect my period and what are these spasms??? im just trying to figure out whats going on with my body!!