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385161 tn?1270081218 t get any stretch marks until about 30 weeks with both my single pregnancy and my twin pregnancy (the stretch marks were a little higher up than the old ones). Like pookie said, BAM, it was like mine appeared overnight. Don't worry though, they really tend to fade out after birth and I could barely see mine after about six months...
514428 tn?1287598456 LOL you know I have commented on your cute Pregnant belly pictures! I even showed DH and he said how many does she have in there! You look ready to pop! Why have you only heard the heartrate one time? I would demand somthing be done! PS~ Who cares if he talks SH*T about you behind your back tell him to pee up a rope!
Avatar f tn No belly yet.. Nothing to take pics off...
Avatar f tn I wanna take some cute pregnancy pictures in two weeks because I will be 30 weeks but ughh I have hairs on my belly :/ I'm pretty sure they gonna be noticeable when I take them and they give em to me -_- I don't like these damn hairs on my belly ughh lol Does anybody got a solution to this ? Lol Any lotions that you guys recommend me and that will work for sure ????
Avatar f tn I've got some pictures of my new belly, i'm starting to show already!
346546 tn?1376252091 well my nausea is calming down but I still get it about once a day, the pepto helps alot. I am finally starting to believe I'm having twins, I've been in shock about it all week. My belly is showing and there is no doubt people notice I'm pregnant... went shopping today for maternity clothes, found some nice stuff at motherhood.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is supportive but i still have so many questions about twin fast is my belly supposed to grow?, what foods should I avoid?, is it safe to travel on airplanes?(im 15 weeks and 1 day today), im plus size so how big is my belly gonna get?, and how bad is my back gonna hurt?
Avatar f tn I recommend you taking pictures from the beginning of your pregnancy (with a personal camera) and getting professional pictures done around 32- 35 weeks, your belly is nice and round!! I prefer this week of gestation because further along your belly may have dropped due to the position of the baby. Mine has quite a bit and I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, our pictures are scheduled for this Saturday.
Avatar f tn I was so excited to take professional pictures of my belly but yesterday for the first time I took one with my phone and oh my I have so many stretch marks!
Avatar f tn pls help me know the maximum period of twin pregnancy..som says 34 weeks nd som says 36 nd evn 38 is gud...ny idea?
514428 tn?1287598456 I had my girls' birthday party yesterday and it was awesome. They made out so great!! Didn't get as many clothes as I would of liked, but it's all good :) So not seeing my mom or family for a few weeks and just talking on the phone, I brought up to my mom that we might be having twins again. She laughedat first and was trying to think of the possiblies of that happening. I told her it's either that or I have a 2 pound baby in my belly already.
Avatar f tn Hi, Distension of abdomen can be due to twin pregnancy or also because of gas and bloating, fatty abdomen etc. In twin pregnancy the symptoms of pregnancy like nausea and vomiting are exaggerated and then you can suspect twins. However an ultrasound scan is surest way of diagnosing twins. Hope this helps.
5739095 tn?1374690666 Im 32 weeks was tinkn maybe at 36 wuld b good what you think?
Avatar f tn Everyone Says Im Small To B 7 Months I Dont Feel Small At All Considering I was 114 pre pregnancy Now im 150 nd its all belly
Avatar f tn Are you on your phone? If so i don't think you can upload pictures by phone. You could try going to the full site button at the bottom of the page and doing it that way. Idk i never figured it out i just got on the computer lol. But it honestly doesn't matter how your belly looks, I'm having a boy i am carrying low this whole pregnancy. He's dropping now tho. My friend who is only 2 weeks ahead of me is carrying low as well and shes havin a girl.
796506 tn?1370188305 Well I thought I was getting lucky with this pregnancy BUT my body is turning on me lol... Food (all) is making me nauseous (but still have not thrown up at all this pregnancy) and the fatigue is soooo terrible but so is the insomia... How unfair. Tired and can't sleep. LOL...
Avatar f tn However as you have your doubts, a second scan can be done just to rule out a twin pregnancy and assess the size of the baby. The belly can be larger when a single baby is big, when the abdomen is saggy and pendulous and if the fluid surrounding the baby is more in amount. If all is found well after an examination and an ultrasound scan then you can rest assured. Consult your gynaecologist for an evaluation. The answer is based on information provided.
346546 tn?1376252091 Renny from medhelp had her babies on Nov 2, and she posted pictures today. They are beautiful babies, and weighed 6.13 and 7.1 :o) I hope my babies are that healthy, they should be since I won't have them until 37 weeks. I finally got around to coloring my roots... I hate doing it but it needed to be done. I want to look nice for pictures when the babies are born. Rey cooked tonight, vermacelli and chicken. I also had some cherry tomotoes on the side.
Avatar n tn I probably used the wrong word....what i meant was maternity pictures like pictures of my belly. For example my husband's arms wrapped around me with hishands on my belly or him kissing my belly etc. Did any of you ladies have these done?
Avatar f tn I am 19 weeks along, not showing -- except first thing in the morning when I wake up. During the day, my stomach looks normal, just a little bit bloated but then I go to sleep and the first thing in the morning, my bump is obvious. Is this normal? Why doesn't it just stay where my belly button is? I'm ready for my bump to show :( The top picture is of my belly before bed last night, and the bottom is my belly this morning as soon as I woke up.