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10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
327668 tn?1224792350 They gave me a 1 in 7000 by the looks of things (measurement) and when I told them about my one pregnancy that had down syndrome they gave me a 1 in 100. Here are some pictures. Tell me what you think!? http://i250.photobucket.
Avatar f tn ) my 20 week scan in May 12th, I can't wait to see my baby again! !
8987997 tn?1413288175 I'm 30+3 and yes!!! I started feeling that way around 28 29 weeks but every time I start wanting him to be out I go on Google and look at pictures of babies born at the week I'm at at that point. Which then makes me feel hAPPy he's still in my belly. Its nearing the end so it's hard and one day feels like 2 but trying to keep myself busy. When is your due date?
Avatar f tn I hope so because I worry all the time about my baby girl is so active and she moves everywhere I just want everything to be okay
13945890 tn?1432178631 s like omg hes huge and it hurt my feelings so I had to make sure.
1790045 tn?1317184484 Has anyone been told the gender of their baby at their 12 week ultrasound? I go in for my 12 week ultrasound next week and we are wanting to find out as soon as possible. I've heard some doctors will tell you if the baby is turned the right way and some won't and you have to wait til your 20 weeks appointment.
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
Avatar f tn Thanks can't wait, I've been taking a pic every week holding the fruit the baby is that week
408496 tn?1269603350 I had a 4-D one at 36 weeks to check on Aspen's position and got the most AMAZING photo's. If you look my pictures its on like the last page and it is a picture of her face... perfectly formed and EXACTLY what she looked like when she was born. Technology is incredible.
Avatar f tn Are you taking professional pics of your pregnancy? If so, which week is the best for that and whom are you planing to show them?
Avatar f tn Im scared that wen i get there, there wont be a heartbeat (scared of a miscarriage)...ive read alot of posts on here about that and it scares me to death. I hope my baby is ok :( lol i kno im prolli juss tripping but a ftm..wat can i say lol. But when u wrnt for ur sonogram ultrasound, wat was everything they test u for.??? How long were u there.?? Did they give u pics to take home.??
280369 tn?1316702041 t have asked for a better baby...but I know things can always change...hehe. =) I just added some new pictures! Check them out.
4725879 tn?1368826572 Turns out I'm further along than we thought! I'm 13 weeks 3 days as of my u/s yesterday :) we have lots of pictures & it was so special having my mom, grandma & bdaddy there in the room. Baby bear is healthy & veeeeery active! My little one loves to wiggle lol!! Heart rate is 152 bpm, & measuring normal. Just curious though, there is a section on the report that states "additional markers for risk assessment" & nasal bone present is written as a response.
1960480 tn?1342315266 It has all kinds of great info in it and great pictures to give you an idea of what your body and your baby should be looking like from a week by week view.
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, I had an ultrasound yesterday 11 weeks. The doctor said everything looks great. I was amazed the baby was moving around so much they had trouble getting pictures. The arms and legs just kept moving. I have had several miscarriages so have just been taking this week by week hoping and praying. But to see my baby moving was...I can't even describe it. Now I feel lke this is really going to happen. I didn't realize that the little peanuts were so active at this time.
342988 tn?1299782356 hola ladies, well my 12 week ultrasound went great. my bean has grown, has arms and legs and loves to jump. the little one was trying to suck it's own thumb and even put it's hand on it's head looking like it was saying, "Oh God, stop poking me with that machine." I got some good pics that i will post later when i get home. The little one is measuring right on track.
4725879 tn?1368826572 I am soooooo excited i can barely contain myself!!! Today i get to see my little baby bear for the first time! I've heard the heart at 10 weeks & it was surreal! This however is just so crazy! I get to come home with a little video & pictures i can look at all day long! My mom is a nurse where i will be giving birth so she will be able to see her grandchild, & my grandma will also be with me in the room to see the first of her great-grandchildren! Only downside...
Avatar f tn t indicate where my placenta was and if it appeared health or even in the right spot. This is my first pregnancy and online searches for information can leave a new mommy-to-be pretty frightened. Is there any way to locate my placenta in the ultrasound pictures I received or should I wait until my next ultrasound? Or is it normal for the placenta to not be as visible this early in pregnancy?
2111563 tn?1334247078 Was just curious if anyone is doing the same or if any of you have your own creative way of documenting your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I have my 13 week ultrasound tomorrow. The last one I had was at 8 weeks. Will my baby still look like an alien? What all should I expect?
Avatar f tn Because their profession (doctors, ultrasound techs, etc) is all about the money.
Avatar f tn And also with the pictures some places don't give out a lot of pictures.
Avatar f tn I have taken a couple of pictures each week since I was 6 weeks. I want to look back and see my baby/bellies growth.