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1115543 tn?1376384238 At my 30 week appointment I was told baby bump was measuring 1 and a half cms smaller. Midwife was concerned but not worried, said to keep an eye on bump, see doc if need be and she would check me again at 32 weeks. Ok, fine. So monitored my bump, weight and judged by my clothes. Was getting concerned as jacket started to fit easier again and bump looked smaller. Had the doc on Wednesday there for an unrelated matter and got him to check my bump.
1257629 tn?1269489511 As you said you were only 20 week pregnant and you were rushed to hospital and had contractions. Generally, the chances of survival for a 20 week baby are very less. A 20-22 week baby can survive only when treated well or with extraordinary medical intervention. The survival rate of so premature babies is very low. Your doctors must fail to provide you proper treatment.
Avatar f tn We are gonna get some pictures by a huge water fountain, get some bare belly pictures and some sitting down in front of trees and a bunch of flowers. My sister got some naked ones done and had a white sheet flowed across her.. Very intimate and pretty. There is probably lots of ideas If you Google maternity picture ideas or ask your photographer.
327668 tn?1224795950 They gave me a 1 in 7000 by the looks of things (measurement) and when I told them about my one pregnancy that had down syndrome they gave me a 1 in 100. Here are some pictures. Tell me what you think!? http://i250.photobucket.
8987997 tn?1413291775 I started feeling that way around 28 29 weeks but every time I start wanting him to be out I go on Google and look at pictures of babies born at the week I'm at at that point. Which then makes me feel hAPPy he's still in my belly. Its nearing the end so it's hard and one day feels like 2 but trying to keep myself busy. When is your due date?
4725879 tn?1368830172 Turns out I'm further along than we thought! I'm 13 weeks 3 days as of my u/s yesterday :) we have lots of pictures & it was so special having my mom, grandma & bdaddy there in the room. Baby bear is healthy & veeeeery active! My little one loves to wiggle lol!! Heart rate is 152 bpm, & measuring normal. Just curious though, there is a section on the report that states "additional markers for risk assessment" & nasal bone present is written as a response.
1790045 tn?1317188084 Has anyone been told the gender of their baby at their 12 week ultrasound? I go in for my 12 week ultrasound next week and we are wanting to find out as soon as possible. I've heard some doctors will tell you if the baby is turned the right way and some won't and you have to wait til your 20 weeks appointment.
317019 tn?1532969186 hey ladies...can you believe another week has gone how is everybody doing this week? im now 25 weeks preg next u/s is june 21 (monday) cant wait to see my little girls growth over the last 4 weeks inching up on the 3rd trimester but it still feels like its so far guessing i passed my 1 hour glucose because the doc's office never called to tell me otherwise so i guess its a safe assumption....
Avatar n tn I dont understand why they didnt explain any of this to you. Or why your doctor let you leave with no explaination. During all of my ultrasounds im asking questions if everyhting looks ok. and my doctor goes over the pictures before he even comes in the room and looks over them again while hes talking with me. I guess every doctor is different. And i understand if this is your first pregnancy your nervous. But i would call to make another appt.
Avatar n tn How awesome for you to see your little one whenever you want! I'm so jealous!! I swear this week has been the longest week in of my life waiting until I get to finally see the baby!
349463 tn?1333575176 On my ticker I noticed that I'm down to 49 days. I'm so excited to meet this baby, but feeling a little sad about the end of the pregnancy. lol I have no idea why. How are you all feeling and any big drs appointments or ultrasounds this week? Oh also does anyone have new belly pics or nursery pics up?
1115543 tn?1376384238 OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Its actually just sinking in that by this time next week I could already have a daughter. I have my appointment on Tuesday for a sweep and so long as my cervix is favourable, they will get me induced next week, though the midwife had said yesterday if I go and an dialated enough they may just break my waters there and then and keep me so to take all my things. WOW!! Over the weekend gonna so have to get prepared and try to help encourage wee girl to come a bit more.
1659605 tn?1326836147 ( haha. I'm definitely having more trouble sleeping at night and it's uncomfortable sitting at my desk at work for too long. Other than all the complaining I just did, I'm feeling good! :) We're getting so excited! The nursery is almost done. We ordered a rocking chair that still has to come, and we've got some shelves to hang, but other than that, it's put together. I love it!
604185 tn?1233964457 Wow, Nov. 2 is a busy day! Cleto, Maria & I are all on that day! Yeah, the supps do cause cramping or it is the fertility drugs helping you ovulate! Okay, so I will make a list of names and beta tests, post corrections or add your name t78wright - Oct. 25 4rdxacharm - Oct.
991222 tn?1333994333 I'm also hoping to hang one of the pregnancy pictures in the nursery along with an ultrasound picture. To Ashlynn: Mommy & Daddy are counting down the weeks until we get to hold you in our arms. We are so thankful that you will be a part of our family. We love you!
Avatar n tn I was sent to their other office where they have the high tech sono machine where the sono tech and doctor verified the news. The tech said by the size of the baby it had stopped growing about 3 weeks prior. At the time I was 17 weeks. I was absolutely devasted and still am. On Friday, I went and had the D&E procedure done which is a little more different from the D&C procedure due to the size of the baby. Everything went fine with it and with out any pain after.
280369 tn?1316705641 I feel like I may go in the next couple of weeks here. I hope so, otherwise at this rate, the baby is going to be 10 pounds by my due date!! lol. But I know he will come out when he is ready! =) Just wanted to share I am getting so excited and nervous now!! My next appt. isn't for another 3 weeks because everything looks fine. I washed all the baby clothes and still organizing the nursery, and other than that, I am just *waiting*.
272759 tn?1270489194 I couldnt save or send them on the computer though because we got a disc with the picture from the we had the bright idea last night to take pictures of the ultrasound on the computer and transfer it onto the computer from the camera LOL....bad quality but it works!
1428239 tn?1333460653 I had my 20 week ultrasound today.. Man does the baby not have the same amount of space that it had at 13 weeks .... My last ultrasound was on a Tuesday and I measured 13 weeks 6 days, which would have put me at 20 weeks 2 days today. My scan showed me measuring at 19 weeks 5 days... (so this is slightly behind). The sonographer said this isnt an issue at all, shouldnt cause any concern and wont change my due date due to it being less than 7 days difference.
Avatar f tn Well I had my now weekly.appointment yesterday for my 36th week, and I was told I tested positive for the Group Strep B test they gave me the prior week and I have a yeast infection I didn't know about. :( what an appointment, right? Ugh. I was feeling so horrible about the Group Strep B, and felt as if it was something I should have prevented however the doctor encouraged me that it's literally like a coin toss and pure chance whether women have it or not.
Avatar f tn As long as everything goes OK tomorrow, I plan on announcing the news this week. I've told most of my close friends and family already, so it's just everyone else. I'm planning on telling my boss on Wednesday over lunch after my quarterly review. And I'm gonna tell my daughter tomorrow night (she's 8). I ordered a giant fortune cookie dipped in chocolate with pink and blue sprinkles. The fortune inside the cookie tells her that she's going to have a baby brother or sister.
280369 tn?1316705641 change of clothes for baby change of clothes for you (what you wore at 5-6 months preggo)---don't forget undies and socks Toiletries (bring lipgloss, lotion and makeup!) Camera Purse (with ID, insurance, maybe some cash) I think that is about it. Honestly you don't need much becuase the hospital will provide diapers, wipes, pads, food, etc. I always brought a ton and ended up only using my toiletries, camera and clothes!
349463 tn?1333575176 My appointment went great. My ob had to rush out and deliver a baby really across the hall so I waited for almost 2 hours with my toddler in tow. It was a little crazy. Bella did so good I was really proud of her. I still haven't gained a single pound. HB was 150, Uterus feels like it might be measuring a week ahead. The pains I'm having are ligament pains to be expected earlier and worse than previous pregnancies because it's my third and the last two were so close together.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone I had my 17 week u/s today and the doctor said he could not tell what the sex of the baby was. When I was 12 and 1/2 weeks he said if he had to guess it would be a boy, now he is saying that he should not have said that b/c 12 wks is too early to tell. Now I don't know what to think also at 12 weeks I saw three white dots. This time I don't know what I was looking at he said he just couldn't tell. Any thoughts...........
151668 tn?1239924705 The Birthing Book by Dr. Sears. The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears. Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Not sure of the author.
231441 tn?1333896366 Hole in Hypothesis!!! is Autumn there isn't it? My dunderheadedness of the last week continues. Tell us stories of our littlest niece! I guess I am praying that you are merely renewing your membership to Hypo Gamma Chondria and will be found to be sound. Not insane, but slightly inane. If it is ON, it can occur with MS. We all know this. No one will mention that you are in the first 4 months post-partum.
232328 tn?1207093671 I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and a couple of things came up that concerned me. First off, they could not confirm the sex of the baby because of the position she was in. That was something I was not concerned about. The main things that concerned me is this....They could not locate a certain part of the baby's heart and also they could not see where the umbilical cord was connected to the baby's stomach. Now the question I have is....the baby is measuring 19w6D and I am 20W3D.
689528 tn?1364139441 It's absolutely amazing how quick 11 weeks can go by. Brady is the most amazing baby. He is such a happy camper! He has yet to sleep through the night but he is soo close. He usually goes down at about 10-11pm and is up at around 3ish and again at 5ish. Sometimes he will skip one or the other and is up for the day around 8am. He's a very social baby...he likes to smile and coo at other people. He is such a momma's boy. He always ***** up to me when I'm around cuz I've got the stuff!!