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Avatar f tn I was just wondering how long can a baby stay inside a mother womb? Because I'm 39+5 days now and since my next appointment is next week Thursday which I would be 40weeks and 5days. I was just wondering how long can a baby stay inside mother womb? Since I'm over my due date. ( my due date is the 12th but than they change it to the 10th than back to 12th than the 10th so I'm guessing my due date would be between there)...
Avatar n tn how will I know if my blood type and my husband's is positive or negative? Does it need to have the husband's blood to be dominant upon pregnancy and does it have to be the same with the fetus inside the womb?
Avatar f tn s also called an echo or something else when you go to the Dr and they run this gun around your belly to take pictures of the infant inside the womb.... Identical situation and equipment.
3169623 tn?1371168580 lol the baby does poop in the womb why the doctor tells you to drink A TON of water to clean out the amniotic fluid...
Avatar f tn ) And I bought him new flip flops, because his favorite ones are really worn down and he loves them lol. Our baby is still in the womb as well but I figured this whole pregnancy everyone has only bought me and the baby things and its hard for him to join in on the fun because were having a girl and everything is all pink! I want him to be able to feel like he's included and give him baby stuff he can be excited about that isn't all girly.
Avatar f tn For the past two days the neck of my womb has been swollen. I noticed the area underneath my genital hair was swollen and slightly uneven. The area does not itch and is not painful. I am currently on my period and have ruled out pregnancy. The swelling is only in that area and it is very soft. It feels like there is fluid inside. I am not sure if it a sign of an infection/bacteria or something very bad.
Avatar n tn It's not uncommon to have no symptoms at 7 weeks, or only light symptoms. As far as not being able to "feel anything inside your womb," (exactly how are you searching your womb, anyway?), at 7 weeks a baby is very tiny. All you should notice is a little bloating, the kind that makes you unbutton your pants waistband when sitting a long time in the car, and that's about it.
Avatar f tn What are the signs and symptoms during pregnancy if its baby boy or baby girl inside the womb
870652 tn?1260319436 The radiologist stated that it appears that I have a molar pregnancy with no fetal parts seen at all.This means that an empty egg was fertilized and the placenta is what is growing inside me. Now the placenta is filled with tumorous tissue and is filling my entire uterus. I have to have a D&C because I cannot naturally misscarry on my own.I have been waiting to misscarry for over 3 weeks now .The stress is awful. My body still thinks that it is pregnant and I am so sick all of the time.
Avatar n tn She went to the doctor and the doctor who did a scan of the womb first of all said there is a thickening of the linking of the womb but that he doesn't think it's cancer (he showed her all the scan pictures too), but he has referred her for a D and C (she has to have a general). She is very over weight. Bit worried that he didn't think it was cancer yet has referred her for more tests. If he thought it wasn't then why would he refer her for more tests? Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hey everyone! I was hospitalized last week for what turned out to be kidney stones and a horrible virus. they ended up doing an MRI while I was there and let me keep the CD from it. I posted a few pics from the MRI of baby and how he is inside me. Check 'em out! I've never seen anything like it!
Avatar f tn Baby hiccups in the womb As the baby grows inside the womb, you may be surrounded by strange feelings especially when the baby kicks you or when the baby move around inside the womb. Quite often, the baby might go on hiccupping inside the womb and that usually leaves a lot of the expectant mothers a little worried, as to whether this hiccupping is normal or not.
Avatar f tn No its not. The womb is sanitary and has no bacteria or air in it to cause a fart. It might just be the baby moving weird.
Avatar f tn Due to your levels, it's clearly a pregnancy. Now whether it's viable is something else completely. If you have a tilted uterus it can make it more difficult to find the child. Also, you could be earlier than you think, making it more difficult to see anything. Wait a few weeks and go back in for another ultrasound.
Avatar m tn The warts will not spread to her womb. There is a very slim chance the virus can be passed onto your child through labour, but that is very unlikely. When your wife gives birth the Drs will make sure she has no warts present making the already slim chance of her passing the warts onto her child even slimmer.
Avatar f tn Women grow at different rates just like babies do inside the womb. There are many different factors that could play into it. My aunt was 6 weeks ahead of me and i was barely showing when she looked like she was going to pop.
Avatar f tn In very rare cases the baby survives and grows outside the womb after rupturing the tubes and becomes attached to either an ovary or an organ and this will cause untold pain for the mum to be and when the baby is born it will have to be by cesarean section and it can be very difficult and dangerous to remove the placenta.
1133997 tn?1343659623 last night my husband and i did the do and for some reason when he was easy it kind of like he was rough and i felt the same tightness. what is the pain and where did it come from?
Avatar f tn Gestation age is the period of time between conception and birth. During this time, the baby grows and develops inside the mother's womb. Gestational age is the common term used during pregnancy to describe how far along the pregnancy is.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have 20/20 vision, but may have inactive ocular histoplasmosis. I have had some very slight visual disturbances that led my eye dr. to find some scaring around my optical nerve not in the line of vision. In 2003 I had the dye test done to confirm that there was no activity and no bleeding. I just got back from another visit and they didn't have the old pictures to compare to and I used a differen dr. The dr.
971074 tn?1362759766 It's been almost 5 months since my miscarriage. I've made a lot of peace with that loss. It made me scared and I'm still dreading the inevitable anxious first trimester I will have as a result of the miscarriage. Some days I'm ready and sad that I'm not already pregnant. Other days I'm happy to have my body to myself. What I have noticed is that when my period comes I'm a bit relieved. Jasper is perfection right now. 16 months is so much fun.