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Avatar f tn Looks at pinterest.
Avatar f tn For Picture ideas my husband and I are just doing simple ideas. . We are gonna get some pictures by a huge water fountain, get some bare belly pictures and some sitting down in front of trees and a bunch of flowers. My sister got some naked ones done and had a white sheet flowed across her.. Very intimate and pretty. There is probably lots of ideas If you Google maternity picture ideas or ask your photographer.
3215744 tn?1346814318 Yu have to go to on the internet on yer phone yu.
736293 tn?1316517842 t done this before so we are looking for ideas. Does anyone have any ideas for props or just ideas for pictures in general? I am super excited and can't wait to get them done!!!
8023513 tn?1404352955 Hi mamas, I'm wanting to take a few maternity photos my partner and I can't afford professional ones and don't have any one close by to help.. so looking for ideas that the two of us could do?
Avatar f tn I bought a book from amazon called I believe the bump book. Had a place to write all kinds of things about cravings, appointments, name ideas, pictures, baby shower stuff. I've been filling out since we found out! I want to remember ever detail!!
Avatar f tn I'll be 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my second child. I took week to week pictures of myself/belly while pregnant with my son but as far as professional maternity pictures, I didn't get them done. Oh boy I regret it!): Some people were telling me that they were $400.00 but after I had my son, I found out they're not even half of that. I'm debating if I should get them done with this baby since I didn't with my first.
Avatar f tn I want to reveal my babys gender in a cute way via pictures on fb, any ideas how to make it fun/adorable? How did you ladies reveal your babies genders??
Avatar f tn I wanna take some cute pregnancy pictures in two weeks because I will be 30 weeks but ughh I have hairs on my belly :/ I'm pretty sure they gonna be noticeable when I take them and they give em to me -_- I don't like these damn hairs on my belly ughh lol Does anybody got a solution to this ? Lol Any lotions that you guys recommend me and that will work for sure ????
Avatar f tn I recommend you taking pictures from the beginning of your pregnancy (with a personal camera) and getting professional pictures done around 32- 35 weeks, your belly is nice and round!! I prefer this week of gestation because further along your belly may have dropped due to the position of the baby. Mine has quite a bit and I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, our pictures are scheduled for this Saturday.
Avatar f tn When a re you ladies getting your pregnancy pictures taken. I am planning on doing them end of November!
7677085 tn?1395374075 I was thinking about dressing my son up as the penguin ourddaughter as catwoman my hubby as nightwing and going as batman. But trying .
1909210 tn?1321983289 The only thing is, I am the sixth out of eight children, so my family is not new to the pregnancy announcements. I have over ten nieces and nephews. I am trying to think of a creative way to to share the news, since this is MY first time expecting, so that everyone is extra excited! Anyone have any ideas for a family that has seen their share of babies???
Avatar f tn t do is a baby picture frame with ultrasound pictures in them because we did that with the first pregnancy and feel it may be a little unlucky. Any ideas are appreciated!!
Avatar f tn Hi I need some good ideas to announce mine and my boyfriends pregnancy im only 6 weeks so its abit early but thinking of ideas now so I can plan will be cool
8537342 tn?1403341983 My friend told me to give the pictures to someone that can make a cake.
Avatar f tn Soon my parents and his parents will start shopping for the baby and he told me how sad he feels cause he will miss it all and most of my pregnancy. Does anyone know of away I could keep him in the loop.
7732297 tn?1397446837 Where can i order cute outfits for my twins to wear in their newborn pictures? Ive been looking, but id like some online store ideas?
Avatar m tn I'm 31 weeks along with a boy and we are planning to do maternity pictures :) I'm really excited! Does anyone have any cute ideas they've used and really work well?
Avatar f tn Wow thank you all for the great ideas!!! I will do all of them :) so excited!!!
Avatar f tn so my hubby and I are planning to do a maternity photoshoot. Do you guys have any ideas? And outfits to wear ? Or even a good website .
Avatar f tn Hello! I wanted to get some ideas for a gift for my boyfriend in the hospital. After our son is born id like to use the baby belly pictures to make him a gift. I thought of doing a black and white collage of all my belly pictures and framing it nice with a cute saying. Do u think this is too girly of a gift? Anyone have any other ideas of ways to give a guy a gift incorporating my belly pics? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I just feel like I should have more from pregnancy than some ultrasound and belly pictures.... I plan to give birth at birthing center and won't even have a bracelet.. so I need to get creative... thanks for some good ideas and I will keep searching...
Avatar f tn My mom kept a pregnancy journal when she was pregnant with me and the twins. I've been thinking about starting one for my first pregnancy (11 weeks now). Have any of you ladies started one? What do you write? How often? Looking for some creative ideas-I'm really bad at writing in a journal every day but I want to create something to look back on!