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Avatar f tn If you do not use ANYTHING starting now, nothing will show up in meconium. Read my blog on pregnancy and addiction by clicking on my name in blue and than "blogs". It is one of the last ones.
274158 tn?1276350787 I am having a similar test but it is called an Ultrascreen. they measure the fluid by the babys neck- all done by ultrasound and they ***** your finger. I am having this done on Tues.
796506 tn?1370191905 I am on CD 32 now and will test again this week. If AF does not come by CD 36 or 37 I am supposed to go back to the doctor and they will take a pregnancy test and if its negative I will take provera again to get my period started. And then I will start the clomid again. My temperature has been really high but it went a little lower this morning so I am probably not pregnant. But we will see...
Avatar f tn Hi Mommies. Well just got a call from the doctor saying my 10 week prescreening for down syndrome came back positive. I'm 12 weeks now and going in today for counselling and ultrasound. I'm 39 yo. Anyone else go through this? Any info on your experience would be helpful. I hear there are many false positives. I'm trying not to worry too much. Errrrr nothing ever seems so easy with our pregnancy. Thank you.
796506 tn?1370191905 well, cd 17 today for me so just hoping i catch ovulation this month. Don't know quite when that time is. Anywhere between cd 12 and cd 33 so the hubbie is in for a real treat for 3 weeks! Ha! I am full-on folic-aciding this month though, and started an exercise regime, just wish he would try to help himself out. He's quite overweight and loves his coffee. He is taking baths that aren't as hot as the ones he used to take. Ohhhhh, please let it be this month!!! For all of us!!!
294043 tn?1354211546 I had a subchorionic hematoma when i was 10 weeks pg with my daughter. Usually they go away by themselves. Mine was small and i caught it early - i was bleeding and went to the ER. I also have a blood clotting disorder so i had to be put on injections - however the hematoma went away within a month. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
1150389 tn?1295562787 Well technically less than that based off the time i'm writing this blog lol and i'm more ready than i was last week but still not really. The crib is technically not put up but it is, it's lower than what it should be so my father has to make it higher. I washed all of his clothes i just need to get a lot of his other stuff together as far as putting them away. I start going to my doctor weekly this week so that makes it seem more real that i'm almost done.
Avatar f tn You should be able to see a heartbeat. The baby will look like a little tadpole. You will probably be able to see where the arms & legs are forming. You have probably seen this book, but I have an awesome pregnancy book that shows pics of how big the baby is & looks like week by week until a certain point. It's a great book. I think it's called What to expect week by week or something like that. Good luck to you.
1150389 tn?1295562787 So.. Yeah.. This is my 14 week blog lol.
593530 tn?1263851557 He was a different one from the other two times. There are a possibility of four that I could see throughout the pregnancy because they're part of a group who travels from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles twice a week. The baby is growing fine! WOOHOO! The pictures we got are almost impossible to figure out. I'll upload them soon. The baby had his hands and legs like over his head or something weird according to the tech.
Avatar f tn We have always been very cautious about pregnancy prevention apart from use condoms. We both knew right away that we would end up married in the future, being that we grew up together and had finally taken the chance with one another. I was on the mirena iud when we started dating. He was concerned because we both knew we would want children one day and have known prior whom have lost fertility from it. So September 9th I had mine removed and began the pill.
5070822 tn?1363147960 Withdrawals from Subutex are very unpleasant and may keep your baby in the NICU and away from your loving arms for many days. I suggest that you read my blog on pregnancy and addiction that talks more about it. Click on my name in blue and than "blogs". Good luck to you and make sure you discuss all of this with your OB. If your OB is unfamiliar with Subutex, please make sure that you go to a hospital where the pediatricians are familiar with how to treat a baby such a yours.
Avatar f tn To my horror, there are several things that can happen when you have an under active thyroid because as your pregnancy advances, your body and baby require hormones to keep this pregnancy stable. Without the hormones, the pregnancy could terminate itself. Yes, that meant that no matter what stage I was at in my pregnancy, it could all come to an end if there was not enough hormones in my body to keep the pregnancy stable and viable.
1684282 tn?1505701570 Your baby’s meconium (first stool) can show your drug use as early as the 20th week of pregnancy, and it will show practically every illicit drug you have put into your body. If you have not been truthful and cooperative with your healthcare team, many states grant them lots of leeway in what they can do with this newly obtained information.
Avatar f tn Please read and have her read my blog on pregnancy and addiction by clicking on my name in blue and than "blogs". Good luck to her.
Avatar m tn How long will it take for all heroin to leave both ba by and momz system if she has been using almost whole pregnancy. Thanks.
Avatar f tn If you behaves in a measured, reasonable manner, dresses appropriately, shows that you are taking care of yourself, thus of the baby, I'm sure everything will be fine. Please read read my blog on pregnancy and addiction by clicking on my name in blue and then "blogs". I do hope this pregnancy will have a very happy ending for all involved. Good luck and my best wishes.
Avatar n tn Every state has different regulation and it may vary from hospital to hospital. It can also depend on your OB/midwife. What they tell you can very much depend on you, if you got regular and early prenatal care, very cooperative and followed all their instructions; if you present yourself as a caring and cared for mother to be, then there may not be any reason for them to test you.
Avatar f tn You should be aware that your baby's meconium will show every drug she has used from the 20th week of pregnancy. Please read my blog on pregnancy and addiction by clicking on my name in blue and than "blogs". Good luck to all of you.
Avatar n tn I have a few articles about pregnancy on methadone and on Subutex at my blog, Suboxone Talk Zone-- just go there and search for the posts about pregnancy and you should find them. I agree with the prior comment-- we don't know of serious problems from opiates in neonates. The worst part will likely be the judgmental attitudes you will be given by the hospital staff. As for the withdrawal, there are a couple things to remember.
Avatar n tn My city has an amazing program called healthy babies healthy living, and when I registered at my hospital they referred me there because of my history and I have my own nurse I can call anytime during the week. I'm actually having a home visit with her today. She's going to come over and check on me and we're going to talk about how life is going and what to expect in the next few months, and the best part is that because its a city run program, I don't even have to pay.
Avatar n tn But this morning, I woke up with the exact same pains. Refusing to sit by the bathroom waiting to throw up, I surfed the web hoping to get my mind off it. I drank around two cups of warm water. I felt bloated in the upper part of my stomach. All of a sudden there are little sounds from my stomach and I believe whatever's inside had moved to my intestines. Shortly after, I had diarrhea. When my stomach is finally empty I felt better.
254689 tn?1251183640 I actually think it might be caused by over-stimulation of my ovaries as opposed to any sort of pregnancy symptom. Has anyone else experienced this after their transfer? My pain is almost gone - and so I don't think it's anything serious.
289611 tn?1193415407 But I have been smoking marijuanna for two years now, and I did not know I was pregnant til a week ago,and I am 7wks along. Im really worried about my babys health and well being, and Im trying my best to deal with this addiction. I tried to quit cold turkey, but I was too sick to go to work, and I need to keep my job or I have nothing to offer my baby, so I ended up smoking a bat *one hitter, equaling one puff* just to help me cope..
Avatar n tn 5 mg a day for the last 2 months and have been cutting them this week by 3/4 so a total of 1.125 a day. Hopefuly in the next week or two I can cut them in half and will be down to .75/day. So far I feel good. I tried going cold turkey once which was BAD. Wish I'd read all these posts first about tapering them down.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking the pill once I'd realised it was this that was causing the hives all over my body. Now I am concerned that my pregnancy hives is caused by one of the natural hormones oestrogen or progesterone as the levels of these increase during pregnancy I have been told. I think these hormones are also in the contraceptive pill. Does anyone have any experience of this? I am concerned it will get worse as the hormone levels increase.
1554262 tn?1374243601 I too have these symptoms. They occur infrequently and cant pin down why or how they arise. However, drinking cold drink relieves it and without it it gets progressively worse, hence the panic to get water down asap. i can feel the liquid go down and somehow relieve the pain almost as quickly as it arrived. As sense of anxiety and being overwhelmed persists for a while though. I havnt yet discussed with a doctor and would be interested to learn of others diagnosis.
Avatar n tn is it normal to get a negative pregnancy test 24 hours after embryo transfer?
Avatar n tn I take about 1 vicodin a day (over the last couple of weeks-on my 38th week of pregnancy now) and have been told that is safe. Vicodin is TYLENOL based, which has been shown as safe to the fetus. Moderation is the key. Too much can, of course, have negative effects.However, so is a mother is painful physical distress. Take it as needed and stay in constant communication with your doctors. I am about to pop any day now and have found stretching and meditation to be a positive outlet as well.