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Avatar f tn Your body goes through many changes when you become pregnant. Possible early signs of pregnancy can include the following: A) Amenorrhea B) Morning Sickness C) The need to urinate more often D) Tender breasts E) Cravings All of the above are signs that may say you are carrying a child, however, proceed with caution. These signs are not proof positive. The first step on your mission of truth is a home pregnancy test. These are available in any drug store.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm on the beginning of my 4th pack of combination B/C pills and at the end of the last pack, during the sugar pills, I had sex without the use of a condom. He didn't ejaculate inside me. My period came the very next day as I expected, as it always comes around the 3rd day of the sugar pill. My period is usually 3-4 days, with the last two days being pretty light, and the first days being a normal flow.
208686 tn?1293034103 I would like to know from anyone or everyone what their early signs/ symptoms of pregnancy was. And when were they confirmed, as in how far along were you when you found out you were indeed pregnant? Some of the signs/symptoms I am at the moment experiencing are in the order of degree..
972246 tn?1311092135 It sounds like you could be pregnant, I remember having more discharge, sore boobs is a symptom same with frequant urination in your early pregnancy. Have you tried taking a HPT? (home pregnancy test) If not then try... if its negative give it a couple wks and it could change. But if your still unsure after the advice from everyone then call your doctor, They'll be able to help you out with that.
Avatar f tn Thats a very broad question just because numerous pregnancy symptoms are also symptoms of other things. For me I had no symptoms (other than my missed period) until week nine. Then I had nausea, vomiting (typical morning sickness), tender beasts, light lower abdominal cramping, and exhaustion. Mind you though I usually had all of that (minus the vomiting) a day or two before my period would show up. Even the nausea lol.
Avatar f tn I knew before my missed period. Things like bread had stronger scents and i was getting full fast! By my fifth week I was nausous and tired constantly!
Avatar n tn lol i was same with my boy i always though i was pregnant as id neva been preg b4 uva than i early miscarage! i always would come on just as id test 4 pregnancy the early symtoms of periods coming is exactly the same!! until i was 7weeks then i was sick for 6months solid! i cried when test was positive i didnt belive as id give up testing as i was so upset every neg test! i was 2weeks late when got courage to test! i thought after 1 baby my body wud b great at holding on to babys!
1432741 tn?1300202363 INTRODUCTION This week your baby is undergoing some extraordinary changes and developments. The head, heart, spinal cord, and some of the larger blood vessels begin to form. As these blood vessels form, the heart begins to pump fluid through them, and your baby's first red blood cells are created. Your baby is about 7 - 9 mm or 0.27 - 0.35 inches in length, (approximately the size of a grain of rice), and weighs about 1/30 of an ounce - less than a breath mint.
281603 tn?1229315281 That was my first sign of pregnancy. I had a couple of spots of blood two days before my period was due and nothing else. The period pains were constant. I took a test two days after my period was due and it was positive.. in seconds that little pink line popped up. I have a very regular cycle though... right on 28 days every month.
Avatar n tn There are so many warning flags to me here, can anyone interpret? And is there a chance of this pregnancy going to term? I should also mention that at 4w5d my HCG was 532, at 5w 1329, and at 5w4d 4400. I am not having any bleeding, pain or cramping. My pregnancy symptoms are mild.
377493 tn?1356505749 We were going through things such as early signs of labor, breathing techniques and watched a short labor movie. On the drive home Warren mentioned that I was 5 for 5 in the early labor signs. Hmmm. Increased lower abdominal cramping...check. Increased Braxton Hicks, sometimes painful now...check. Bloody show...sort of, although just a little bit. Almost constant lower back pain...check.
1806721 tn?1554337007 My BP was 147/82 and HR 120 when tested at the urgent care clinic - not good numbers at this stage of pregnancy when embryo needs blood supply to uterus in order to implant properly. He did a physical examination and felt that my pains could be signs for ectopic pregnancy. He ordered a hcg STAT for me. I couldn't really wait for the result and rushed back to the office for my afternoon meetings. He said he'd call me if my hcg is high enough for an ultrasound.
Avatar n tn if not, maybe you shoud think about retesting again, u may have tested too early, but now that u have missed a period i will more than likely show pos, if still neg then get a blood test, those signs u are having are definetly signs of early pregnanice, good luck and let us know.
706866 tn?1230576715 3 days after your period ends usually is not ovulation time and for the most part you do not get pregnancy symtpoms that fast. i would wait til your period is due and take a test.
Avatar f tn I am 5 weeks and 5 days my bloods this week was 1134, doctor giving me blood every week or two due to staring off with low number which where 19 then 26
1546036 tn?1293703270 es it can be. That's one of the first signs. Everyone is different. If you're 6 days late, take a test. It SHOULD be accurate now.
Avatar f tn It could be pregnancy or it could be af starting to make her appearance. I usually get sore boobs before af and every month I would think do my boobs feel sorer this month. Every one is different for symptoms and signs of pregnancy. My boobs did feel fuller and a little sore but nothing major, I was urinating more...but for me the main thing was feeling completely wiped out and constant lower back pain which just wouldn't let up, even now i have my bfp it's still here.
Avatar n tn It's amazing what your body is actually doing while you are paying attention, you notice every ache and pain. Searching for early signs of pregnancy. We are all hoping for them at the beginning, by the middle of pregnancy we are barely tolerated them, lol. Life!
121828 tn?1333468091 I have had 2 m/c's but of course there have been no signs, well, no signs of anything ha ha!!. Thanks for the reassurance, I'll sure post after my appt!
354373 tn?1299188126 Joy, LOL of course I've tested! You're talking to an addict tester here! I bought 18 HPT's offline and everytime I walk by the closet I'm like "well I do have plenty of them...." and I end up testing. The last time I tested was at 12DPO-a couple days ago and got a Negative...but I could be off on my Ovulation since my Cycles are all messed up and last Pregnancy I didn't get a + until I was 6 weeks-so still holding out! When you say CD41 how many DPO is that?
Avatar f tn im getting red color bleeding like period in a 5th week of pregnancy ?