Pregnancy weight at 23 weeks

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Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy and with my first daughter i gained well over fifty pounds! I'm now 23 weeks and 2 days with my second girl and i haven't gained any weight at all. In fact I've lost nearly fifteen pounds. I know it's normal to not gain that much in your first trimester but with me being almost to my third shouldn't i have gained something? Is it okay to not gain?
Avatar f tn I'm over weight and at 14 weeks, I have lost 6 pounds. My dr says is completely normal for over weight women to lose weight during pregnancy. Mine is not worried either.
Avatar n tn I am only 23 weeks and I don't remember this at this point in my last pregnancy. Did anyone else experience this at this point? Also, I had a big weight gain this month. Could this maybe be related? I've only gained 12 pounds total, but 5 of that came from the last 4 weeks alone!
Avatar n tn Okay so im.23 weeks and I havent gained any weight! My doctor said my baby girl is doing prefectly fine and growing right I just havent gained weight. And I should have gained atleast 10 pounds by now. Has this happened to anyone else?
Avatar f tn I think at 20 weeks we do have a huge spurt at 20 weeks. The half way point seems to be when we finally start showing the most. I'm 22w 3d and notice that just in the last few weeks I've looked like I swallowed a basketball already.
4375273 tn?1359085385 32 weeks and gained more than 40lbs. I started really low so I needed to gain that. Sigh I still have more weeks to go. Expecting to gain bout 10 more pounds till I give birth. I was 80lbs pre pregnancy BTW.
Avatar f tn I too didn't know if it was normal I was actually worried because I wasn't seeing any weight gain. Until I hit about 23 24 weeks I had barely gained the eight lbs I had lost at the beginning. Now I am 27 weeks and gain D another seven lbs.
6710217 tn?1386114492 Dont stress it ive lost weight n no remain at a constant weight im almost 26 but my belly just started to just pop out its crazy cuz i was like i dont luk preggo last week now im out there lol
Avatar f tn I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow. I haven't gained any weight. I lost 4 pounds.
Avatar n tn Kind of in the same boat, but I've gained more, and I'm only 17 weeks. I'm 5'7" and before being pregnant weighed in at 128lbs. At my 8 weeks apt I had gained a ton, I weighed in at 133 lbs. Most likely from all those carbs to help with morning sickness. My dr. didn't say he was concerned or anything. Then at my 16 week apt I weighed in at 143.5lbs. Oh my gosh, and I thought I would not have gained that much since I stopped having all those carbs. Either way, my dr.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and I got for my first ultrasound in 2 weeks to find out when I'm due but am 11 to 14 weeks probably and I eat healthy and do exercise and twins do not run in my family that I know of and I've gained 15 pounds already is that normal
9363149 tn?1403391220 i gained 16 pounds my whole pregnancy. I delivered at 38+3. You don't have to gain a bunch of weight to have a healthy pregnancy.
177465 tn?1288242063 was a little upset with me during my first pregnancy I did not put on a single pound till around 24 weeks, and was still losing weight at 20 weeks with my second baby. If this is your first baby, they are trying to see a pattern, mine was annoyed with the first baby, not surprised at all with baby #2 when the same thing happened. I was eating again by 24 weeks and that helped, but baby will go through a big growth spurt and you will begin to put on weight.
Avatar f tn No its normal i was 112 went down to 103 and didnt start gainig until i was 23 weeks i gained a total of 12 lbs for my entire pregnancy as long as baby is healthy and you cintinue your prenatal vitamins its okay
Avatar n tn I'm almost 22 weeks and have only gained 3 pounds.
Avatar f tn Im 23 weeks and still haven't gained any weight yet I weighed 112 and thats what im at now
Avatar f tn Pre pregnancy I was 185 then went up to 189 at 6 weeks and by 12 weeks had dropped to 175.
11717999 tn?1422524984 It all depends on your body. I gain weight very very quickly and easily. I am almost 31wks and have gained around 23 lbs.
Avatar f tn Should I be worried that I'm not gaining any weight yet? I'm still at the same weight when I found out I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn Also 30 weeks. At my last appointment two weeks ago I was at 13lbs. I only gained 23 with my first and my weight gain has been about the same this time around.
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks pregnant and I am not gainning any weight. What do I need to do. Do you think my baby is still okay?