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Avatar n tn I have not gained weight elsewhere however. The past few weeks I have been extremely moody, have had some nausea at random times of the day, headaches, changes in appetite, and some lower back pain. The last week in particular has been stressful in that for about three days I had loose stool, have been sick to the point of vomiting two mornings, and my lower abdomen has been very bloated. I am 5"1 and about 105lbs, so the bloating is incredibly noticeable.
151668 tn?1239924705 I stayed away from it the first trimester, but now I allow myself a little each day. Maybe the weight fluctuation is due to bm's or not being as bloated from one day to the next. I just thought it was strange, and thought maybe something was wrong with the baby. Next dr appt isn't until Nov 6th.
10078473 tn?1409218786 It is normal for the body to fluctuate 3-5 pounds daily. I wouldn't be concerned about weight fluctuation. Also if you aren't weighing yourself at the same time every day then that will explain the fluctuation.
Avatar f tn With my first I lost almost 20lb before gaining anything, with this one I'm 17w 1d I weighed 147 when I found out at almost 10w I now weigh 143 as long as Dr isn't concerned don't stress over nothing bad for the baby congrats !
Avatar f tn I just finished my forat trimester and ive packed on 8-10 pounds. I normally wouldnt be concerned with this but my doc said I needed to watchnky weight if I wanted to do vbac. I have so many excuses too ...
231441 tn?1333896366 It seems like I've gained 7 lbs in a week. Friday a week ago was 175, then Monday was 180, Tues 177.8, Wed 176.4, Thurs 179.2, Fri and Today 182.4. Is this normal fluctuation? Does anyone else experience this. My docs were giving me hell last Tuesday when I saw them about gaining 10lbs since I saw them a month ago (and I have gained another 4-5 since then!) .... Oh I am eating, but I don't feel excessively.
791304 tn?1273620959 Should I be concerned or is this water weight fluctuation completely normal? I eat every hour, as healthy as possible and I don't do strenuous exercise. I'm 8 weeks and 3 days along and don't have any other symptoms other than breast tenderness, tiredness, extremely moody, etc. ???? can anyone relate?
Avatar n tn Im having the some of the symptoms of pregnancy but both test were neg i dont understand why i'm not having periods for like 4 months its so hard to try to get a baby after you spend all this time tyring to not have one. I mean Sept was my last period and im gaining weight, my bellies hard my head hurts i'm always hot and tired i dont know has this happened to anybody else?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies im overweight started weight at pregnancy was 261 lost alot of weight my first and second trimester due to acid reflux bad. Im 38 weeks pregnant and down to 247 and put on weight for the baby now im 254 and baby weight 8 pounds and i also have g diabetes so everyone is different i say eat healthy and watch how much carbs u take in. You will show my stomach stick out and i see the baby move its nice.
183933 tn?1290220562 took me off metformin as he said that is the general rule of thumb due to increase of blood sugar in pregnancy and wild fluctuation in control which I experienced. I d o not particularly like "shots" but for my safety and that of the baby as my doc said -" baby could get dangerously big if sugar is not controlled adequately and the risk of still born becomes high", I had to take shots of lantus and regular insulin.
Avatar f tn I started getting a belly and to date I have gone from 116 to 123(weight fluctuation is not very normal for me).and it seems like it is all in the belly area. It doesn't seem like I am gaining it all over. The veins on my stomach seem to be much more visible then usual as are my stretch marks from my previous pregnancies. Usually I am terrible about eating, I can go all day and not really get hungry, I eat pretty light. But recently, I have been much more interested in eating.
Avatar f tn Every time that happened I landed up at the hospital to make sure everything was ok. So my entire pregnancy was spent home in bed or on the couch. My OB finally induced me at 38 weeks because he couldn't handle seeing me in pain anymore. During that time, they thought I had sciatica, so I saw an Osteopathic Doctor who readjusted my back and my pelvis.
Avatar n tn my period finally became normal andfor aybe the past four months i've been feeling sick i've taken pregnancy tests all came up negative.
Avatar n tn But she was not having Any Symptoms. Her weight was 46kg At that time TSH level was 123. We started medications. Althroxine 100 mcg. Withine three months of time TSH level reduced to 0.68. From last month she was taling 50 mcg dose Today test result is showing TSH more than 150. Still her weight is 46 kg. So Can you tell me the reason for not heaving symptoms of Hypothyroidism & too much fluctuation of TSH Level?
1666434 tn?1325265950 Going to start weight training next weekend with my hubby ( he is a weight nut) so am looking forward to that.. How is everyone else doing so far?
Avatar f tn I'm just scared (understandably) but there has been no weight fluctuation yet, but though I have had no signs of pregnancy, I haven't had any signs of my period yet either... I'm just really confused.
Avatar n tn I conquered an extra 30 pounds about 4 years ago and was really proud that I had a fit pregnancy and only gained about 33 pounds. I thought my weight issues were behind me but no such luck. I am comforted by the fact that my daughter and I are both happy and healthy. Good luck to all!
Avatar n tn Sorry this is kind of random and long, my brain doesn't function well on POTS alone... add in pregnancy and it's really bad!
Avatar f tn Stress, illness, changes in routine, weight gain or loss or a hormonal fluctuation can all make us late. However, if you had unprotected sex, you will need to test.
1343283 tn?1300901864 I used Palmers Cocoa Butter twice daily, along with the oil from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I too had a few stretch marks prior to pregnancy from weight fluctuation on my hips they were white and didn't look too bad. I lucked out until I was about 35 weeks pregnant then everyday there were more and more of them. Now my son is 4 months old and I have them faded because I keep using the cocoa butter.
Avatar n tn A friend on mine got pregnant when she had the copper IUD, but it ended up being a tubal pregnancy. When I had mine I did research and there are quite a few people that have gotten pregnant while it was still in. Have you checked the string to see if it's still in place? You said that your last AF was the beging of Oct? How many days late are you? In most cases you can take the test the first day of missed Af. But the longer you wait the more chances of getting a correct answer.
Avatar f tn Cellulite can appear during puberty, times of growth or weight fluctuation and pregnancy. I have some on my thighs too and I'm actually underweight. I'm using a cream by Clarins and its really helped. Check out their products instores or online. Eloise.
Avatar f tn Thanks for using the forum. I recommend taking a home pregnancy test. They are most accurate1 week after the first day of your missed period. It is possible that your symptoms are a result of pregnancy. They could also be caused by a fluctuation in your hormone levels. These fluctuations can be related to stress, diet changes, weight changes, and are not uncommon. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when I should start to having pregnancy symptoms after iui. I am 6 days post iui and yesterday I started feeling naused. It woke me up during the night and I still feel the same today. I don't know if I have a bug or if is maybe a sign. I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
Avatar n tn Well I'm 15 but I don't have a weight fluctuation, my weight is constant until I grow sometimes which I might weigh more but it's balanced because I grew taller...I'm not like constantly gaining weight or losing it...So I don't really see the reason why I would have stretch marks.
Avatar f tn If your period was abnormally light, then you might want to take a pregnancy test just to make sure. It is not uncommon for there to be some fluctuation in a woman's cycle from time to time. Stress, diet, weight changes, and hormone level fluctuation are some of the causes of this irregularity. Ovulation usually occurs at the mid point of a woman's cycle, somewhere between 12-16 days after the start of her last period. I would recommend you keep track of your cycle.
Avatar f tn Women using birth control methods like the pill, IUD, or another method which contains hormones may be concerned about weight gain. When hormones are involved, some weight fluctuation is usually expected by few women usually after using it on a long term basis.Merina provides effective contraception for 5-10 years. It is suggested to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your treating gynecologist. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn i didnt even go to the doctors till i was 24w. weight fluctuation is normal as long as the babys healthy.
Avatar f tn Women are late due to changes in routine, stress, illness, weight gain or loss or just a hormonal fluctuation. So, you are probably just late with some break through spotting. You can always follow up with your doctor to be sure. good luck and wowie, 5 kiddos! You are a busy mama!
Avatar n tn It can be a sexually transmitted disease like Chlamydia,trichomoniasis,candida or gonorrhea,cervical dysplasia(precancerous changes of the epithelial cells that line the cervix) , vaginitis or cervicitis(Inflammation or swelling and infection of the vagina or cervix) , cervical polyps or uterine polyps , endometritis(an inflammation of the endometrium (the innermost layer of the uterus) or adenomyosis (when endometrial tissue attaches itself to the uterus and grows outside the uterus) and fibr