How is pregnancy weight made up

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Avatar f tn I've only gained 3 pounds I'm 23+2 Dr isn't concerned baby looks great! She is even big for how many weeks she is.
Avatar f tn Thats good that its all belly because once baby comes you'll be back to normal! That's just how your body is made dnt stress.
Avatar f tn I know in some women too much weight gain during pregnancy can contribute to other issues so that may be why he is concerned.
Avatar f tn Not sure about pregnancy weight ftm.
Avatar f tn My doctors tell me I'm overweight but she can't see where all the weight is going.
Avatar f tn Ive gained 30 and im 31 weeks..
Avatar f tn You kind of need to consider what kind of weight you are losing though. Is it fat or is it muscle? Muscle is smaller or takes up less room than fat. Not that you want to become "buffed", but building muscle and doing weight bearing exercises do so much more than just a diet, or just running. Can you speak with a personal trainer or a dietician? Maybe even both? This last month has been pretty stressful.... I gained 16 lbs in the last 45 days..... not good!
Avatar f tn I'm 10 weeks and 3 days and shouldn't be reaching I high weight right now. What can I do to lose weight during pregnancy.. if it's even possible. I don't even want to look at myself right now..
Avatar f tn How much weight has everyone gained so far? I've gained about 30lbs and I'm 17wks. Seems like alot.
Avatar f tn My mom would make me oatmeal & these mexican drinks to drink to help prodcue more breastmilk & she also made me pure soups & caldos to help my body recover but also to loose weight & I been wearing a faja which is to help loose your stomach another thing is I been watching what I eat like no soda or fast foods cause we believe during these 40 days we need to watch what we eat & take care of our body so I think all that help but I still want to loose 18 more to go back to norm
189192 tn?1261345228 The Pregnancy Tracker it is totally miscalculating my weight gain.. Posted over in the MedHelp help forum but they never responded.. Is anybody else having this problem?? Anybody know now to fix it??
Avatar f tn Are they intramural (In the muscle), submucosal (In the inner lining of the uterus) pedunclated ( hanging from a stalk) or subsersol (outter lining of the uterus) The reason I ask, is that thought the type that interfere with conception is the submucosal. How is your pregnancy doing now. I will pray for you.
367974 tn?1286554758 I live in the US so we don't use the same weight system so I have no clue what 97kg is. If you're concerned, try losing some weight before trying. Adjust what you eat, how much, drop the caffeine, sodas, candy, etc. if you eat those things. Start drinking lots of water and fresh fruits and vegetables (as they are known to help with your fertility), and you can start taking a prenatal vitamin, too. Get your body ready to carry a baby. Your baby will be just fine!
443968 tn?1288616289 To become pregnant I had to have series of infertility treatment for about 4 and half years, so I was taking a lot of hormones and having to inject them too for a long time, so this made me gain weight too, that is why I was already over when I became preggo, and the first 4 months of my pregnancy I was kept on hormone injections too. So I guess is going to take me a while but I will definitly going to loose them all.
Avatar n tn Started at 114 and my final pregnancy weight was 130...So I only gained 16 lbs from my initial weight. If I hadn't lost those 9lbs in the beginning I would have gained the expected 25-27lbs. That medicine did not work for me...nothing worked for me...crackers, sprite, ginger ale, mints....nothing. I tried everything anyone told me to try. Good luck, I feel for you.... I'm getting there again...I'm 5.5 weeks and it started already. One day fine, the next hanging over the toilet.
Avatar f tn Or you were due for your period on Dec. 24th? Here is how a woman's cycle works---- the first day of your period is cycle day 1. Then you start counting from there. Most women ovulate around the 14th day but this can also be unpredictable so the most fertile time is day 10 of a woman's cycle to day 20. I want to say though, it is foolish to have unprotected sex ANY time during your cycle if you don't desire pregnancy. Always use protection!!
Avatar n tn Once I was clear at week 4, I did some more digging. As it turns out, the doctor is a jackass. Before starting tx, I asked to be on weight based dosing of both riba and peg. He insisted that it was not necessary with the riba for geno 2. Well, all of the short course studies have used weight based dosing, so all of a sudden, we are comparing apples and oranges, me to the studies.
344397 tn?1235580828 Researchers have not determined just how much cocaine it takes to cause birth defects and other adverse outcomes for an exposed baby. It is recommended that cocaine, in any amount or any form, be avoided during pregnancy. How long does cocaine stay in my body after use? Cocaine by-products can be found for 30 hours in the urine of the pregnant woman, and for 2 to 4 days in the newborn after the drug is used. When I use cocaine, does it get into my baby’s body too? Yes.
Avatar f tn I have gained and lost weight this entire pregnancy. My weight goal is 0-10 lbs. I was 241 when I got pregnant and I am 37 weeks and am 248 now. I have gone up and down the entire time unintentionally been on bed rest since 27wks as well...
Avatar f tn I started the food tracker today. What is your weight and goal weight?
Avatar f tn Not exactly nice thinking that my body was fine till I fell pregnant and ended up gaining weight everyday till I am at a point where life is just not worth it anymore. Funny thing is, I watch what I eat now more than ever and I keep gaining weight. Sure I eat out now and again with my husband, and eat the odd sweetie here and there, but believe me when I tell you that I used to weight 87kg and ate so much **** that it is a wonder that I ever stayed at that weight.
Avatar f tn I am the exact same way I had my son almost 7 months ago and I still have a pooch. my pregnancy weight was 160 andIwasn't to get back down to 115 I've been trying everything I walk at the park and I do yoga on my own time everyday. the yoga has really helped with the pooch idk why. it's an app on my phone called daily yoga and I do it every evening. it'shelped me get toned up and flatten my stomach a little too.
Avatar f tn if my math is right your on day 1 today this might not be to bad sleep is usually the issue get up to walmart and go into the mixed drick isle and look for some stuff called sleepytime tea the bags are doubbled leve them together and seap 2 at a time add some sweeter its not the greatest tasting stuff but it was one of the things I found that helped with sleep try siping a cup 1/2 b/4 bed then into a hot soak as hot as you can stand it out of the tub grab your towel and hit the top cover of yo
372206 tn?1235171893 If you are so mad and angry, you cannot enjoy your pregnancy. No one here is to judge or tell you what to do. You are ultimately responsible for yourself and your baby. Weight out what's continur to let this guy controls your life and emotion or start taking control for yourself. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have 3 months baby and I didnt had my periods from last 2 months also I m breastfeeding my child I do had sex with my husband I think I m pregnant but at the same time I dont want to be as my baby is very small I cant make her suffer please tell me how to avoid it and how I can have my periods back please help meits really urgent.
Avatar n tn i took 1 tablet of Gynaecosid today.Can this one is better for me and wash out all pregnancy effects.if yes then how much tablet can i take for removing all pregnancy i seek advice from ur site.Please give me the solution as soon as possible.
3138931 tn?1350943918 my boobs grew two sizes and my pelvis certainly got wider and im definitely showing, but i cant seem to gain weight....ive always been tiny and cant figure out a way to make sure my baby doesnt end up like my first one...My daughter Alexis was 5lbs 6oz when she was born and she was 2 days late coming like to gain some weight to make sure this baby dosnt come out as tiny. ive given up candy and soda and i eat really healthy and dont even eat fast foods anymore...
Avatar f tn It really depends on how you were before pregnancy. If you were underweight, you could have gained more. Average, that's about right. On the heavy side, a little less. Your doctor will go over all that with you and tell you How much you should gain.
Avatar f tn How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? How long did it take you to lose it?