How is pregnancy weight made up

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Avatar f tn On my first pregnancy I had sickness, dry skin, nose bleeds, exzema and bad hips and in this pregnancy everything is so much worse I'm fed up and I'm not even 10 weeks yet. I'm afraid to eat cause I don't want to be sick and I have already lost a stone in weight. I am greatful I am pregnant but I never thought it would be this bad the second time round.
Avatar f tn t gain any weight except my belly and boobs oh yea!!! Lol everyone tells me I look great!!! This is a awesome pregnancy so lucky !!
Avatar f tn I tend to loose weight n not gain during my pregnancies this is my third and I'm loosing weight once again but doctor isn't concerned at all
Avatar f tn Anyway does anyone know if you gain the normal weight range throughout your pregnancy where that weight is actually being applied to? Just curious bc we are obviously not having 25 pound babies lol.
Avatar f tn I went for a regular check up today and was curious about how much weight I have gain... Im 23wks due July 1st and the nurse told me I have gain 21pounds. What have you ladies gain n how many weeks are you?
Avatar n tn s a natural part of pregnancy n signals your body plus it pulls fat from u in gives it to baby. (Breast milk is made up of water, fat n protein) As long as you're eating healthy once the baby is born n during breast feeding, it will help get rid of pregnancy weight. I breastfed my first for a year n I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight around 7-8 months after giving birth.
1437906 tn?1315589086 I lost about 5 lbs during my last month of pregnancy. Your body is working so hard at carrying that extra weight around. All the doctors & nurses told me this was normal.
Avatar f tn Mine is 6 days old, I'm definitely losing, too! Makes you feel great!
5691681 tn?1375735348 Rachel- I was actually surprised that I didn't start showing sooner since she is my second baby. But oh well. Mommitete-Oh my goodness! I'm sorry girl! My belly gets super tight when I walk for more than like 30 minutes! It drives me nuts! all of my family says that i don't look 25 weeks, but I definitely do. I think they're lying. Lol. Ariel-oh gosh! That s*cks girl!! That's how i was with my first baby! it was awful! Babyturnip-girl you sound very lucky! Lol!
Avatar f tn Nope. I've only gained 3 pounds I'm 23+2 Dr isn't concerned baby looks great! She is even big for how many weeks she is.
Avatar f tn I am the exact same way I had my son almost 7 months ago and I still have a pooch. my pregnancy weight was 160 andIwasn't to get back down to 115 I've been trying everything I walk at the park and I do yoga on my own time everyday. the yoga has really helped with the pooch idk why. it's an app on my phone called daily yoga and I do it every evening. it'shelped me get toned up and flatten my stomach a little too.
8110498 tn?1397344782 5lbs is normal up to 7 lbs is normal for the first 15 weeks. The app has a button to update your weight and it has a little chart saying how much weight is normal. I'm 15 weeks and it says I should've gained 3-7 lbs I've only gained 2 so it says low next to my weight.
Avatar f tn Doc says I had a healthy weight gain so far , no problems at all during my pregnancy. Guess I need to vent!!! Every time I eat someone says something, I'm all belly. I keep getting called beached whale and fat and piggy and Shamu. Its annoying I've cried every time someone says something I just bust out in tears no idea what to do.
Avatar f tn t change my diet or nothing and i still havent besides trying to eat healthier for the baby... So is this normal? I dont know how i can lose 15 pound and gain it back over a couple of days.
3138931 tn?1350940318 my boobs grew two sizes and my pelvis certainly got wider and im definitely showing, but i cant seem to gain weight....ive always been tiny and cant figure out a way to make sure my baby doesnt end up like my first one...My daughter Alexis was 5lbs 6oz when she was born and she was 2 days late coming like to gain some weight to make sure this baby dosnt come out as tiny. ive given up candy and soda and i eat really healthy and dont even eat fast foods anymore...
Avatar f tn like Kiki said, 8lbs is nothing to fret over...I wish that is all I had. I was doing great after Reece was born with losing the weight, guess the stress helped. But, then I got the hang of things and I eat and eat. Oh well, it'll work out all in the end.
Avatar f tn After delivery, how much weight is normally lost? My guess is 30lbs? With baby weight, placenta, blood, and water? Just curious...
Avatar f tn How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? How long did it take you to lose it?
Avatar n tn Im 6weeks pregnant and im throwing up everyday everything i eat, is that normal?
Avatar n tn I assume the prolactin level is now normal and there is no evidence of pituitary disease at this point and the focus is a primary thyroid problem due to Hashimoto's. You have tried the various combinations of T4/T3 - if the levels have been in the ideal range, there is not much more to do from a thyroid standpoint. Would pursue a general internal medicine consult or second opinion to sort out all the symptoms and consider a sleep evaluation given the insomnia and fatigue.
Avatar n tn Your body is made to give birth to any baby. It is very extremely rare when the baby is too big and your weight gain doesn't have anything to do with the baby's size sometimes. Think about long term before you jump to conclusions because if you ever want a vaginal birth after your c section it may be harder because it's a vbac. And like stated above unless it's medically necessary you're going to have a hard time finding a doctor who will do an elective one.
Avatar f tn My pre pregnancy weight was 110 I'm 17 weeks and weight 106 I got down to 103 and just started gaining a little back. My dr is not concerned. As soon as your morning sickness passes and you get your appitite back you will start gaining slowly.
6710217 tn?1386110892 But my belly is huge. I lost weight in the beginning. And have only gained weight in my belly.
Avatar f tn My mom would make me oatmeal & these mexican drinks to drink to help prodcue more breastmilk & she also made me pure soups & caldos to help my body recover but also to loose weight & I been wearing a faja which is to help loose your stomach another thing is I been watching what I eat like no soda or fast foods cause we believe during these 40 days we need to watch what we eat & take care of our body so I think all that help but I still want to loose 18 more to go back to norm
Avatar f tn Im pretty sure u can do missionary throughout the whole pregnancy just ur bf sit further back on his knees then on top of u thats how me and the hubby do it anyways
544703 tn?1214329852 they had just taken me off of the Depacoat ( i think that is how it is spelled) Yes, I was on all of them at the same time. As for my thryoid it was checked every six months as well as my liver. And it was low but still in the normal range. And it wasn't until I hit over two hundred pounds that they said the meds caused it. Yeah I know I have it and know that I need the meds I just don't want the side effects of the meds.