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Avatar n tn Next year I am going to the Algarve with RC - it's March 9th 2012 and I am adamant I am going to be a size 14 for this trip. I looked at my weight record last night and realised I have only lost 1.5llb over the last six weeks so action is called for! I am aiming to lose 2llbs by next week to get my 2 stone certificate and my 1 stone since Jan 2011, by counting calories and not eating more than 1500 a day. I can do it. Once I lose a bit of weight my mind thinks, Well done!
Avatar f tn OMG my weight went from 146 to 149 in a couple days I seriously hope it is water weight. I am pretty bloated right now too. This pregnancy I am more watchful on my weight because of how much I gained last time. I don't want to gain to much this pregnancy and it just looks like it is inevitable.
608349 tn?1242344155 made the mistake of eating fries last night before bed and I know that that is the only reason I am up and because I loaded them with salt. so no more salt on my fries and have to make sure to have fries early enough before bed or to at least drink a couple of things of water before bed.
1350509 tn?1354384807 my original weight b4 children was 115 , but im on my 3rd and i cant seen to figure out how to go back and change the weight for my 3rd pregnancy and my start weight is 123.
1525332 tn?1315845477 9 weeks along. A little uncomfortable...
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1898316 tn?1321525388 today has made shy of eight months with a beginning weight of 208 and now 168 --- how exciting is this!
919054 tn?1243644840 I am not really trying to lose weight since i know it is not healthy during pregnancy. What I am trying to do is keep track of my weight so that I do not over do it like my last pregnancy. In my last pregnancy I gained nearly 90lbs which is not healthy at all.
1301836 tn?1305621815 so i was into the routine you know get up once in the night to pee, back to bed spend an hour desperatly trying to fall asleep and just as i do the kids wake or the alarm goes off. when last night i get up just after 1am and again at 4am, now thats not too inconvienent i guess it just shows that as my uterus expands, i mention this because... (check photos out for evidence there LOL) ...theres not enough room for a full bladder and a fast growing uterus below that pelvic line.....
1115543 tn?1376380638 Twice a year they disappear to Florida for 12 weeks at a time and the rest of the family are left to sort out who picks him up. My other aunt used to be my gran and pops carer but gave it up and went back to work when my gran died 2 and a half years ago. She now drops my pop on a Monday morning before she goes to work when the other aunt and uncle is away. Another aunt does 2 mornings, and another aunt picks him up 2 afternoons.
605458 tn?1539228808 Lack of sleep and PMS possibly causing increase in appetite, could be Zoloft too. Hope not. Some is water. Even though the numbers aren't going up a whole lot, I can tell how my clothes have been fitting that I have been getting bigger, less toned, more flab. Disgusted. Repulsed. Angry. Desperate to get rid of these two pounds and get toned again but I just don't have the time to dedicate to constant weight loss and exercise. Plus, I get so hungry now....
3253252 tn?1347048058 Well, the answer to that question for many women at 36 weeks who have swollen ankles and can barely move is “too long!” The real answer is that it varies by species. The average pregnancy for a hamster lasts 15-17 days and for an elephant 600-660 days. For humans, the average pregnancy lasts about 280 days—or 40 weeks—from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP).
1816154 tn?1463430018 i remember with my son and daughter i gain weight quick there where at the end of my pregnancy i gained weight between 30-60LBS with my son with pre-pregnancy weight i was 150 and i went up to 210lbs. and with my daughter i was at 160-170 and i weighed up to 198lbs. and with this pre-pregnancy i was at 173lbs.
Avatar f tn Today, Thursday, July 22, 2010 I will go to my weight-loss class and I feel like I have been making better eating choices and I am losing weight. This week I tackled a garage sale which required lots of time and energy. I'm looking forward to tonight to a weight loss. Next week I am going to intensify my workout routine. I have been on cruise control with exercise and I need to step it up.
1890284 tn?1321065615 According to the pregnancy app on this site I have gained to much weight during my pregnancy. Well I just went to the doctor a few days ago and I am right on track. I know its not that big of a deal, but I am a little sensitive about the weight I have to gain during this pregnancy and seeing a chart that makes it look like I am careless about my weight gain and am going all food crazy kinda *****...just saying is all.
Avatar f tn On my first pregnancy I had sickness, dry skin, nose bleeds, exzema and bad hips and in this pregnancy everything is so much worse I'm fed up and I'm not even 10 weeks yet. I'm afraid to eat cause I don't want to be sick and I have already lost a stone in weight. I am greatful I am pregnant but I never thought it would be this bad the second time round.
1405669 tn?1347567948 Baby Aiden is up to 80% survival chance this week--to 90% by the end of the week. I feel like we are really going to have our miracle baby! Less than 100 days left in my pregnancy--down into the double digits. I'm gaining a lot of weight: 2 Lbs. this week. It's like I've been taken over by some creature that's gaining weight and making me eat--oh, wait, that is exactly what pregnancy is LOL.
1537569 tn?1334808262 I have gained 10lb this pregnancy my first pregnancy I only gained 14lb the hole time. The second time I only gained 6lb. with my third I did not gain any weight at all and lost 30 when I had him. now with this one I am already at 10 omg how much more am i going to gain? I dont want to be any bigger but I have 4m left I am going to be a fat old pregnant women this *****.......
231441 tn?1333892766 Weight going up. I really want it to go down - slowly. Staying in control with what and how much I eat is really important - to keep this diabetes under control. I must not gain weight / ideally will lose a little slowly. That is an ok objective for an overweight diabetic pregnancy. Today I will do better.
594189 tn?1386916607 I am 31 weeks pregnant right now, my pre pregnancy weight was 322, I was going up and down between 310-325 during the months before I got pregnant, when i went in for my last dr appt he said I weighed 330 so he is happy that I have gained little weight during this pregnancy. He says the weight is all baby so should be easy to lose again. I never want to weigh what i use to weigh. At one point in early 2008 I weighed just over 400 pounds.
3246889 tn?1349974415 The amount that is safe for an individual is based on his or her body weight. For example, for aspartame, brand name NutraSweet® or Equal®, the ADI for a 110-pound woman would be about 14 cans of diet soda.
1349241 tn?1316004958 Well As far as I know the baby is doing ok. The last time i seen him ( hopefully it's a him) lol. He was doing great, moving all around and heart beat was strong. Recently my relative lost her baby. She was only 15 wks and went to a doc appointment and there was no heart beat. She had sum complications in the begining, bleeding around 6 wks. It kinda scared me :((( I cant imagine losing this baby, It would be to painful to deal with. I feel for anyone who has lost a baby or child.
1155118 tn?1262270142 My weight seems to be up and down this past week. I'm back on shakes now. Life is good. Work is good. Actually, work is really great because I've reached out and made some wonderful contacts.
1293529 tn?1325184540 I have gained 10 pounds?! What is going on. I am not eating any more than I have and actually am a bit more active. It is too early for any baby weight. Could this all just be bloat? I know my boobs are bigger but not 10 pounds bigger!
1141709 tn?1329402332 For your pre-pregnancy weight and being pregnant with twins, you should aim for a weight gain of 20-30 lbs by 20 weeks, 30-46 lbs by 28 weeks, for a total of 40-56 lbs by 38 weeks, which is term for twins. This pattern and amount of weight gain is associated with the best growth for twins and the longest length of gestation. If you do not make the 20-week goal, then try to meet the 28-week goal.
1525332 tn?1315845477 Went to the Dr this morning. All is well. Did a quick ultrasound to check both babies. They are doing well. 2 heartbeats!!! No weight loss this week.
Avatar f tn just when i thought it was over it starts again! it is not complete blockage but very hard,i am so scared that straining is gonna put me into preterm labour but i can't help it if i don't go i get very sick vomitting, chills,sweats i didn't have it this bad with my first baby. they say the second time is easier well i beg to differ it makes me wonder about labour is that gonna be harder too ?I hope not it was really rough with my son any harder and i think i would have given up!
Avatar f tn Didn't get to weigh for the last 3 days as my wii is acting up. Don't like not knowing how my weight is fluctuating. It helps me to stay on track somewhat!
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