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Avatar m tn gym scale broken
Avatar n tn Broke down at school today when I went to sit outside, George then came out to comfort me, but I didn't feel comfortable enough to tell her anything. I don't trust anyone. I feel so tired, like I've cried so much I can't anymore. I spoke to Madhu but she didn't understand the extent of my depression. No one does. I went to the toilets, covered my eyes and saw only darkness. I figured this would be what its like to be dead, and I didn't care or mind it. It felt nice.
801413 tn?1333539276 Why the heck am I suddenly down to my pre-pregnancy weight? I'm not having morning sickness anymore... So what's the deal here? I weigh myself every morning immediately after I pee.
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1362759 tn?1285357703 My family has a long line of health problems/ weight gain in pregnancy. I have already gained weight too fast and need to slow the weight gain down dramatically.
Avatar n tn Broken foot - non-weight bearing for 4 weeks starting today
Avatar f tn I scared myself like this before. Talk to someone if weight is accurate. Some woman dont gain weight but to lose weight is not common.
Avatar f tn I'm overweight and have been working hard to lose weight (down 30# thus far). I just found out that I'm pregnant again. I am thrilled but terrified by how this will effect my weight loss goals. I don't want to sacrifice my baby's development for my desire to lose weight so I'm going to keep working out but want to do so safely. Are there any strict guidelines for working out during pregnancy? I keep finding contradictory information. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Calm down its actually normal, a pain but normal. Ask your doc what medicine you can use for the rash as every doc is different and has different opinions.
Avatar n tn My goal after the first trimseter is to feel better and be more active to keep my weight down.
1525332 tn?1315845477 9 weeks along. A little uncomfortable...
Avatar f tn I know with pregnancy you have to gain weight. I was hoping to be less lbs before I got pregs. I was on a diet and everything, lost ten lbs. But still sitting at 145. Which for my height is obese. Now i'm pregnant and going to gain way more. I'm so worried im going to balloon. Anyone else feel this way?
Avatar f tn So I am almost 30 weeks and my prepregnancy weight was 177, I am now at 179. I suffered a broken ankle last month and am getting over bronchitis and a stomach virus right now. I am worried that the fact that I am only 2 lbs heavier than when I got pregnant will somehow hurt my baby even though he has looked perfect in ultrasounds. I have tried to bring it up to my ob but no one seems to want to talk about it. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Before I found out I was pregnant I had finally got down to 125 when I was 150 it took me forever to get the weight off from my first pregnancy. I am now back to 150 and hate my body. I am working out when I can and I try to eat healthy but I have the worst sweet tooth. It will take a while for your body to bounce back.
Avatar f tn I had toxemia towards the end of my pregnancy. I had high bp and my daughters heart beat kept jumping up and down on monitor. Major weight gain towards at the end too.
Avatar f tn Although I was terribly sick and lost alot alot of weight I still worry about it. I am now back to the weight before I got pregnant and almost half way done, not quite but by week 20. It will be interesting.
1460021 tn?1445735958 Something has just hit me like a ton of bricks. I feel really depressed all of a sudden right out of nowhere. I'm so Fkn angry at myself for putting so much weight on...eating s**t and not caring. I don't think anyone could possibly find me attractive. I'm in a mood where all i want to do is goto sleep and not wake up. I have a bottle of it could be would kill me...but it would make my mother's life hell...and i'm not selfish enough to do it.
Avatar f tn well im 31 weeks pregnant and ive just been laying down for most of my pregnancy ! i try to walk but i get so tyred fast i cant help it but lay down ! can thay harm my baby ??
Avatar f tn OMG my weight went from 146 to 149 in a couple days I seriously hope it is water weight. I am pretty bloated right now too. This pregnancy I am more watchful on my weight because of how much I gained last time. I don't want to gain to much this pregnancy and it just looks like it is inevitable.
Avatar f tn Mama dont feel bad, i gained 100 pounds with my daughter who is now 4, an this pregnancy i have gained 80. I lost the weight in 3 months or less an plan on doing the same again. Dont let it stress you out its mostly water an swelling. You will return to your pre pregnancy weight in no time after the baby. Im 27 weeks btw.
Avatar n tn If you are hungry often, suggest eating those calories in 5-6 small meals a day which would be broken down as the following: breakfast, between breakfast and lunch, lunch, between lunch and dinner, dinner, and just before bed. Hoped this helped you.
1115543 tn?1376380638 So I have gained this. I hope it dont be 4lbs a fortnight for the rest of my pregnancy or ill be huge, lol. There I was worried about what I was eating, lol. Obviously enough. Then I have sarted measuring my bump from pubic bone up and over, and from side to side, again right after I weigh myself in the morning. I have grown 3 and a half inches each way in approx 6 days. She is definately growing.
Avatar m tn I am curious to know if there is an exercise that can be performed to eliminate the fat in his legs. Can fat be broken down with the loss of muscle function? If we were able to sit him on an motorized exercise bike, would the movement break down the fat? Thank you in advance for all your help!
919054 tn?1243644840 I am not really trying to lose weight since i know it is not healthy during pregnancy. What I am trying to do is keep track of my weight so that I do not over do it like my last pregnancy. In my last pregnancy I gained nearly 90lbs which is not healthy at all.
6730801 tn?1384210355 From ths moment it hits your stomach it starts the process of being broken down. I was reeeeally sick for a while and sometimes still am. I knew after I got sick I needed to put something back in just to keep SOME nutrients in me at all times. So i would use watermelon (which seemed to really help with the sickness). If I was sick, id chomp down a few pieces.
1281316 tn?1295898412 weight down to 315 today