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Avatar f tn Have a look on Google for a pregnancy weight calculator it's different with every person it depends on how much you weight before and it will tell you for your weight and height how much you should be gaining every week
Avatar f tn I think it may be because people tend to gain most of their weight the second half of pregnancy ..
Avatar f tn I am 23 weeks now and am at 172. The calculator stated I was over weight to begin with. Is the Calculator right? What is normal?
4165941 tn?1353988628 I was 160 pre pregnancy, Whats the normal weight gain, or the rate at which were supposed to gain.
Avatar m tn Hi, there is something that started make me wonder a little recently. I am 38 now, 176 cm tall (~69 inches) and 57 kg (~126 pounds). My body proportions never bothered me of course, but I could not avoid to remark that everyone I know in my age has increased its weight, from little to too much, during the last decade. My life is sedentary (office work), I have a rather varied diet, zero coffee/alcohol, but anyway I always was like that. I found recently a BMI calculator http://www.halls.
Avatar f tn On my phone I have a weight calculator right through this app.
Avatar f tn if u go on google and find a pregnancy calculator which was very accurate for me , type in the 1st day of ur last period, how many days ur cycle is and it should tell u a due day and how far along u really are :) congrats ....
Avatar f tn It's normal this apps weight calculator is so dumb . I hate how if ur 1 lb over the suggested weight gain that it's considered excessive.
7765842 tn?1406963224 Your pre pregnancy weight and health status, how much weight u gained during entire pregnancy, whether its your first or not, how you care for yourself after birth...there's really no way to give you a guaranteed answer because there are too many unknown factors.
10389360 tn?1410823968 OK, so I've just used an online pregnancy BMI calculator and I got the result as being "obese"!! I'm 34 weeks, 5'7 and 192lbs. Was about 155-160 prepregnancy. I go to the gym 4-6 days per week, still fit in all the same clothes I've been wearing since early second trimester...I don't feel "obese" at all!! I've obviously gained some weight but always get complimented on how great I look.
1676558 tn?1305460105 BMI calculator says I should loose more weight than I planned. I'm 5'9, 198 lbs and I want to get to 170. At 170 the online BMI calculator says I will still beconsidered overweight. Not sure I want to loose that much weight. any advice?
9525685 tn?1410800512 I'm due on that date too and I have a very small tummy even though I've gained alot of weight alot and I'm above normal weight size. I'm not worried though as long as I knw she's ok. Just can't wait to meet her!
1419937 tn?1302557849 ve given and the BMI calculator I use, your BMI is 31.1. To change this, all you need to do is make small changes to your diet and exercise plans so that you are more active and eating healthier foods. This is a great site for support and tips, so if you plan to change your weight, you've come to a good place. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll do my best to answer them.
Avatar f tn The key is percentage of body fat, not weight, as muscle is heavier than fat.
567793 tn?1219048662 alright im almost 19. and i know im over weight; but how much should an average girl weight at 19 years old who is 5'5?
Avatar f tn So I'm 5.10 and my pre pregnancy weight was 171lbs and now I weigh 194lbs so I've gained 23lbs. Is that a bad thing? Im measuring my weeks and to be honest its the smallest I've been at this stage in pregnancy compared to my others. I'm not constantly filling my face and certainly dont have the attitude of "eating for two". Ive not really changed my eating habits.
Avatar f tn If you weigh less now, than you did when you started, the amount of weight loss is the difference between what your weight was and what it is now. You have to subtract.
Avatar f tn 4, which is still considered a healthy range. Some of that weight is contributed to by your pregnancy, depending on how far along you are.
Avatar f tn The problem with BMI is that it can over-estimate the amount of fat one has, especially, in muscular athletes, etc because it doesn't allow for the amount of muscle and water in our bodies. Although doctors use the BMI for various reasons, I, personally, go by my weight and the way my clothes fit to determine actual weight loss/gain.
Avatar f tn Based on my last period the pregnancy calculator says I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Can't I be less weeks pregnant? My last period was Oct 12. Please help me understand how long I may be?
Avatar f tn I also lost weight. I'm 39 weeks 3 days and just now back to my pre pregnancy weight. Everyone is different. If there is something to be concerned about the doctor will let you know.
676912 tn?1332812551 I posted a question not that long ago about not gaining weight. I'm starting week 18 today and I still have not gained a single pound. I'm not complaining about it too much since I am a little overweight to begin with, but my concern is the it ok for her for me to have not gained weight? Is she gaining as she should be even if I haven't gained weight?
4573769 tn?1356672346 ), any ultrasound dates and projected pregnancy length from the ultrasound(s), things like that. But a period coming in the normal way (the difference between a 6-day flow and a 7-day flow doesn't matter) between two candidates for dad usually does rule out the one before the period.
1571065 tn?1295676406 http://www.healthstatus.
Avatar n tn Yes.
Avatar f tn I weight daily - always have but it is not uncommon for me to put on 1 or 2lb one day and lose it again over the next couple of days - hormones and changes on teh body can cause fluid retention - bowel activity or lack of it can change weight - muscle growth can change weight - it does not mean you did anythig wrong - and if 1lb weight increase makes you scared to eat - you have a little bit of a problem - eat sensibly - exercise regulary and the weight will move :)
Avatar f tn My lmp was March 4 but the doctor say I'm due December 9th. Why wouldn't be December 4th.
589762 tn?1330207135 Depending on the due date calculator I used, my due date changes. If I go by the online one that uses your exact cycle length, my due date is 1/4/09 ...(tho I somehow have been saying 1/8/09 ...maybe 'cause I liked the numbers! lol). If I go by the doctor's due date calc (which uses the average 28 day cycle), I'm due 12/31/08. So I'm between 29 and 30 weeks.