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Avatar f tn There are many many physical symptoms of anxiety. If you check our archives, you will get a feeling for how anxiety can masquerade as well almost any physical ailment. I have had the fluttery feeling (I call it inside trembling) usually worse in the morning. Also the feeling I was going to faint. It happened today. I got over it. My GP tested me for thyroid problems, but I am fine. Just want you to know you are not alone.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm am 29 years old, and i seem to be going through something wierd in my life, it all started with twitch in my middle finger, it soon progressed into a slight tremor in my left hand, i noticed it when I was drinking a beer.
1457916 tn?1287819113 I had every physical symptom of anxiety. I have just started taking Paxil and Ativan and I can already see my symptoms fading. You must get professional help. Don't try to tackle this alone. I suffered for months thinking it would just go away. Anxiety is an evil bugger and cannot be taking lightly. Please seek professional help.
Avatar f tn I weened myself off of the SNRI about 8 months ago and experienced very intense withdrawal symptoms. I felt fine for a while but for a few weeks now my anxiety and panic attacks have been so severe. I am in constant worry and fear. I can barely breathe, I am nauseated, I have headaches and neck and shoulder pain. I feel as though my throat is closing up and I have felt panicked for more than 72 hours straight. Every single thought causes me extreme panic.
Avatar f tn For some of us, yes they can. I know I've been feeling fine and out of the blue have a panic attack. Have you been under any kind of stress lately that might be causing your symptoms to come back?
Avatar f tn Does anyone out there suffer daily from physical symptoms of anxiety and if so what are they? I have been suffering daily for almost 2 years now from what seem like neurological symptoms. All my symptoms come and go throughout the day without rhyme or reason. I've been screened for MS and had many tests, MRIs and bloodwork that all comes back normal. They are thinking that all of this is caused by anxiety/GAD. The odd thing is that I don't feel anxious all the time.
Avatar m tn I'm just wondering if anyone can share some of their physical symptoms of anxiety? Such as constant headache, muscle aches, etc...I can read a book or google the symptoms, but i think it would be better to hear it from some of you here in our forum. Any help is better than no help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have horrible fatigue, horrible depersonalization, weakness through out all of my muscles, popping and cracking joints (even some that grind like my shoulder blades back) forgetfullness, bad headaches, and horrible brain fog. Please help me! Do you guys think all of these physical symptoms can be caused my anxiety and depression? PLEASE HELP ME!!
Avatar m tn You may also need to monitor your progress as far as major depression and anxiety symptoms are concerned. All of your symptoms do not seem to be due to anxiety or medicine side effects. A neurologist's opinion regarding the association between L5-S1 disc bulge and sensory symptoms in the lower limbs will be important. Take care.
Avatar f tn I also understand the fear of our symptoms. ALL of us have many, many symptoms in common, but most of us have one, or more, that REALLY scares us. If your anxiety just appeared this past June, it COULD BE situational anxiety. Meaning it could have been triggered by an event that happened around the time of your first anxiety attack. Anxiety most often presents itself when we have something inside us we aren't dealing with.
Avatar m tn about the itching? Anxiety does come with a very long list of possible symptoms so the itching could be one of them. Does your skin get red or do you get hives when you have the itching?
Avatar n tn m trying to go to fall asleep. My hope was the buspirone would help control some of the physical symptoms of anxiety that I have around the same parts of my day so I could avoid taking the Benzos. That has not been the case. I drive 40 miles to work each day with pressure/tingling/pain in my left arm, left side of my chest, esophagus, jaw and left foot. I feel like my eyes bug out and it freaks me out as well.
Avatar f tn I know I suffer from anxiety, but what bothers me, is the physical symptoms. Everyday something new. Today; right side of neck feels swollen or strained. Tried yoga, didnt help. Does anyone feel alot of pyhsical symptoms as well as emotional?
Avatar n tn It might be worth considering that panic/anxiety is at least partially to blame for your recent physical issues. If you are having anxiety issues, the cycle can get quite vicious as anxiety causes physical discomfort which in turn increases anxiety, which in turn increases your physical discomfort. You get the picture. Getting plenty of sleep, eating well (NO, NO, NO caffeine or alcohol at all right now) and trying some stress and anxiety coping tools can never hurt! Good luck.
Avatar n tn I know that Graves Disease can have symptoms that mimic psychiatric disorders (anxiety, psychosis, mania, irritability, etc...). What other physical illnesses have symptoms that mimic psychiatric illnesses? In other words, if someone suddenly begins to behave quite differently than they have in the past what ailments/illnesses/conditions/diseases should they be checked for to ensure that they have not been misdiagnosed with a psychiatric problem they do not have?
Avatar f tn I had similar symptoms aswell anxiety plays a massive part in most of the reason why you're getting these symptoms but I got a blood test a couple weeks ago and it's come back that I have been low on vitamin d have u had a full blood count ?
12721897 tn?1427130145 m not the first person on this site (or other similar sites) to have these concerns, but how can anxiety be causing all of the physical symptoms that I feel all day, every day? I feel jittery and lightheaded and off-balance (like I'm swaying even (or especially) when I'm sitting or standing still) legs feel wobbly (even though no one can see them shaking)....I get tense muscles in my neck and shoulders and (not surprisingly) headaches....
Avatar f tn Ok, I've been reading to get an idea of how long the physical symptoms are going to last. I note it's anywhere from 2-3 days to over 2 weeks. I understand it's different for everyone. Would everyone please share how many days it took them to get at least comfortable physically? Thank you for the suggestions and support already. Just reading the successes, even daily ones, is keeping me going.
Avatar f tn s hard to convince myself that anxiety only can cause those issues. Also after I read MS/Parkinson symptoms and found a lot of commonalities - that brought me down completely... What do you think? Any help will appreciated.
Avatar m tn I'm curious about the depths of the physical symptoms of anxiety. My research leads me to wonder if anxiety can be at least partially responsible for a hyperactive gag reflex and the feeling of "a lump in the throat" as well as stomach discomfort (acid). I've found I get nervous pretty easily and I can see my body adjusting to it, but I am actually not a nervous person and function perfectly fine in any situation.
Avatar f tn I was fine this morning then I started to think then I started to focus on feelings I started to feel that humming in legs and feet found myself stiffing my legs and tighting my calves, curling my toes and pressing it on the floor, tighting jaw and of course anxiety shot up. I am forever having headaches behind my back of head right above the neck. I just need to convince myself I don't have neuropathy I don't have no numbing so that is a good sign.