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Avatar f tn Most common causes listed were thyroid, blood sugar, other hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic yeast overgrowth, and certain hard to find infections. Of course, most of these have a collection of symptoms, not just anxiety, but you're not off-base in eliminating these as possibilities.
Avatar n tn Has anybody looked into real physical causes for panic attacks and anxiety, I never had this kind of issues until recently, three weeks ago, I have been taking several different blood pressure medicines and worrying a lot about blood pressure for the past 6 months, and for the last two or three years worrying a lot being under lots of stress on unrelated things like business and family, etc.
Avatar m tn They say i don't Have Parkinson's disease, but how can you be so sure if Parkinson's itself causes Anxiety, i seem to have all symptoms, but my doctors are convinced that i do not have Parkinson's Disease. So many questions, Is this really just anxiety? Maybe i should just listen to my doctors and just try to cope with it? the main thing is why do i experience symptoms if i'm not an anxiety state? Is it possible to have anxiety and not know it? somebody please help me out!!!!
Avatar n tn It made me more conscious of other physical symptoms I had had, including an inflamed nerve in my left arm and leg from two years earlier that I believed had never gone away. I was convinced I had MS. When I finally saw the neurologist, he scheduled an MRI of the brain and that revealed nothing except sinusitis. I thought I would feel relieved when the test came back negative but I couldn't let go of my anxiety.
Avatar n tn Anxiety and panic causes many many symptoms,and when you take a Xanax, it goes away. Definitely it is an anxiety symptom. Stress and anxiety is forceful and many symptoms are simular to a heart attack, ms and mirrors many many other ailments. I take xanax too now and then and within a few minutes my symptoms dissappear. I stopped taking xanax for a few months to rid myself of the addiction I had to them (took them for 3 months).
Avatar n tn My hope was the buspirone would help control some of the physical symptoms of anxiety that I have around the same parts of my day so I could avoid taking the Benzos. That has not been the case. I drive 40 miles to work each day with pressure/tingling/pain in my left arm, left side of my chest, esophagus, jaw and left foot. I feel like my eyes bug out and it freaks me out as well.
Avatar m tn You may also need to monitor your progress as far as major depression and anxiety symptoms are concerned. All of your symptoms do not seem to be due to anxiety or medicine side effects. A neurologist's opinion regarding the association between L5-S1 disc bulge and sensory symptoms in the lower limbs will be important. Take care.
Avatar f tn I think that it causes physical pain-I will feel tightness in the left side of my chest, numbness in my chest/arm/leg and I will feel like I just can't get enough air no matter how deep of a breath I take. Sometimes I actually start monitoring my pulse which makes the feelings worse. 9 months ago I went to the doc, got an ECG, was told I was fine, but after that I started thinking that maybe my "symptoms/problem" could only be found if I am being examined when they are happening.
Avatar f tn I weened myself off of the SNRI about 8 months ago and experienced very intense withdrawal symptoms. I felt fine for a while but for a few weeks now my anxiety and panic attacks have been so severe. I am in constant worry and fear. I can barely breathe, I am nauseated, I have headaches and neck and shoulder pain. I feel as though my throat is closing up and I have felt panicked for more than 72 hours straight. Every single thought causes me extreme panic.
Avatar n tn I recently went through some of the exact symptoms you mention. The pain/tightning under my left rib cage, that out of breath feeling even when resting, I also had tightening of the chest and neck along with a horrible tension headache and a tingling on the very top of my scalp. I at one point even began to stutter. After a complete medical evaluation during a hospital stay to rule out heart related issues, thyroid issues, and stroke. The doctors decided it was all generalized anxiety.
Avatar n tn 1. Restlessness, constant certainty and fear of death 2. Almost being certain that I have cancer, being frustrated that other people dont believe me and that because of that im going to die 3. Suspending all activity, with very very few exceptions 4. Staing in doors, not exercising at all 5. Sleeping very little, very tense and usually not at night. 6.
Avatar f tn I started reading about that syndrome online a lot, finding out it could be chronic, which then fed my stress and anxiety. I started going to physical therapy and my knees haven't hurt like before. I am wondering if it really was just my shoes. My PT also said I had hypermobile joints--I can bend my knees back farther than normal.
Avatar n tn I know that Graves Disease can have symptoms that mimic psychiatric disorders (anxiety, psychosis, mania, irritability, etc...). What other physical illnesses have symptoms that mimic psychiatric illnesses? In other words, if someone suddenly begins to behave quite differently than they have in the past what ailments/illnesses/conditions/diseases should they be checked for to ensure that they have not been misdiagnosed with a psychiatric problem they do not have?
14245424 tn?1433565741 ( So i've been researching causes for these physical anxiety symptoms and came across hypothyroidism. I know that my mum has had this condition but she experienced sleep problems which i don't have. I can sleep perfectly well. I do have a bit of hairloss, i am always tired, and my muscles are really weak and sore, like when i wake up i find it hard to move my hands because they are so weak. Anways, my question is: is it possible that i have hypothyroidism? Or am i too young to get it?
Avatar f tn Hi Brandy, For a while I had serious anxiety tendencies as well, including a few episodes of panic and it was absolutely no fun. One of things that makes anxiety palpable is when you begin relating the symptoms of it to other unrelated things like a health condition. Its easy because the symptoms can mimic serious things, which can generate uncertainty, and uncertainty can just increase the anxiety.
618210 tn?1223930565 I had a severe bout of anxiety following child birth does that mean I can only accept responses from women that have had children as everyone else has nothing useful to say on anxiety. All of us here on the Anxiety forum have experience of anxiety and that is what Georgie needs support with, he is not asking for someone to necessarily relate to a one time experience with ecstasy.
12721897 tn?1427133745 I know that I'm not the first person on this site (or other similar sites) to have these concerns, but how can anxiety be causing all of the physical symptoms that I feel all day, every day? I feel jittery and lightheaded and off-balance (like I'm swaying even (or especially) when I'm sitting or standing still) legs feel wobbly (even though no one can see them shaking)....I get tense muscles in my neck and shoulders and (not surprisingly) headaches....
449946 tn?1205493932 I was told my two doctors that I am suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and I would like to know what the symptoms are.
Avatar f tn visited neurologist, eyes and ears doctor, checked for sleep apnoea (very mild) - so all doctors said that nothing to be worry about and seems as it anxiety I do not have any panic attacks (may be I am lucky), so it's hard to convince myself that anxiety only can cause those issues. Also after I read MS/Parkinson symptoms and found a lot of commonalities - that brought me down completely... What do you think? Any help will appreciated.
Avatar m tn E (ER) doctors i am fine but i just felt so bad everyday with those symptoms..which of course causes more anxieties that something else might be causing those symptoms not anxiety. Anyway thanks again.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause all kinds of physical symptoms. Since your tests have all come back normal, it's reasonable to assume your symptoms are caused by anxiety. OR, perhaps they are simply normal random things that most people don't even give any thought to, but you are hyperfocusing on and worrying about. Try to not get all caught up in your symptoms, because that tends to make things worse. Instead, go after the anxiety. If you succeed, the symptoms should lessen or go away entirely.
Avatar n tn I know I'm doing myself a disfavor. My anxiety gets the best of me. This all started with a few oral exposures outside my marriage in late October and early November. I just don't understand a discharge that comes and goes. And why I've never really been positive for WBC until now.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms can be part of the anxiety associated with your situation. You should rule out any physical causes for your symptoms, including urinary tract infections. For more information you may post your query in the STD - International Forum here. The answer to your last question lies in your ability to identify your emotional disturbances and feelings. As I mentioned earlier, all the symptoms you have mentioned here are known to appear in anxiety.
Avatar n tn One thing that helped me very much was reading books by Dr Claire Weekes, an Australian doctor who specialised in anxiety states and agoraphobia (which I also suffered from and to some extent still do though nowhere near as bad). Dr Weekes' books explained so well how the physical symptoms of anxiety arise and taught me to recognise them and accept them, instead of trying to fight them all the time.