Period cycle after miscarriage

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Avatar f tn The doctor told me that it was fine to TTC right away. Before the miscarriage I had a regular cycle of 28 days. I know that after the miscarriage it is normal to not have a regular cycle. My husband and I TTC right around ovulation although I seemed to have two different rises, around CD 15 and CD 22. We TTC more around CD 15 and only once a couple days before CD 22. I am not on CD 34 so ~6 days "later than normal". Taken hpt and it is negative.
1806883 tn?1458324604 well I have been tracking my ovulation since having a miscarriage and had two positive opks at day 15/16 or so I thought, I also experenced nausea on those day which I do when ovulating, then the following week I started experiencing mild cramping, so I thought yay implantation was happening, did a couple of pregnancy tests around day 12/14 and were negative, so for the hell of it did an opk on day 31 of my cycle and a second line came up, not as trong as the control line though, so get up today
1354666 tn?1278448444 Then on June 16, 2010 I began having heavy bleeding (dark red brownish color) which has not stopped and it is June 21, 2010. I called my doctor and they said that this is normal for your first cycle after a miscarriage, but it just seems like an awful lot of bleeding but they said my blood work that was done about a month ago was normal and that this is normal...
Avatar n tn I was wondering, has anyone has had a normal cycle on their own after miscarriage, when previously dependent on medication? If I don't get my period after 30 days, they want me to take a medication called Provera. Anyone familiar with this med? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn And had my period about 2-3 weeks after. I had my regular period for 3 months. Then every other month after until Febuary 09. I havent had my period since which has been 3 months now. Ive taken plenty of pregnancy tests and they all come out negative. Is this normal after a miscarriage that happened over a year ago?
Avatar n tn Has anyone gone more than 2 cycles after a miscarriage without getting their period? I called the doctor they said no worry. But we want to try again and I don;t know when to start... I don't have any days to count off of - should I wait one more month?
Avatar n tn my doctor told me 4-6 weeks was the usual, but really anything can happen with that first cycle. My second period was a normal 28 days after that. You can become pregnant the first cycle, but it's best to use protection and wait until you've had two cycles to make sure the uterine lining will be sufficient to sustain the pregnancy. You might want to ask your doctor for his/her advice in your particular case.
Avatar n tn I had an abnormal period 1 week after the miscarriage completed and then a regular period 1 month later. I have generally been regular with my periods. I have now not had a period for 2 1/2 months and am not pregnant. I would like to get pregnant. Do I need to be evaluated or is this just my body's hormones regulating themselves?
Avatar n tn How long should it take before I get my period back after having a miscarriage? The miscarriage/surgery happened in the middle of last month, and it's now going on May. Still no cycle has came back since my surgery and it's going on 2 months soon....
Avatar f tn Then I didnt get my first period till 8 weeks after the mc and it was very light. It really messes up your cycle and can take time to get things back to normal : ( I just had a 35 day cycle and its been 3 months since my mc. I go in to the doc next week though so im hoping he can give me something to make me ov, they say if your cycles are more then 30-35 days your prob not. Best of luck and lots of baby dust!!!!!
Avatar f tn It took me exactly 4 weeks after the bleeding had stopped (from the miscarriage) to get my period but my doctor said it can take 4-8 weeks to get a period. It also depends how far along you were when you lost the baby and your menstrual cycle. I hope you're doing well. Also, you're super fertile after miscarriage, so it is possible to get pregnant very shortly after.