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Avatar n tn Fewere symtoms, best results? Pegasys is a newer med but my doc wants to put me on Peg-intron?????? All that I've read, everyone prefers Pegasys....Anyone have a good doc in S.Fla?
Avatar f tn My husband who has been on the Peg Intron therapy for 17 weeks is suddenly experiencing nausea. His side effects have been mininal to date, but is it possible this is being caused by the medication? Can this side effect appear out of nowhere at this point in time?
Avatar n tn I wanted to try Pegasys, but the Dr who runs the program at Kaizer in the portland area, has said that pegasys is used in people under 75Kg or about 165Lbs and Peg-Intron is more effective in people over 75Kg or 165Lbs. Have any of you been told this? I have searched all over the internet and cannot find anything to backup his thinking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn My treatment doctor prefers Pegasys (he runs Pegasys trials) and one of my primary consulting docs prefers Peg Intron (he runs Peg Intron trials). I also sense some bias in attitudes on the new PI's with those involved in the trials being more optimistic toward a particular PI and those not involved being less optimistic and perhaps more optimistic toward a PI they are trialing. The 'human nature' factor is always there, be it a doctor or not.
Avatar n tn Starting the HepC Tx in Aug. I have done alot of research and PREFER to use Pegasys(Roche) over Peg Intron. My info says the side effects are less SVR is better with Pegasys; that, coupled with the fact that there is a class action lawsuit against Scherring-Plough because of PegIntron..well.... My doctor wants me to use Peg Intron because Pegasys is NOT weight based. However, Pegasys dosage CAN be configured to the patient and viral response as well as weight, with a little simple math!!
Avatar n tn recommend her 80 microgram dose of peg-intron injections with 400mg Virex capsulse. While I have read on Peg-intron literature that its dose is given by weight. For monotherapy use 0.5 microgram/kg/week. For combination therapy 1.5 microgram/kg/week...i think my mother case is combination therapy (injections + capsules).And for 60 kg weight injection dose should be 100 micrograms. Please advise.
Avatar n tn I am interested in moving my peg-intron shot night from Friday to Sunday now that my kiddos will be back in school. My doc recommended doing it over a couple of weeks (i.e. go to saturday one week and then sunday the next). This sounds reasonable to me but just wanted to see if you guys have been any experience with doing this or have any advice. I guess my biggest concern is that I don't want to risk my peg levels getting too low. Many thanks.
442340 tn?1326821017 I got two letters today, one saying that I am denied Peg-Intron beacuse I did not try pegasys. And the second said I was denied Ribaviron because that is only approved for people with hep C using peg-intron or pegasys with geno 2 or 3. HELLO INSURANCE CO....I'm HCV and geno 3!!!! SOOOO FRUSTRATING! Sorry, needed to vent. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
Avatar m tn My mother has many other problems such as Celiac Disease, Diabetes Mellitus and Thrombocytopenia. It was a tough decision that we have taken to go for Peg-Intron Drugs as she had Thrombocytopenia [Already lack of platelets] and we were sure the drugs reaction will even decrease the value of Platelets in body. Doctors advised to take on Peg-Intron 50mg and 80 mg alternatively ONE in a week. And by Gods grace, as all the praises remains to Allah swt, my mother PCR came negative i.
Avatar n tn I've treated 7 times with Reg-Intron-A, Infergen, Pegasys, Peg-Intron, Maintenance and a combination of Infergen-Actimmune-Riba. All at different times, of course! Anyhow, this is what happened to me.
163305 tn?1333672171 I have heard that the sx for peg-intron are worse than pegasys. There is a thread from last week discussing this very topic. You might check the archives for a quick answer.
Avatar n tn I was just informed yesterday that I am a non-reponder after 12 weeks of PEG Intron treatment. I am enrolled in a clinical trial for Peg Intron and needed to have a 2 log drop in my viral load, mine is .93. When I started treatment, my load was 1,267,442 IU, dropped to 92,854 WK2; elevated to 641,599 WK4 and I am now at 149,000 WK12. I am told this is considered non-responsive and have a meeting with a nurse and hep doc tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Can you speak with your doctor about possibly switching to the other interferon, Pegasys? I understand that Peg Intron can produce much more severe side effects at the beginning which I why I chose Pegasys. I too am doing only 6 months and am very grateful for that. If you've hung around here for awhile you will be very humbled by others' experiences. There are folks here who have treated 4 to 5 or more times. About alternatives, I learned I had this 14 years ago.
Avatar n tn This is why ppl usually get more sides with PEG-Intron. P.S.
Avatar f tn If taking Vic 3xtx do u get to pick Pegasus or peg intron Or do u have no choice? Cause another thread about int fevers said that a study done in Italy showed better results with Pegasus Thank u!
766667 tn?1259868922 Hi I went through 8 months of Peg-Intron treatment for hepatitis C. I did achieve a SVR, but I am still having many medical and neurological problems. My treatment was during this time, 2002-2003. I now have short term memory loss and brain fog. My coordination and balance are affected. My eyesite is very bad also. My insomnia has became severe and difficult to treat. I also have depressive/anxiety disorder and now ADHD. I now have mild generalized edema and my doctors don't know why.
314554 tn?1337457719 I realize this is a frequently addressed topic – but I am trying to get this straight in my mind; so, here goes: Given: 1) Due to it's longer and branched-chain PEG, Pegasys has a half-life ("terminal elimination") of 50-80 hours. 2) Whereas, due to it's shorter and linear-chain PEG, Peg Intron has a half-life of 30-50 hours. (Note that NPIA or non-pegylated interferon alfa has a half-life of only 3-5 hours.
Avatar n tn I will start this Peg-Intron/Rebetol therapy next month and am scared. But I also I have incurred Kidney damage from my anti rejection medicines, so now my kidneys are functioning at 54%. I hear that the Peg-Intron is dangerous to the Kidneys, has anyone had any problems or any comments. Any hints on starting this treatment? I must admid I am very nervous, more so than before my transplant.
Avatar n tn What are the percentages of people being cured with peg intron/Riba therapy? I know it has to have gone up from several years ago.
Avatar n tn Here is a link to a recent research study which reviews the effectiveness (SVR %) of Peg-Intron versus Pegasys in Genotype 1's. My doctor was pretty emphatic, over four years ago, in stating that he used Peg-Intron rather than Pegasys for almost all of his more difficult type 1 cases. He had run many large trials using both, and also had tried both in his private practice for type 1 patients.
201379 tn?1319994931 I've failed two rounds of IFN+RIBA (one with PEG-IFN). My doc suggested going on maintenance therapy with PEG-IFN; 90 ug once per week, no RIBA. She said three years duration. Anyone out there have experience with this treatment that could enlighten me regarding sides, skin problems, hair loss, etc? I worked with both treatment rounds but felt like hell.
Avatar n tn Just FYI, I talked to the FDA and they stated that they do not mandate a time limit for Peg. My insurance company is hem-hawing now because they initially claimed that 48 weeks was the FDA limit. Now they state that 48 weeks is "...their policy." They requested a "peer-to-peer" discussion with my doctor, who will call them. Stay tuned.
80575 tn?1207135964 I am having a problem with posting here and I don't know why?? Anyway, I've done maintenance therapy on the old interferon, Intron-A.
Avatar n tn He was sicker on Peg intron than he was Infergen but he hasn't tried Pegasys. His Doctor prefers Peg-intron but I'm sure he never had to take it! I think our plan is to try Pegasys /Riba and Alinia. Hopefully the Alinia will keep him covered when they have to reduce Riba. He is also taking PPC which could help this time.
Avatar f tn Sorry, I forgot to mention extreme perspiration (dripping wet) and insomnia. I'm done complaining now, not complaining, just venting.