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Avatar f tn Peg-Intron Redipen is designed to be patient-friendly with features such as an easy-to-read dial-up dosing button for precise, individualized weight- based dosing of Peg-Intron, a self-priming action that automatically removes air bubbles from the pen prior to patient self-administration and a small needle size (30-gauge) to minimize patient discomfort.
Avatar f tn I do mix my own. I am on Peg-Intron 120 mcg kit and 1200mg of riba (2 x day) 600mg am and 600mg pm. I questioned and questioned the nurse about this filling of the shot. There was hesitation for awhile and alot of discussion (don't know with who) about my question. I will call today and I will push more. I want a final answer on this. I don't want to insult the doc or anything; but after all this is my health.
Avatar n tn My understanding is that Shearing's instructions for the Peg Intron Redi Pen do not involve "flagging" or pulling back on the plunger prior to injection. However, Roache's instructions for the Pegasys pre-filled syringes do indicate the plunger should be pulled back prior to injection to check for blood. Part of the difference may be in the two types of delivery systems being used with the Peg Intron Redipen having a shorter needle.
Avatar f tn Was wondering,pegasy is flatdosed and peg-intron is weight based,do both come in prefilled reddi-pins type syringes?Also thru some research it seems the peg-intron has higher Svr rate and lower relapes.I was just wondering if this is really accurate. Beagel ,good news on anemia shot.Ha where are you flying to?
Avatar n tn Peg-intron that you mix needs no refrigeration. Read the info that comes with the peg and see if it gives a temperature range-I thought it did but my memory sucks. You can check their websites and look for info also.
146021 tn?1237208487 You always feel as if you are losing some of the peg-intron with the redi-pen. They say it's normal but it's like watching liquid gold seeping out. Take care, Hugs Keep looking Up!
Avatar n tn One is a redipen and one is a regular type syringe which you mix the medication etc. I take the Redipen (Peg-Intron) and it is very easy to do. I had the nurse practitioner at my doctors office show me how on my first shot. I wouldn't have done it without her because I would have not known what do do. For the first few months I did the shot at home I put out the instructions EVERY single time and went along with them jUST in case.
Avatar f tn Well I saw the liver specialist and I got my instructions for the peg-intron redipen the video and booklet. I get my shot instruction class next week. They are calling my insurance company ordering the meds to be delivered to my house. I had all my labs and ultrasound and ct scan. The doc could not believe how prepared I was. He was amazed. I told him I have been studying up on it (thanks to all of you). If I get them in time I can start on the 15th. My eye exam is on the 14th.
Avatar n tn These are about if not exactly the same size needles you get with the Pegasys syringes and probably slighly longer than with the Peg Intron Redipen device. If your pharmacy doesn't supply the syringes, your doc or NP can simply write you a script for both. First, I let the Procrit (don't shake, don't stir) warm up to room temp which seems to take 20-30 minutes. Then I pop the cap and wipe the rubber stopper with an alcohol wipe to keep the field sterile per instructions.
Avatar n tn I'm only familiar with the Pegasys pre-filled syringe. (The Peg Intron Redipen is a different animal). With the pre-filled syringe, abreviated instructions are: (1) to pinch a little fat; (2) insert needle at an angle between 45 degrees and 90 degrees (straight in); (3) release the pinch; (4) pull back very slightly on plunger to make sure no blood comes into the barrel; (5) inject the medicine. Some folks skip step 4 but if you have the dexterity you should give it a try.
Avatar f tn Are you doing Pegasys (pre-filled syringes) or Peg Intron (redipen)? Maybe hubby can come by for the instructions and help you with the first couple of shots at home? If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself the first time -- or having hubby do it -- then maybe best to let the nurse do it in the office. I'm sure some here will disagree, but I never noticed much difference with or without the Tylenol.
Avatar f tn You got a lot going in your favor! BTW do you know if you're using the Pegasys pre-filled syrninges or the Peg Intron Redipen? Also, you said "two pills a day" of ribavirin, I think what you meant was you'll be taking ribavirin "twice a day". At your weight, you should be taking either 5 or 6 pills a day. Each pill is 200 mg, so that translates into 1000 - 1200 mg a day.