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Avatar n tn Fewere symtoms, best results? Pegasys is a newer med but my doc wants to put me on Peg-intron?????? All that I've read, everyone prefers Pegasys....Anyone have a good doc in S.Fla?
Avatar n tn As far as my own reading and research, SVR rates seem to be very close to equal for both types of combo therapy ( Peg-Intron/Riba or Pegasys/Copeg ). I don't know why this is but for Pegasys, the protocol dictates 1000 to 1200 mg/day for type 1's and 800 mg/day for type 2/3's. I went negative at around week 6 on Pegasys + 800mg/day Ribavirin. I weigh 190 lbs and am type 3a. Still negative at week 24. For me the Pegasys is much easier to tolerate than the Peg-Intron that I took in 2000.
Avatar n tn My doctor wants me to use Peg Intron because Pegasys is NOT weight based. However, Pegasys dosage CAN be configured to the patient and viral response as well as weight, with a little simple math!! Freq. viral load results/ bld work should determine dose.
Avatar n tn I am one of those strange ones who actually responded better to the Peg-Intron than the Pegasys. When I took Pegasys my viral load and my LFT's actually increased. Yes, my side were less, but it did not work on me. I've been on Peg-Intron twice and the 2nd time was for an extended treatment. Although the sides were worse, I handled it and my viral load and LFT's dropped. I've treated 6 times and presently I'm on my 7 round of treatments.
276730 tn?1327966546 I have only been on Pegasys but I was told that PegIntron has more sides, but that was just hearsay..I thought you weren't starting tx till january, or am I confused?
Avatar m tn My experience was that Pegasys was by far and away easier to tolerate than was Peg-Intron and I took a bigger dose of ribavirin with Pegasys than I did with Peg-Intron. I treated with Peg-Intron on my second try and I cleared late probably around week 24. I knew that I shouldn't stop at week 53 but I was so beat up I just threw in the towel and prayed. I relapsed is less than 3 weeks and started on Pegasys 5 weeks later.
442340 tn?1326821017 I am only 110 lbs, so she said because it is weight based too, that is better for me. Any thoughts on Pegasys vs. Peg Intron? My stats again - female, mid 20s, type 3a, VL 950,000. I have been infected since birth (my mom was HCV). Thanks!
541844 tn?1244313424 I asked my doctor for pegasys over peg intron. He addressed my concerns and told me sx's for me would be similar with either drug and kinetics were similar for both with regard to initial suppression of the virus. I had read about peaks and troughs with peg intron. He said that was dated info. Ok, so we decided to stay with peg intron. Now...about dosage. Can anyone explain why pegasys is one dose fits all and peg intron is weight based? I will get 80 mcg with weight at 114 lbs.
Avatar n tn I chose pegasys but in looking back would prob have gone peg intron. Some say peg-intron works better, not sure I've heard that claim for pegasys (most say they're 'bout the same). Many say peg-intron has worse sides - I don't know on that one. There are studies supporting short treatments for geno 2's and they were based on 12 weeks with peg-intron and 16 weks with pegasys. They also require a higher riba dose than what might be prescribed.
Avatar n tn I will beginning tx in January and need to choose between Pegasys and Peg-Intron. What I have learned so far is that in patients like me (geno 1a), Pegasys seems to have a slightly higher SVR. Also, all the anicdotal evidence points to lesser sides with Pegasys, too.
Avatar n tn I've tried both Peg-Intron and Pegasys. Pegasys did not work for me and actually made me a little bit worse. Peg-Intron had more side effects, but worked a lot better for me. Everybody's body is different. We can't generalize. It's been my experience, (and I've treated numerous times), that when I've felt the worst, my viral load and LFT's have dropped the most. I realize not everybody has this experience.
163305 tn?1333672171 I have heard that the sx for peg-intron are worse than pegasys. There is a thread from last week discussing this very topic. You might check the archives for a quick answer.
Avatar n tn I have had Rebitron thearapy also 2 months of Peg-Intron and ribo 2 years ago. I had to stop Peg-Intron because of sides.
335297 tn?1210601484 I had hardly any sides on the Pegasys - but I didn't have as good as a viral load drop as I did with the Peg-Intron. I had more sides with the Peg-Intron but a bigger viral load drop. I hope for you, that all the rest of your treatment day are sides free.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Hep C type 1b in October 2001. I took the PEG Intron treatment in 2002 and so far there is no sign of the virus in my blood. However the treatment was very difficult for me. One of the side effects was a numbness in my feet. This hasn't gone away after four years. It has made me very clumsy and has effected my balance. If I close my eyes I can't tell if I'm upright and tend to fall. Has anyone else experianced this? Where can I go for more information about this?
Avatar f tn 1-877-734-2797 Commitment to Care (Schering- Plough PEG-Intron system): 1-800-521-7157 Rousch Pegassist Resource Center 877-734-2797 Healthwell Foundation 800-675-8416 Chronic Disease fund 877-968-7233 Shared Solutions 800-887-8100 Mnord 800-634-7207
442340 tn?1326821017 He uses Pegasys and my GI doctor (whom I love) uses peg-intron. My question for all peg-intron users is how bad have your sx been? The doctor I saw today said pegasys seems to have less sx, but of course not all people react the same way. I love my GI doctor and want to treat with him, but am I making a mistake by going Peg-Intron? Thanks for your input. My stats: 26 years old, really healthy, active female, geno 3a, VL 949,000. No biopsy done Thanks!
Avatar n tn " What seems weird to me about it is that if pegasys is more long lasting than pegintron, why isn't everyone on pegasys? " --------------------- Pegasys may be more longer-lasting but Peg Intron may hit the virus harder, earlier in the cycle. Take your pick which is better. Actually, a number of studies favor one over the other which confused me no end when I was trying to decide which way to go.
Avatar f tn Daily infergen seems to be easier than Pegasys or Peg Intron. It is different...somehow. I think the anti-freeze in the shots might be harder than the shots themself????? Just a guess here, but I have watched hubby for a long, long, time. Could it be that it was decided that 1 shot weekly would be easier for mankind than doing daily shots?????
314554 tn?1337457719 #1 What extent does RIBA prolong the half-life of the Pegasys and the Peg Intron? #2 Am I phrasing the question right? Is this how it works? #3 If so, is this the reason (*in some cases*) it helps to increase the dose of RIBA : to get more oomph out of the Pegasys and/or Peg Intron? If #3 is accurate, then is this why deviating (e.g. missing a dose) from the RIBA dosing schedule might be counter productive (for lack of a better word)?
Avatar n tn My pharmacy tells me that Blue Cross knows that Peg-Intron is an injectable and, therefore, they cannot "adjust" the insurance codes to get a little more for themselves (which means I would pay a little less). Anyone know which codes can be used to stick it to the insurance company so that I can continue sticking without fear of bankruptcy?
29837 tn?1414538248 NM283 is a newer drug that combined with Peg Intron and Ribavirin is supposed to act on non-responders like myself. Naturally, I'm a little hesitant to enroll in this trial without further information, since I've failed three brutal treatments already. Has anyone gone through or anyone know someone who's gone through this NM238 clinical trial? If so, has there been any success or just more torture? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Sometimes doctors prefer Peg Intron for overweight folks, or sometimes they just want to change the Peg if someone isn't responding as fast as they'd like to current Peg. Or sometimes the Peg Intron rep is just plain better looking than the Pegasys rep.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago I started on Peg Intron once a week and Infergen 3 times a week. Is anyone currently on this cocktail? Please respond if you are.
442340 tn?1326821017 I got two letters today, one saying that I am denied Peg-Intron beacuse I did not try pegasys. And the second said I was denied Ribaviron because that is only approved for people with hep C using peg-intron or pegasys with geno 2 or 3. HELLO INSURANCE CO....I'm HCV and geno 3!!!! SOOOO FRUSTRATING! Sorry, needed to vent. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
Avatar n tn Can you speak with your doctor about possibly switching to the other interferon, Pegasys? I understand that Peg Intron can produce much more severe side effects at the beginning which I why I chose Pegasys. I too am doing only 6 months and am very grateful for that. If you've hung around here for awhile you will be very humbled by others' experiences. There are folks here who have treated 4 to 5 or more times. About alternatives, I learned I had this 14 years ago.