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Avatar n tn Any herbal products that do better than what we have now would be on the market now, probably being produced by the same drug companies that gave us Pegasys and Peg-Intron right? It seems highly suspect. I've met too many natural cure blood-suckers when it comes to hepatitis already.
Avatar n tn Just confirm that she had used Peg-Intron (pegelated) or Intron (simple interferone) previously. I think your mom should consult with good specilaist as he/she will first assess the condition of your mom whether she is in condition to support Treatment or not. seems to be from Pakistan or india ???
Avatar f tn Was wondering,pegasy is flatdosed and peg-intron is weight based,do both come in prefilled reddi-pins type syringes?Also thru some research it seems the peg-intron has higher Svr rate and lower relapes.I was just wondering if this is really accurate. Beagel ,good news on anemia shot.Ha where are you flying to?
Avatar m tn Peg, the molecules are different and so is the dosing scheme with Peg Intron dosed by weight and Pegasys with a one dose for all weight scheme. You will also find advocates among leading doctors/reseachers for both in private conversations although the ones I've spoken to -- advocates on both sides -- admit their conclusions are somewhat anecdotal. For example, one of my consultants said that he found the vl response identical, but fewer relapses with Peg Intron.
Avatar f tn I doubt seriously that it makes any difference in terms of efficacy which Peg she chooses. I think the discussion about Pegasys vs Peg-Intron in terms of efficacy is superfluous. 2) Get into a trial and hope that she's getting ribavirin 3) Wait until Teleprevir is available and then treat. Given the fact that she was a RVR, I can't see any advantage to double dosing with either Peg or with both Pegs.
Avatar f tn 1996 with feritin depletion followed by interferon. 1998 with riba/interferon 2001 with peg - intron 2004 with pegasys Now in Prove 3 Vertex. I have been stage 3 since 1992. I had a gallstone attack in 1992 while I was on interferon and my ast/alt went to 900/1100. favorite movies: water, Cinema Paradiso, The Namesake.
Avatar m tn While I agree that the Roche Peg molecule is superior to Scherings wouldnt attaching it to Intron-A make Intron-A Pegasys. What I mean by this is that both Interferons only have one minor difference in structure, they are essentially the same drug. The difference is only there to get around patent laws. The peg molecule changes the pharmacokinetics of the drug and results in increased IFN exposure. But the price of this is that it doesnt hit as hard. Non Peg IFN can produce anywhere from a 0.
Avatar n tn I relapsed within 1 1/2 months post tx. About 6 months later Peg-Intron was approved by the FDA and as soon as Kaiser got it I was put on Peg-Intron tx for 24 weeks. I had had a very hard time on the first tx and didn't realize or admit that I had alot of depression, about two months into tx I was hit by insomnia and depression hard. It takes about 3-4 months to see a Kaiser Psychiatrist, so I was out sourced to a contracting Psychiatrist that knew nothing about tx and its side effects.
Avatar n tn You have shown that your immune systen DOES respond to the meds. Pegasys is approved now and is usually NUCH easier to take than the Peg/Intron that I did. If I was you now, I would e-mail Dr. Cecil. He has had some success in treating relapsers. He is Very agressive and has his own plan for treating Hcv. I have seen him work with a patients local docs to get then through this stuff. Here is his web site.... He does answer his e-mails.
Avatar m tn 1, it kept me on the meds, 800riba/120 peg-intron and I feel great so far . I'm eating like I did before starting tx. If I need another trans., I'll do it to stay on the meds. I take 60,000. units of procrits but no iron. Taking iron has me worrying about over load so chose not to take it. So glad your almost done, did you see the study jim posted about the researchers in Sweden? How they found those with a drop in HGB durning tx was most likely to achive SVR. Let me know your end date.
Avatar n tn This is some of it, just to give an idea of what happened: -- ***@**** wrote: > I am a hcv patient who has suffered permanent effects from treatment > with Peg-Intron/Rebatol. If you have suffered any long-term or permanent effects from this treatment, please contact me if you would be interested in a class action suit now being formed. Thank you, > Annie Giannini No, thanks/ I am not interested in making an attorney wealthier. Class action suits benefit them more than the clients.
Avatar n tn Here's some info that if sounds appealing you can discuss with your doctor. Keep in mind that this is a Peg Intron study and the similar Pegasys study treated for 16 weeks if memory serves me. Short course aside, it can also come in handy if you are forced to make a decision later in treatment to cut it short because of side effects. Knowing you cleared at week 4 (or not cleared) is one more piece of information to factor in. http://content.nejm.
Avatar n tn I completed 36 weeks of PEG-Intron + RBV and worked everyday. Fortunately I own my own business and was able to hide in my office on the bad days. Take the anti-depressants to keep from going nuts; Tylenol for the headaches and flu-feelings and do your best. I didn't clear but am glad I tried.
Avatar f tn the evidence is ultra-conspicuous in its patent absence. Willyquote: “Dunno if this is a good enough answer for you. I probably warned some folks about argylia thru the use of collodial silver in 2004.” Yeah that’s what’s confusing. You yourself bought Lloyd’s glands, took his glands, and by your own admission acknowledge they didn’t work. And you even describe another person who they says didn’t work for too.
Avatar n tn How are the average side effects for 48wks tx percentage wise you see out of 100 people? 1) no side effects 5% 2) little side effects 15% 3) moderate side effects 70% 4) severe side effects 10% 5) irreversable permanent side effects <1% basically it comes down to 2 approaches: 1) Only treat if you absolutely have to when your back is against the wall (high enzymes, VL , symptoms ect....