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Avatar n tn Fewere symtoms, best results? Pegasys is a newer med but my doc wants to put me on Peg-intron?????? All that I've read, everyone prefers Pegasys....Anyone have a good doc in S.Fla?
Avatar m tn My treatment doctor prefers Pegasys (he runs Pegasys trials) and one of my primary consulting docs prefers Peg Intron (he runs Peg Intron trials). I also sense some bias in attitudes on the new PI's with those involved in the trials being more optimistic toward a particular PI and those not involved being less optimistic and perhaps more optimistic toward a PI they are trialing. The 'human nature' factor is always there, be it a doctor or not.
Avatar n tn I was just informed yesterday that I am a non-reponder after 12 weeks of PEG Intron treatment. I am enrolled in a clinical trial for Peg Intron and needed to have a 2 log drop in my viral load, mine is .93. When I started treatment, my load was 1,267,442 IU, dropped to 92,854 WK2; elevated to 641,599 WK4 and I am now at 149,000 WK12. I am told this is considered non-responsive and have a meeting with a nurse and hep doc tomorrow.
Avatar n tn I will start this Peg-Intron/Rebetol therapy next month and am scared. But I also I have incurred Kidney damage from my anti rejection medicines, so now my kidneys are functioning at 54%. I hear that the Peg-Intron is dangerous to the Kidneys, has anyone had any problems or any comments. Any hints on starting this treatment? I must admid I am very nervous, more so than before my transplant.
Avatar n tn What are the percentages of people being cured with peg intron/Riba therapy? I know it has to have gone up from several years ago.
Avatar n tn I am on Peg-intron and Ribaviran (generic; Rebetol was the brand name). Ins pays about $1300/mo for the Peg and $700/mo for the Riba (was $1250 on brand name). Check your max out of pocket cost. My ins covers 100% after my deductible of $600. Another thought might be to wait til January and get all the meds in the same year to avoid further deductibles. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn Schering-Plough firmly believes that implementing the Access Assurance program was the medically prudent and responsible course to take. The overwhelming response to PEG-INTRON and REBETOL combination therapy since its launch has recently led the company to conclude that demand for PEG-INTRON would exceed its near-term ability to ensure supply of product in the United States at current new-patient enrollment rates.
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Avatar n tn In addition, an independent medical board is being established to review individual urgent medical requests for PEG-INTRON therapy. A dedicated supply of PEG-INTRON has been allocated.
Avatar n tn I was being treated with peg-intron and rebetol for hep-c type 1a at a university hospital. Minimal scaring affecting a portal tract with good enzyme levels, no cirrhosis. I am only 42 years old and have always been I good shape physically except for the battle with pain and fatigue over the last five years. Nine weeks into therapy pain in joints, ligaments, and tendons increased in severity to the point where I have become disabled.
Avatar f tn SVR for Peg-Intron plus Rebetol combination therapy is 41% for genotype 1, and 82% for genotypes 2 through 6. Peg-Intron is a reconstituted powder that is dosed according to a person's weight. Roche’s Pegasys plus Copegus: SVR for Pegasys plus Copegus combination therapy is 44-51% for genotype 1, and 70-82% for genotypes 2 through 6. Pegasys is a ready-made solution that is dosed at 180µg regardless of a person's weight.
Avatar n tn Rebetol (Ribavarin) is an anti-viral drug,which fights against viruses. The dual therapy is necessary. I was on Peg-Intron/Ribavarin and am considered a relapser. You can read my post under second round of treatment. It is necessary that you find the right doctor and the right therapy for you. Good Luck-If I can be of help, please post.
Avatar f tn First, the ribavirin and copegus are identical drugs - just different names. So there is no distinction to be made in that regard. As to Pegasys vs Peg-Intron I have read different reports as to the comparative efficacy and I suspect that the results of the studies have a lot to do with which drug company is sponsoring the study. When Roche is involved Pegasys generally shows an advantage but when Shering-Plough is involved Peg-Intron usually edges out Pegasys.
Avatar n tn I've been on peg-intron/rebetol combo for 44/48. Most of what I've heard here says pegasys has milder sides. I've also heard that pegasys lasts longer. Of course if I'm cured using peg-intron I'm ok with that but if I were just starting Tx I think I'd go with the pegasys combo just from the comments I've heard here.
Avatar f tn Pegasys plus Copegus for HCV patients with genotype 1 who have never been treated with any interferon or ribavirin product Two different doses of Peg-Intron plus Rebetol will be compared to standard doses of Pegasys plus Copegus. 3.
Avatar f tn Sorry it was Peg intron rebetron 600 600-3/05 ml kit and 150 .5 ml and 150 .5 ml Peg intron that is exactly what they sent to the insurance company. I was talking to my sister she said at least 800 of rebetol aday.
Avatar n tn day 1 began with labs, 2 tylenol, Peg-Intron and the Rebetol. The Rebetol dose is weight based and started at 400mg for the first 2 weeks, 800mg for weeks 3 and 4 and week 5 the full dose. there is no SOC for TP patients. this study protocol does allow rescue drugs such as Procrit and Neupogen. It also has allowed me when my hemoglobin fell below 9 or hemocrit below 27 to lower my Riba by 200mg.
Avatar n tn to commdude/mikesimon 3)It is also not known if Peg-intron/ rebetol combination therapy will prevent one infected person from infecting another person with hepatitis c also the odds are listed for 1's at 41% svr so read the insert on each time you refill for new info it is not highlighted but you have to pick thru all the old **** too
Avatar m tn S. Labeling for PEG-INTRON and REBETOL WARNING Alpha interferons, including PEG-INTRON, cause or aggravate fatal or life- threatening neuropsychiatric, autoimmune, ischemic, and infectious disorders. Patients should be monitored closely with periodic clinical and laboratory evaluations. Patients with persistently severe or worsening signs or symptoms of these conditions should be withdrawn from therapy. In many but not all cases these disorders resolve after stopping PEG-INTRON therapy.
Avatar n tn I know my 24 week should have been a bit lower but the question is has anyone heard of viral count going up at 24 weeks I am using scherings peg intron plus 5 rebetol per day for my weight it should be 6 but I have low platelets thus only 5 per day also on Neupogen for low white count. The Doctor has kept me on tx cause he is quite agressive and I also told him I did not want to go thru all this hell to just give up .
Avatar n tn This study will evaluate patients with Hepatitis C and normal liver chemistries. To compare 48 weeks of Peg-Intron 1.5 mcg/kg sc each week, plus Rebetol 13 + 2 mg po daily to no interferon therapy (Vitamin E/Milk thistle) in genotype 1 patients with mild liver disease: Fibrosis scale of 0-2. Compare the quality of life during treatment of the two treatment groups. Reference normal ALT levels in multicenter trial. 80% will receive Peg-Intron, Rebetol, Milk Thistle and Vitamin E.
Avatar f tn This is what I found for West Virginia INCIVEK (telaprevir)CL PEGASYS (pegylated interferon) PEG-INTRON (pegylated interferon) ribavirin VICTRELIS (boceprevir)CL COPEGUS (ribavirin) INFERGEN (consensus interferon) REBETOL (ribavirin) RIBAPAK (ribavirin) RIBASPHERE 400mg, 600mg (ribavirin) Patients starting therapy in this class must try the preferred agent of a dosage form before a nonpreferred agent of that dosage form will be authorized.
Avatar n tn their SOC Peg-Intron Interferon product is not used in the Vertex trials. The Schering 503034 trials have been going on for over six months. Are there other people in this forum going through the trial and what are your results to date?
Avatar f tn NCT00367887 Purpose This is a phase 2, randomized, open-label study comparing the safety, antiviral activity, and pharmacokinetics of HCV-796 administered in combination with peginterferon alfa 2B (Peg-Intron) plus concomitant Rebetol vs. Peg-Intron plus Rebetol in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) genotype 1-infected subjects who are either naive to treatment or who have previously failed treatment (non-responders).
Avatar n tn Having just completed 48 wks.of Peg-Intron/Ribavirin,(8/22)my VL came back showing I am a non-responder. I am pursuing every angle at this point. Female,60 yrs. young,1b,fibrosos 4, inflammation 3.Started therapy showing 1,000,000 copies/ml. Latest VL showed 2,900,000? Therapy was not the easy and I was off work for 6 mths. After stopping therapy on 8/22, I felt extremely better. Energy level bounced back incredibly. I won't let myself even think about another round of interferon at this time.
80575 tn?1207135964 I'm taking 1200 mg of Rebetol daily and the PEG-Intron is the Alpha 2b. Any ideas on how to get my doc to approve an increase in PEG (or frequency)? I feel that I'm at a critical point right now and don't want to miss an opportunity to kill the HCV. Once again thanks for your input. Mike.
Avatar m tn and i'm going to try the new triple therapy (telaprevir/peg intron) soon. my question is, [if] (and i'm remaining totally positive), the new triple therapy doesn't work, would that preclude me from trying any of the polymerase inhibitors or interferon free therapies that are on the horizon? thanks!
Avatar n tn My Tx continuation has been questioned by my GI Doc due to low WBCs, for a few weeks now. I have been on Peg-Intron/Rebetol Tx for 23 weeks now. One side effect is cuts and sores that take forever to heal. I first started the Tx last fall, and after 10 weeks I had to come off due to huge ulcers in my throat. I restarted this year, in May, and I haven't had the ulcers so far.
Avatar m tn 5 mcg/kg once weekly) and REBETOL (800-1400 mg daily based on patient weight) therapy followed by the addition of boceprevir to the combination for 24 or 44 weeks (totaling 28 or 48 weeks of treatment), boceprevir in combination with PEGINTRON and REBETOL at the doses described above for 28 or 48 weeks, and, in Part II of the study, boceprevir in combination with PEGINTRON and low-dose REBETOL (400-1000 mg daily based on patient weight) for 48 weeks, compared to a control of PEGINTRON (1.