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765775 tn?1366028291 I was able to locate this and I am posting it so that it may assist our members in understanding the Pain Scale. I found it quite helpful. THE PAIN SCALE 0 – Pain free. Mild Pain – Nagging, annoying, but doesn't really interfere with daily living activities. 1 – Pain is very mild, barely noticeable. Most of the time you don't think about it. 2 – Minor pain. Annoying and may have occasional stronger twinges.
Avatar m tn In your medical experience, have you seen any STDs (to include HIV) cause jaw pain at 2 weeks post exposure and same thing about the groin pain? I won't ask anything else, I just had these follow up questions. Thanks.
Avatar f tn has anyone else ever felt anything like this? Could it just be anxiety and stress creating physical symptoms because I am thinking about it too much? I just keep thinking that if it was something serious, after all this time, I'd have another symptom. But besides the nagging pain that comes and goes there is NOTHING. If anyone out there has experienced anything like this or has any advice, I would be so grateful. Thank you.
Avatar n tn As every exam and test points to a healthy heart, how in the world does my mind cause me physical symptoms like chest pain and pressure, arm and shoulder pain, along with heart flutters now and then? Can a chronic phobic condition actually produce these physical symptoms? p.s.: I'm NOT hypocondric, as the only real concern i have is heart disease, not any and all diseases of the body.
Avatar f tn However, if you're still struggling to this degree with your anxiety, you might need a little more help. I would keep talking to your psych/ob gyn etc. about your anxiety symptoms. While nursing your baby is wonderful, if you need more help to be mommy to that sweet baby, maybe switching to formula is something to consider. Also, are you talking to a pro about this (eg. counseling)?
Avatar f tn If you can't go to your parents with this, you really need to find an adult to talk to. Anxiety CAN cause all of the symptoms you've described and many others as well, but when your health MAY be at risk from STD's, we MUST urge you to see a doctor. Please let me know how you're doing, OK? You may be young, but I believe you're old and smart enough to find a solution.
Avatar f tn I've heard many people complain of a burning sensation, but not cold. Is there any pain or other symptoms associated with this feeling. Are you sure it's your chest and not your stomach? All of us here can relate to how these feelings "get us down!" Trust me on that. You are not alone in any of your fears and if you read some posts here, you will understand not only how many of us there are, but the unbelievable range of symptoms that anxiety/panic and depression can create.
1348086 tn?1370786785 After Wednesday (2 weeks ago) attack I have had (only in the weekdays) high anxiety at around lunch time (which is when I had the initial attack). I scale my anxiety 0 to 10, where 7 and up is an attack. Every day last week and this week I would wake up as a 0 or a 1 and then at around 11:00 I would rise up to a 4 or a 5. If I can make it through without getting higher then by 1:00 I am back down to about a 3 or 4 and with depression. Does this seem weird?
Avatar n tn Ever since then I have had severe anxiety and all kinds of nasty symptoms that have had me scared out of my mind. My doctor put me on xanax and I felt like I was getting addicted to it so he put me on busparin and that made me feel worse, he tried several different things, but the only one that was effective was the xanax. I had test after test to see if there was anything physically wrong with me and they all came back negative.
Avatar n tn At this time, its safe to say that the physical symptoms are from anxiety and I need to find the route of cause for the anxiety. I am reading the book by Claire Weekes right now and find the book is thorough in the explanation of anxiety and the physical symptoms you will experience. Also, it will show you how to work your way through this. I have decided not to take daily medications, but was given a script for Ativan as needed.
Avatar f tn It says that pancreatic cancer symptoms can include pain in the stomach and back, now I want to know what kind of pain and is it sometimes or a constant pain because I have had slight pain in my sides and to a lesser extent in my lower abdomen but its really nothing I notice unless I am thinking about it, I am very anxious and worried, its really freaking me out right now because I have 3 young kids, any answers from people who know what they are talking about would be greatly appreciated.
1428287 tn?1283100281 The pain tends to be about a 4 to a 6 on a pain scale of 1-10. It doesn't affect my breathing at all, other than the pressure makes it uncomfortable to take a deep breath. I've found that I become a lot more tired with physical activity (like sleepy, not out of breath or anything.) I'm tired of feeling this pain all the time and I could really use some answers. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have always eaten healthy fruits and veggies daily. I now have pain in my back and its like a crampy pain and also in lower abdomen. I have gained 7 lbs in last monthI also sometimes get sharp pain at the naval area. I feel as if the doctors think i am making this all up but I would not waste my time or spend money I do not have. I do not have an income or medical. I am a college student and am waiting to get my unemployment back. I just want my life back, to feel good is so important to me.
Avatar m tn Further, the symptoms you describe are not suggestive of any STI, including HIV. They started sooner than STI symptoms do and are not among the symptoms associated with STIs, including the ARS. There is no need for testing related to this exposure and no need for testing of any sort. I hope that this comment will help you to move forward without concern.
Avatar m tn I am a 44-y.o. male, 6'2", 205 lbs. When I was 29, back on 11/29/1993 @ about 5 pm, I had an episode that RUINED my life: I experienced a forceful, violent, odd beating of my heart for a second or two, then went back to a regular rhythm….BUT….I instantly felt lightheaded, slightly dizzy, & my heart felt like it wasn't pumping right, like it was on the verge of stopping or like something shifted or got stuck in the region of my heart.
Avatar m tn I'm not trying to minimize your symptoms - anxiety produces real symptoms that can be really bothersome. It can also make you hyper-aware of things that you might always experience, but don't really notice. These are all really vague symptoms, and don't point to anything. What meds are you taking?
Avatar n tn 1. Pain in the abdomen area (left and right) and a feeling of nausea. I feel as if I've been poisioned 1.5 months of constant sickness. Went to doctors (same routine depressed, it's in your head etc.) I also started to have hypertension and panic and depressive attacks. Not because I was unhappy but due to the sickness. I also had a 38 hours insomnia that accompanied all of this. I knew then that I'm about to step into something very unormal with my body.
Avatar f tn I domt get sick and no history of cancer in my family but this is freaking me out.. my anxiety is 9 on a scale of 10.. now I can sleep or think straight.. I have this feeling of impending doom pls can someone talk to me..
Avatar n tn i don't take perscription pills unless it's an antibiotic so i've been living with the bouts of anxiety, pain in numbness in my right hand, indigestion, migraines, pain in my right shoulder blade, fatigue, acne...the list is so long i generally forget to name a few. i am too call and schedule a HIDA scan ASAP. I finally found a doctor who didn't rush me out the door and is still genuinely interested in being a doctor. i'm so excited! maybe i'll finally be on the road to healing.
Avatar m tn I did have a clear watery discharge other night but possibly after erections in the night. Is this anxiety? My anxiety has been 9/10 no the scale since the incidents 3) Semen since infection last year now a little thinner and clearer than it was and a get dull ache in testicles after masturbating - what is this?
2010625 tn?1329375656 But yeah being sick and in pain can also cause anxiety. But also anxiety can cause symptoms. Hopefully youll find out whats wrong soon. Hope you feel better.
Avatar m tn abdominal pain, random muscle tenderness, fatigue, joint pain and stiffness, ocassional back pain. I've also woken up two or three nights this week on the verge of what I assume was a panic attack (nauseous feeling, fast heartbeat). I really think that I might have IBS as well, because I fit all the criteria (since the mid-December situation I've had alternating bouts of D and C), but I can't get my PCP to refer me to a GI specialist.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping that someone out there may be able to give me some pointers on what to do next or share similar experiences with me... 4yrs ago I stopped taking Depo Provera injections as I was admitted to hospital 3 times with suspected thrombosis; on the 3rd visit a vein in my leg had "popped out" and had to be surgically removed.
Avatar f tn Sharp left chest pain, pain in left arm, severe cold sweat. shaking, numbness of tongue. Ever since that first panic attack, I have been in and out of my Dr's office practically every/every other week. Myself as well as my Dr. believe that I have this anxiety due to fear of having another panic attack and from being sick so very long. I was put on Lexapro 10mg, increased to 20mg after 2 weeks AND hydroxy-zine (only as needed).
Avatar m tn Thanks again to all of you.Would a 'quantitative' HIV test be useful?I really don't think i could hang on for another 2 months.This month has been the hardest of my life. I never did such a thing and never will...
Avatar m tn Hey, Sorry to hear you are having troubles, as a long time anxiety sufferer myself, I feel your pain. without knowing everything about your situation I can only give you limited advice. You might need medication and or therapy for a limited amount of time. I know they suck but trust me they work and are better than getting smashed and feeling like crap the next day. Alcohol makes my anxiety 10 times worse the next day.
Avatar m tn I've always had a tendency to fear the worst but this is off the scale. Can anxiety cause muscle tightness in the legs and buttocks? I had this for a good few weeks a month ago. Also muscle twitches mainly when laying down. they have eased off a bit but still happening. I feel physically and mentally weak, gone from an active, social person to a hermit. I'm a shadow of myself and anything that happens seems to link in with my fears. Thanks in advance for anyone with advice...
Avatar f tn 51 on a scale of .35-5.0, T3 is 1.1 on a scale of .80-2.00 and FT4 is 1.04 on a scale of .80-1.7. I also asked for FT3, T4, the Antibodies test and cortisone testing and my GP refused. I have POCS, e Anemia, HBP (taking Cardizem CD 240), Since Oct 07 have high heart rate; night wake up and can feel my heart beating.(on Bystolic, normal HR around 85-95 for 20 years, now running around 120-130 off the Bystolic. Need to come off Bystolic due to having severe burning/tingling in legs).
Avatar f tn The symptoms you've described are more like pressure from the swelling which does not always mean infection. There was absolutely NO DOUBT I had an infection because of the pain. On a scale of 1-10, my pain was a 12+ Perhaps taking something OTC like Tylenol will help with the pain you do have. Rinsing your mouth several times a day with warm salt water will help stave off infection, which some people believe and other's don't. I do. And besides, like chicken soup, it can't hurt!
Avatar f tn The American Academy of Neurology scale is graded on a scale of 1 to 3, where grade 3 has any loss of consciousness. Grade 2 is with any symptoms lasting more than 15 minutes. If there is any loss of consciousness or alteration in mentation or neurological deficit, labeling the injury as traumatic brain injury would also be appropriate. It is common for persistent headaches to occur after traumatic brain injury such as from a concussion.