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Avatar n tn Recommended to test your homocysteine levels. Excerpt from Health Newsletter Pasio - Homocysteine: "Homocysteine is an intermediate in between methionine (an essential amino acid) and SAM-e or glutathione. Normally, homocysteine gets converted into SAM-e and glutathione. Both SAMe and glutathione have health-promoting effects. SAMe helps to prevent depression, arthritis, and liver damage. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent that helps to slow down aging.
Avatar m tn These tests use the actual symptoms as described in the doctor's reference material and use the same standard tests for diagnosing depression as the doctors do. They are online tests and as such should be used only as a guide of course as essential ingredients such as a person's demeanour, appearance, manner of speech, attitude etc are not apparent during a self applied test in which we may be less than honest.
Avatar f tn Well, when I first got there, they made me do a mental health evaluation test, and then they had me do these weird test things where they would show me a picture of blocks that were made into a shape and I had to take real blocks and make them look like in the picture. I did all kinds of tests including the ink blob one. At the hospital we had a therapy group, where all of us would sit with the therapist and talk about coping skills and stuff.
Avatar n tn I would like to know how long the mental addiction lasts after the physical withdraws are gone. And what can be done to help relieve the anxiety after opiate withdraw that always follows, without drugs. I have tried Kava Kava, melatonin, St.John's Wort and other natural minerals but haven't foung anything that works well.
Avatar m tn At the moment of typing this, I wait for October 1st, to get an answer of my HIV status after having sex for the first time in my life. My mental health has culminated to that day. Afterwards, I do not know what will happen. All the damage has been done. Anyone care to offer advice?
Avatar f tn He concluded that the mold is what caused my daughters seizures and my familys health issues Both my older kids health returned to normal soon after we left the house.My fatigue is gone and for the most part so is the asthma.My daughter with the seizures still has seizures but we do know from testing that she will someday outgrow them.
Avatar f tn My mother has severe GERD, severe depression and a long list of other mental and physical health problems. I found out from online research that acid reflux conditions are rarely due too much stomach acid! I had my mother try an easy online baking soda test and she didn't burp for an hour which indicated very low stomach acid. That was a good result for me to throw out acid blocker nexium and start her on betaine HCL with pepsin supplements and digestive enzyme supplements.
Avatar n tn what i would suggest is talk to a health professional, i did 7 weeks ago , i called the local mental health place and was evaluated, and the counseling has really helped me out.especially with coping with anxiety , and now with coping with everything being sober ,.
Avatar f tn This is the second time for that and I had no problem the first time, but the anxiety and depression are worse now and I don't know if its the mental health problem getting worse or hormones. Gyn originally said to call her in a few months and let her know who I'm doing and it'll be time to do that in a few days, as I want to wait until I have to restart that cream again as the first time in restarting it, I had bleeding and I want to see if that happens again this time.
Avatar f tn I cried for two weeks when the pregnancy test showed positive and have been crying off and on since. I have an amazing boyfriend we've been together over 4 years and we bought a house in September, we are both 26. I currently work out of town (two hours away) during the week and I am home on weekends so have spent the last year and a half driving back and forth. It's not a job I particularly enjoy but I haven't been able to get anything at home so I've been stuck.
Avatar m tn I understand about bills and all, believe me I do! But I think your mental health and your family's mental health is the most important thing for now. Somehow things will work out. I'm still praying for you, Creston! You can come on here any time you want to talk. It does help to get it out. I wish you well. Let us know before you go overseas. I don't know if you'll have internet access then or not but just know that everything will be ok if you just put your trust in God.
Avatar m tn But time and time again, whenever I ever have occasional bouts of depression...and even severe depression. Primrose Oil has worked like a godsend. I even told my sister to try it , and she couldn't believe it either. Whenever i'm very irritable , angry , depressed , anxious.. I take a 1000 MG's of Primrose Oil a day...and ALL OF THAT goes away. I feel soooo calm and relaxed everyday after. It only takes a day or 2 to start working. and by the 3rd day, you'll definately notice it.
Avatar n tn We have been trying again which make me feel better until i get a neg test or some other bad news and i am right back there again. Nobody understands unless they have been there. My husband bless his heart tries really hard to understand and he has his sad moments but he didnt carry the baby and even though i wasnt pregnant long i still had a life inside of me that i never got to hold or meet. IT SUCKS!
Avatar f tn It took a while for me because I don't think the dose was high enough and by the time the doctor took me serious it had kicked off into a major depressive episode. I was referred to the mental health team and the psychiatrist bumped up my meds. I have a care worker and she said that the antidepressant acts like a wonderbra !! It gives you extra support when you need it.
Avatar n tn I know that being without drugs so early after you last detox, you must have a hell of a depression right now, and this on top of it is no better, but it is a test, and I believe you will make it through with flying colors. Please don't use GWH, I don't want you to be in pain again, not for this, not for a pill. I suck at condolences, but please hang on, at least for today.
Avatar f tn Im 19 and have a long list of mental health issues since i was a toddler... I work 4 days a week in a riding school yard surrounded by over 40 horses a day which i love love love, things for the past few weeks mentally have been quiet good for me but for the last 2/3 weeks ive noticed im starting to slip a good bit...
657586 tn?1224591547 Should I start taking antidepressants now at 29 weeks gestation (+ gestational diabetes) with my first baby or wait until my baby is born? I do want to breast feed after the baby is born. I have a history of depression but I can "control" it with exercise and keeping my self busy with family, friends, my career and of course all the "high risk" outdoor activities I love to do.
Avatar n tn You should expect results from Wellbutrin by the end of the second week, and getting better, and you should stay on it for as long as you need, until you feel well and function well. Low cost therapy is hard to find but the place to start searching is a community mental health center in your home town or an outpatient center at a university medical center. You can get some inexpensive help online by going t0
1927233 tn?1326673987 I've had anxiety issues in the past, so I am quite familiar with "mental illness", and wha it can do to you. There have been times when my anxiety gets so bad I feel like I can't function, and I avoid doing everything, and even avoid people on purpose. During these times, I may not feel "good", not sick but sluggish and blah, yet exercise, yoga really seem to help, as well as CBT, and i've had my anxiety under control for a long time now.
310333 tn?1193166726 Things had gotten so bad that I was considering checking myself into a mental hospital!!! I have had a mild depression in the past and I also suffer from OCD but I haven't had a terrible depression or "anxiety fit" like this one in over a year since I've been controlling it. I am not currently on anti-depressants either. Maybe my past history made me more susceptible to this side effect. Maybe it only affects people who have already low serotonin levels.
Avatar f tn So, for the last three days, I decided to cut my AI meds by 1/2, and then added back in 1/2 of my antidepressant, which my psych doc has been urging me to do, even before all this mental health stuff began (and physical problems too). I HAVE to say, whether it was the reduction of Hydrocort or adding in Zoloft, I have slowly improved. Of course, it's too early to tell, but it suggests medication may be the problem here.
Avatar n tn I have a therapist who comes to me once a week through the clinic that I go to. You should call a bunch of mental health clinics and see if they have a program that can do that for you to help you. The program I am in is called Total Family Strategy by Suncoast Mental Health. It sounds like you may need someone to come with you to your doctors just to get on medicine because the doctor will not prescribe one to you over the matter how bad off you are...
Avatar f tn im 19 years old and im not sure if i have bi-polar, or depression, iv taken online test and they all say to seek medical attention, but how do you ask your doctor for help with something like this, what im feeling is undecsrible and i can not seem to put it into words, iv even considered killing my self and am very close to it, have looked up both side affects of these illnesses and fit most of the criteria so am i just being indenile or stupid please help!
Avatar n tn Dear june-ray, i feel so sorry that you are going through anxiety and panic attacks. I know exactly how you feel. I've been experiencing the same things as you for about a year, with many visits to ER at nights and every single day living in a fear that i will probably die soon either from a heart attack or a stroke. The good news is that this condition is very treatable if you are determined to get better.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 29 year old female, diagnosed with Type I diabetes when I was 25. I was always a picture of health and never had any "health" problems until now. Not to make excuses or anything, but knowing that I have this to deal with this has made me extremely depressed, so depressed that at times I don't take my insulin and I also think that in my mind I'm afraid of being over weight. It didn't help that my mother passed away suddenly either.
Avatar n tn ) I've been told they can't 'test' CFS, so depression is next on the list when nothing can be found. Nevertheless, you are right about the sleep study, I may have a go at it again. I have been told since my 20's that my snoring/holding breath was kind of scary to the person listening! However, my siblings/parent also sleep like this but are not terribly sleepy all day......(?
Avatar n tn GAD, agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, and finally as manic depressive, which I think is the most accurate. During college, I saw multiple university mental health doctors, most of whom just offered me a bottle of xanax, clonopin, or ativan and sent me on my way. Among these meds, I have also tried: lexapro, paxil, zoloft, seroquel, lamictal, xyprexa, buspar, and welbutrin. Currently I am taking depakote er, which actually seems to be working fairly well.
Avatar f tn He had commented after I was off of it about how much better I am off of it (mental health wise). After being diagnosed with anemia, I started taking 3 iron pills a day & now my hemoglobin level is normal. I am still taking one iron pill a day. I was put on a low estrogen pill to control my monthly bleeding. I am almost through my 2nd pack of pills. I have had nausea, dizziness, and what now seems to be extreme anxiety. I worry about everything all of the time.
Avatar f tn I've been battling issues with depression and anxiety for about 10 years now. I feel like I've wasted so much of my life and when I start thinking about things it makes me sad and frustrated. In December, I had surgery (gallbladder removal) for the first time ever. Prior to that I'd never really had any health issues. Made it 25 years and had never even had blood drawn. Going to doctors has always given me a great deal of anxiety so having to deal with that really started my downward spiral.
1448936 tn?1363209946 it is at least a little comforting to read that others are dealing with similar issues. I too have health anxiety and depression - on and off for close to 20 years. It seems to be getting worse for me as I'm getting older. I can relate to the others whose concern is heart and head, although I also go through periods where it's cancer or muscular diseases like MS or ALS. Today it's my head that had a pain - stroke? anyerism?