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Avatar f tn Well, when I first got there, they made me do a mental health evaluation test, and then they had me do these weird test things where they would show me a picture of blocks that were made into a shape and I had to take real blocks and make them look like in the picture. I did all kinds of tests including the ink blob one. At the hospital we had a therapy group, where all of us would sit with the therapist and talk about coping skills and stuff.
Avatar f tn , I live with vegetarians and wanted it tested again before I start taking supplements Taking 88mcg of Levothyroxine 150 mg of Wellbutrin 50mg of Zoloft (for my stomach, but I'm still trying to figure out why my stomach feels the way it does) 600mg 2xday of Oxcarbazepine for my neuropathy (still trying to figure out why this is happening too, thyroid wasn't bad enough for long enough to cause it) I added the Free T3 and Free t4 to the lab slips on my own.
Avatar m tn free T3 free T4, T3 uptake and thyroid antibody's.i had also noticed the lymph node gland in my groin area felt swollen.i'am just tired of feeling like this,and would like anyone's advice on what i should do.i dont have health insuarance so iam hoping the free health clinic can do the testing.thanks your help.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your reply . Sorry about the abbreviations and the state side slang , "heal with steel " is a doctor term here for curing cancer by removing the tumor or organ surgically , hence "heal with steel " . "Ddf" is acronym for "drug ,disease, free" it is used on online dating/ hookup sites in where the poster is apparently announcing their free of drug use, and Hiv status to online searchers . Also used by LIARS !
929504 tn?1332589534 the endo won't test the Free T3...and it's very easy to say, "i'm gonna switch doc's because she won't run the tests...but who is to say that the next endo does not base treatment in the same method. I can't answer the questions that are meant for the doc's to answer...why are they not re-trained in regard to "modern technology" in the field of thyroid issue...I don't know! I even attempted to leave a post in the forum for Dr. Lupo....
Avatar n tn 11PWhilst on vacation in the USA I became sick and had to go to the local hospital where it was found that my heart was pausing for any thing up to 7-9 seconds. It was decided that, following a stress test, I should be fitted with a pace-maker. After about 9 days I returned home to the UK where,as far as I know, the pacer is working as it should. BUT I now suffer from bouts of deep depression. I do not want to bother the doctor but could the two things be linked????
Avatar m tn Hi. I had to google Fetzima to learn about side effects. What the drug targets ect. Even if I had experience with this drug, you are different. Please take the medication with an open mind and a positive attitude. Give the pills every chance to work for you. Everyone knows cutting out sugar, soda & junk food helps depression. Exercise too. Good luck!
Avatar n tn (i don't want to be on oxy if i don't have to) i've never expierenced this level of post physical depression. is there something about oxy that gives it more of an emotional "buzz saw" than other opiate withdrawal? it seems to me there is, as i've expierenced withdrawl from other opiates and all though they were physically more unpleasent, there was not this compent of emotional. i'm already taking 400 mg of welbutronn a day, and that seems to help some.
Avatar m tn That is the depression talking.I just watched a documentary on depression yesterday at 4am (couldn't sleep due to MY depression ha ha). It was people from all walks of life battling it. From a gang member to corporate execs. You know what, now they can see depression! MRI's can see the activity on the frontal lobe of the brain. I won't go into the mumbo jumbo, I am a nurse and I get fascinated by this stuff but they are on the edge many new treatments that don't involve meds. Hallelujah!
Avatar n tn I know that being without drugs so early after you last detox, you must have a hell of a depression right now, and this on top of it is no better, but it is a test, and I believe you will make it through with flying colors. Please don't use GWH, I don't want you to be in pain again, not for this, not for a pill. I suck at condolences, but please hang on, at least for today.
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
657586 tn?1224591547 Thanks for the advice. I think it just helps knowing that someone out there has compassion and sympathy for what you are going through and that you are not alone. The day I sent this post everything starting changing for me, at least socially. People just started "poping" up out of nowhere and making me feel included. I think it just takes 6 plus months to get established in any new community and more if it is in another country.
Avatar n tn After reading many of the posts about medications I have a very major concern. this would amount to my third question I guess so... 3. I took acutane once upon a time, I didnt have to stay on this forever, it actually changed my body permanently so that I didnt have to stay on it after the 6 month period. With anti depressants is this possible or am I looking at a life of pills?
363243 tn?1331037450 I sought the help of an endocrinologist and he ordered a lot of blood tests. I never had problems with elevated glucose and the test showed that my fasting glucose was 102, slightly elevated. My free testosterone was elevated also which explained the excessive hair on my chin, neck, chest, stomach and thighs. I haven't had problems with fertility because I have two children who were conceived with no difficulty because my periods had always been like clock work.
Avatar f tn i also want to let you know i never take meds the morning of labs and that before the 24 hour urine test for free cortisol and creatinine i did not eat meat and did not workout for 48 hours before and during the test. i also drank the normal amount of fluids i drink every day in order to not throw off the test by drinking too much/too little. any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Avatar m tn No difference a test is a test. If you are negative tomorrow then as long as your wife is negative and you or her is not having sex with others and had not had sex with anyone else in the past 3 months other then wife then you are negative for good. If you are positive talk with your Dr and get to a ID Dr. Telling your wife...that is something that you will have to do and only you know how to tell her, they should have a councelor to help you out and talk things over to start. Is it guaranteed..
Avatar f tn Thank-you TSH, 3RD GENERATION 0.45 range 0.40-4.50 T3, FREE 292 range230-420 T4, FREE 1.1 range0.8-1.
Avatar f tn Additionally, I have suffered from depression for some length of time. Upon the worsening of my depression, my doc ordered thyroid tests. These are the results: TSH: 0.82; Free T4: 0.69; T3 Total Serum: 89ng/dl; T3 Free Serum: 2.9 pg/ml. The internist says those are normal results. The nurse practitioner I see for depression meds says they are low. From what I've read, none of this makes sense, but am starting to wonder about pituitary involvement.
Avatar n tn After 10 years of taking SSRIs (prozac, paxil, etc), they seem to have stopped working as well they used to for depression/anxiety. I am researching my most recent symptoms online because I think it may be PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) "more severe symptoms of PMS, depression, anxiety, tension, extreme mood swings, fatigue, and bloating". I also have other issues - trying to get over post traumatic stress and other problems. I will be posting a Q of my own for these.
Avatar n tn I do not feel my depression is major, yet I do experience it to some degree. I am now taking SAM-e, an Amino Acid based "over the counter" supplement. I swear it really is helping me a lot! My question: What are the good and bad of taking SAM-e, if any bad exists. And, can this really making me feel as good as it seems lately. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn i was wondering about the depression addicts go through, and if prosac is an option that works, also is there anyone who has taken meds for this type of depression and what is there experence. i have read so much about how drugs have a negitive effect on our brains, and how there may be some damage.
Avatar m tn Nancy, Welcome to this test site. Comment, won't you?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has been on birth control pills and have suffered from anxiety or depression issues? I have been on the pill for 11yrs now and cant take how I am feeling anymore. I went on the pill for irregular periods, but since then I have been feeling blah, libido has decreased severely, I have sinus problems- I found out I have no allergies- so I think it is related to axiety, I worry constantly about everything; I get so nervous I get light headed sometimes.
Avatar n tn So I have had pretty serious anxiety and depression issues for as long as I can remember. I am 22 years old, and I have spent everyday of those 22 years obsessing over things that are completely out of my control. I have been diagnosed/misdiagnosed as having multiple disorders; GAD, agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, and finally as manic depressive, which I think is the most accurate.
Avatar m tn You should also have adrenals checked out to make sure nothing is amiss there. Most doctors won't order the 24 hr saliva test, but there are places from which you can order it online. I'd also suggest that you have testosterone and estrogen levels tested. While you may have to try several different doctors before you get all of the tests, rest assured this is not in your mind.
Avatar f tn It is available in bookstores and online from various companies -- An entirely separate work is a documentary film about Lyme, called 'Under Our Skin' and can be viewed free online, so I just learned. Search for 'under our skin' and it will pop up several links. Don't be frightened by this information -- not everyone gets very very ill, and many of us are just moderately miserable.
Avatar n tn What could be causing severe depression in someone who had an MI 4 months ago, stent placement 2 months ago (I did receive your feedback on the stent-travel stress test question to my most recent post and am very grateful). My friend appears to have a deep depression and sits in front of the TV and cries. He said he realized his mortality after the heart attack.
Avatar m tn My doctor tends to treat based on TSH and he will not test Free T3. I realize this is not ideal but it's my only option locally. Shouldn't my TSH have gen up? Or will the medication suppress that? And why such a big change in the Free T4? Do I have a pituitary or hypothalamus problem? Free T4 0.8 (normal 0.9-1.8) (was 1.0 in April) T3 87.4 (60-181) (was 114 in april) TSH 1.20 (.55-4.78) (was 1.