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Avatar m tn Frequent evening urination, vivid dreams about positive test (planning to test in am due to spotting)
Avatar m tn I did some scrrening test online for adult ADHD and they returned very likely.I will talk to my psychiatrist about this thursday.When i was younger many teachers would write on my test inatentive,i was doing everything to fast at math and always did mistakes on simple calculations.I always had trouble wrting essays,my mind would not work and cause distress,and also when had to read a book.
Avatar f tn ) Another very useful resource is the Australian based Black Dog Institute - They have a lot of info on Bipolar along with a quick online test which helps rate how you are feeling now . Yu can find their website here : and the self test is here :
Avatar n tn Hi, depression and anxiety are clinical diagnoses that a doctor will test you for. There are some simple forms online that might give you an idea but a doctor is your best bet to fully determine if you suffer these things. When it is a disorder and not just a bad day, you will have symptoms for 2 weeks straight at least, and every day. Stress is not a disorder and something most people Will have from time to time.
613872 tn?1513028824 Negative. I have no clue why do I have these symptoms...
Avatar f tn getting heartburn again today.... roll on sunday... test day.... fingers crossed.
Avatar f tn I think im depressed. But im not sure. I have most of the symptoms. I've tried to speak to family about it but they just think its apart of growing up. They dont understand!!!! I just want some help or some else to even speak to about it.
Avatar f tn Since reference ranges are lab specific, it would be very helpful if you will post the reference ranges your lab uses for those tests. From your symptoms and those test results, however, I would say that you are hypo. All of your test results are in the lower part of their ranges, or possibly below. From what we hear so often here on the Forum, patients continue to have lingering hypo symptoms until FT3 is in the upper part of its range and FT4 is at least at the midpoint of its range.
Avatar n tn woke up this morning feeling like i was really going to start my period then and went away by the morning. i also woke up with very sore bbs. later in evening i started to get pretty nauseated off and on. i took a dollar test in the am and the line was so faint that i figured it was an evap. this even i went out and got 2 store brand tests and took one went i got home and there was an extremely faint line on that..but there. it showed up after about 2 minutes.
Avatar f tn There are non-profit counseling organizations and city/county run counselors who can help you for little or no cost to you. Try to look them up online to find one near you.
Avatar m tn breakfast: muesli. online. do washing. CM gets blood test. lunch: ham sandwich. put out washing, clean bin & laptop, shower. online, watch TV. online, get dinner: bangers & mash. watch DVD. online, bed.
Avatar f tn On this day, we are about to had our first online test, but because the connection is kinda slow. We just had our discussion and continue the online test outside the campus.
1580318 tn?1550254481 So i know there's a few ladies on here that have issues with their thyroid, and was wondering what some of your symptoms are. The reason i'm asking is cause i'm wondering if it's become an issue for me. I did an online quiz for thyroid disease, and it came back that i answered 12 of the 33 questions as possible thyroid disease indicators. Which is 36%. Some of the ones i answered yes too were Irritability - this was i think the big one.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with both acid reflux, and inflamatory colitis, anxiety, and depression, as well as ADHD. Lately I have been experiencing (roughly once a month for 1-2 days) Nausea with flu like symptoms. I have trouble with my extremities (Hands and feet) being cold on a regular basis and they have been refered to as a "dead Mans hands" on more than one occasion. I always feel exhuasted, no matter how much rest I get.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of the reliability of online testing services? I have tested three times with one that sent me to a lab corp for blood draw. I have tested negative all three times and would like to move on but conspiracy thoughts are running in my head. Lab corp use sigh specific captia test. I tested 18, 20, and 21 MONTHES after a bad decision. Can these tests be trusted? Got a hard copy from lab corp for the 20 month test. Wanna know thoughts on reliability of tests.
215461 tn?1331862765 I guess it was only a matter of time before depression grabbed me with its nasty claws. The constant anxiety has finally won over. I want to live life. I look out the window longing for some normalcy. I feel lonely and vulnerable. It's as if I am the only one in my world, physically. I'm tired. It's so tiring to constantly be fighting a battle you can't win.
803710 tn?1298591804 It was negative but doesn't seem right! I only had a two day spotting period and pregnancy symptoms and I am now scared!
Avatar m tn I took a test at not quite two weeks after and will test again. I had diarhhea last night and again today and I thought it might be an indication of infection. I have rea online that it can cause a problem but not until later in infection. I sure wish I could get HIV out of my mind.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the comments people leave on posts here amaze me. Or, I should say that the lack of information/erroneous information people leave on posts here amazes me. You have a computer, you can use Google, can't you? People post on here that celiac is an allergy to wheat. IT IS NOT AN ALLERGY! It is an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. They post that there are false positives to blood tests for celiac. THERE ARE NO FALSE POSITIVE RESULTS FOR CELIAC.
Avatar n tn Last week on a stress test the computer generated notes stated "ST depression with slowly ascending ST slope in aVF (-1.0mm)" and "ST depression with horiz. or desc. ST slope in III (-2.6mm)". This depression was seen throughout the test and at resting. I completed the stress test with max HR of 189 @ 10.5 minutes and felt fine. My cardiologist said this was OK and reported only PVC's in his report.
Avatar m tn Good day , I am continuing to test due to symptoms of collar nodes and neck and groin discomfort/pain . I'm now approaching one year since encounter . In addition to the 38 week RNA and Elisa and two subsequent Oraquik and Orasure rapid blood antibody tests which all were undetectable and negative I'm still caught in this vortex of not being able to let go . Have their been any cases of a cancer patient NOT under any meds having their condition undermine test results ?
Avatar n tn I did see a therapist who said it was a situational depression and I would just need to get through it. I am reluctant to take meds b/c of all the side effects. The therapist also felt as if it could be hormonal. Is it possible that I now have anxiety issues or do you feel it could be hormonal and if so what can I do? The therapist said a short course of Celexa may help, but again the side effects scare me.
Avatar f tn I have done depression tests online and the result is always sever depression, my parents don't know I do the tests and self harm, I don't know if I should just tell them I wanna get tested and show them the results I keep on getting from online tests or to just let it go, I'm scared they are just gonna say "Jorjia, its just a online test don't be ridiculous" and then forget about it. Can someone give me some adice ??
Avatar f tn Wondered if anyone can help. I had a ultrasound scan on my thyroid in November and was told it is inflammed on the right side and has cyst on it. My doctor has been useless and will only ever do tsh blood test.. Last tsh test were 0.34 then 0.70. She says I don't need anymore test but I don't think its right.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 and I think I'm depressed. I've had a constant feelings of sadness and the typical depression symptoms for 5-6 months. But some days I'll be fine and happy. Other days I'll barely make it out of bed, be super irritable and have no Motivation to do anything ( but I'm still capable of not showing these signs and getting on with my day). I typically have more good days than bad but lately it's gotten worse.
Avatar f tn Yesterday had more rib cage symptoms than today but I would rate it the same. Didn't get online yesterday. Today stress with rabbit and finances and planning time to get to the vet with my husbands schedule. Very hard. Dull pressure at my ribs. Took a nap because I didn't feel motivated. Rained yesterday and today.