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Avatar m tn All of your symptoms are all good signs of depression/anxiety disorders. I have been struggling with this most of my life, off and on since I was 14 (now 23). Don't let if fool you, it may come and go for a while and doctors may say that you have "bi-polar disorder". I don't believe in prescription antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication, as I have tried a multitude of them in my teen years and none of them helped.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with both acid reflux, and inflamatory colitis, anxiety, and depression, as well as ADHD. Lately I have been experiencing (roughly once a month for 1-2 days) Nausea with flu like symptoms. I have trouble with my extremities (Hands and feet) being cold on a regular basis and they have been refered to as a "dead Mans hands" on more than one occasion. I always feel exhuasted, no matter how much rest I get.
Avatar n tn dr, question on symptoms immediately following no to low risk exposure, malaise or anxiety (first night within 1 week itching all over at about 13 days mild sore throat,thought nodes felt enlarged, mild nausea,diareah,fatigue, day 19 thought felt and saw rash on right side immediately felt very warm and anxious face and ears turned bright red stayed that way for several hours ,that night began taking lexapro, day 21saw med professional felt no swollen nodes,took lexapro for 4 days, woke up day 2
Avatar n tn cant self diagnose hiv through symptoms, proven time and time again, symptoms are unreliable. testing tells the story, if 6 wks then 3 mos test, then by conservative testing your neg. with a risk. if no risk, then no need for testing. good luck.
Avatar m tn And the same thing happens when i have to tell someone that i suffer from depression and anxiety and explain my symptoms(for example to a shrink,or a friend),i become so depressed,and feel so guilty and anxious and inner tennsion.i feel so messed up,i start judging myself in my head.After a while,1h,2h maybe one day i get better. Is this thing common?is this a consequence of depression?Have you heard about this kind of stuff?
Avatar n tn I ended up going home and didn't stop crying for a little over 4 hours. It was a nightmare. So, I went online and read the symptoms of PPD and I had several. Trouble concentrating, uncontrollable crying, tearfulness, anxiety, increase/loss of appetite, inability to focus, racing thoughts etc. so I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and he confirmed it. I started taking the pills a little while ago and have been totally happy since. I mean, nothing gets to me. I'm so mellow. It's awesome.
Avatar m tn i was trying too see if this is more depression symptoms or a thyroid problem.i started feeling kinda "off" around when i was about 14 years old.from what i read both depression/thyroid problems are really symptoms are brain fog,major depression/anxiety,memory problems,feeling tired/weak,constipation,memory problems and the cold seems too effect me. iam 27 now and still feel the same problems as i did before.
Avatar m tn Also, yes I have had each and every blood test as presented and have the dates of each one . So my hook-up's status and my symptoms are not hiv indicative , and that the tests overrule, ok , got it .
Avatar n tn Within 2 years, I developed a menstrual cycle with 33 days in between and mostly every other month. I was very blue and hopeless, cried much, experienced withdrawal symptoms, had a high stress/high profile job that I both loved and hated due to a controlling personality conflict with a superior. I had suicidal thoughts but no action. At my primary physician, depression was queried. Then a gynecologist, PMS was queried as well as depression.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reassurance. I've been spiraling down into a depression because I can't get over these symptoms. I am a big eater and I haven't wanted much food at all in the past two weeks. That alone worries me to death. Accompanied with the headaches, very sore throat and diarrhea I have all but convinced myself that I've ruined my family's lives. What is your situation? What symptoms have you had?
429326 tn?1282331954 I took my father with me, after she explained the mri, and reassured me the 2 syrinx in my spine was not causing symptoms, my father chimes in about STRESS, oh yes she says stress can cause these symptoms and depression can too, and how I should talk to my pcp about antidepressants.....I could have choked him for saying that...
5509652 tn?1391232415 Since depression is only a part of a spectrum of illnesses -- it could be bipolar , pure depression , rarely borderline or rarely sideeffect of antidepressant .. Since depression is getting better good . But if its bipolar depression a mood stabiliser has to be added . Speak to your doctor about these concerns . If these violent impulses come only after starting the antidepressant it may be a cause then that too has to be discussed urgently with dr .
Avatar n tn This relationship was filled with verbal abuse and constant mood swings from my very unstable EX-girlfriend (no wonder I self-medicaed with pot).. Currently my symptoms include anxiety/depression, irritability, irrational thoughts, and the occasional headache. The ups and downs have really begun to wear on me and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever return to my normal self before the pot and the emotional roller coaster of a relationship.
Avatar m tn Hello, thank you for reading my post/question, lately i been trying to find out the reason about my depression it usually comes out of no where, i have a good family but i dont know why i am depressed, compare to my friends they have a controlling family and they can smile but i cant do that, recently i figured out something about myself, the more time i spend with people the more depressed i get because i cant be funny like people i am not tall and handsome like them,(i want to isolate myself f
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about a year ago. Finally about 3 weeks ago, I really felt better. My doctor and therapist were very pleased, but now I feel so much worse and I don't understand it. I don't think I'm suicidal, but I sure wish I was. Does anyone else feel like that? I'm nervous, sad, want to die but can't do it myself. I even think I just haven't found the right method yet.
Avatar m tn As birdie0907 stated that my symptoms are consistent with the depression itself and yes, I know that Everyone (husband, manager, co-worker) is keeping watch, including me. If I can't beat this is another month or two, I will return to the ADs. But, I have to give it time. I tell ya - I'm never going back on lexapro though - I will try some prozac first - no withdraws that I can remember.
Avatar f tn ) Another very useful resource is the Australian based Black Dog Institute - They have a lot of info on Bipolar along with a quick online test which helps rate how you are feeling now . Yu can find their website here : and the self test is here :
Avatar n tn Amy- I'm sorry for your loss. I have read that the hormonal changes that you go through after a miscarriage are essentially the same that women face after giving birth. That is, what you are probably experiencing is some form of a "post-partum" depression. I would definately talk to your obgyn and let them know. If they cannot recommend someone to talk to, perhaps your primary physician can.
Avatar m tn I need support and validation on the symptoms I suffer through because of my depression. I stay in my home day on end isolated from my family and my friends. I even strugle tremendously with taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Somedays I don't even eant to get up and tkae my medications. I sincerely thank anyone who takes some time to re-ply to me message!! Sincerely and God Bless all of you with this struggle.
Avatar f tn I looked up my symptoms online and was diagnosed with depression. I cant tell anyone as some of my family have killed themselves and my mum has depression so i dont think they would take me seriously. im scared. what should i do????
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
Avatar n tn (i don't want to be on oxy if i don't have to) i've never expierenced this level of post physical depression. is there something about oxy that gives it more of an emotional "buzz saw" than other opiate withdrawal? it seems to me there is, as i've expierenced withdrawl from other opiates and all though they were physically more unpleasent, there was not this compent of emotional. i'm already taking 400 mg of welbutronn a day, and that seems to help some.
Avatar m tn Since the next day of the encounter i have had some dizzy spells shortness of breath and some indigestion gerd type symptoms. Everything else seems fine to me. Is my symptoms all related to anxiety?
Avatar m tn That doesn't sound, from your circumstances or some of the symptoms, to be depression. Perhaps you need to see your regular doctor.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist gave us fludrocortisone for dizziness, had us do a blood test a month later to check his potassium and that's it. My sons symptoms are: dizziness(better with the fludrocortisone), abdominal pain(every day) nausea (every day), brain fog, heavy head, weakness in legs, frequently hot(can't control his body temp. His blood pressure varies. One day it can be 110/75, last time at neurologist it was 90/50 and today it was 110/52.
Avatar f tn Depression just is, for those of us who suffer from it. It really has no rhyme or reason to it, as you can take many people and expose them to the same situation and only depressed people will react to it with depression. It is an illness, something wrong in our thinking with no known biological cause at this point in time.
Avatar m tn The other tests that my doctor ran at quest diagnostics were posted online today. I assume that the Lyme test was Western blot (?) but anyway all of the bands were non-reactive. The antibodies test for mycoplasma for IGG was high (2.93) but the IGM was within the reference range, Candida was high and Epstein Barr was high. Cytolomegavirus and Paravirus were within the normal ranges.
Avatar n tn The fact that blood was present worries me because i remember putting my fingers in her mouth before she performed oral sex but I dont think there was blood on them at the time or I would have noticed but if there was blood does that make the risk go up? I am showing many symptoms of ARS- not sure if anxiety related. Week 2 I developed a minor sore throat for about a week and a little headache on and off.