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1282211 tn?1271419423 This day is our first time to take an online test in the laboratory.. I find this test very interesting and accomodating because you don't need a paper to take the exam and the results are out in an instant.. supposedly the last group will be having a webinar today, but since their speaker was not available, the webinar was cancelled..
1147348 tn?1263553233 Today feeling extreamly alfull went out and bought some more pills to take at a later date as i feel that i dont want to be here anymore bye for now
Avatar m tn So I realized while writing a comment, and I wrote this in the comment itself, that if bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are truly the same disorder but manifesting in different ways, then perhaps a scale could be made with emotions being messed up on one end and thoughts on the other and then qualified people could determine where a person rests at on that scale. Of course, schizoaffective disorder would be somewhere near the middle.
1304992 tn?1274927300 Since the signal was feeble, we did not take the online test. Instead, we are tasked to take it at home. To compensate with the time loss, our Clinical Instructor discussed the Practice Application and EMR. We learned to control and manipulate EMR through the aid of our C.I. In such situation, technical problems are inevitable. But still, plan A is not always an option. There is still plan B.
Avatar f tn I have done depression tests online and the result is always sever depression, my parents don't know I do the tests and self harm, I don't know if I should just tell them I wanna get tested and show them the results I keep on getting from online tests or to just let it go, I'm scared they are just gonna say "Jorjia, its just a online test don't be ridiculous" and then forget about it. Can someone give me some adice ??
1213449 tn?1334686569 i even went as far as to find apartments online. when he got home i told him we needed a break from each other. both of us broke down yet again and promised to try to make it work. we'll see how that turns out. he is my world but head is just not right, right now. uuuggghhh. i want to be normal again, i want to stop having these thoughts.
Avatar f tn I would definitely take a test tomorrow if you do not start before than. Sounds like you could definitely be having symptoms of early pregnancy.
1677620 tn?1384141101 They turned tiny pink lines as soon as the dye passed through. this was not an evap. Take a look!
Avatar m tn The test was done by them. I know that I seem excessive but I read an article online (university of Virginia) about hep c delaying the window period for hiv. It also said that testing could take up to a year. This really made me panic. I know everyone says no risk but I got hep c by this.
Avatar f tn This sounds like depression, take an online depression test (search depression test in google) and see what it says, if it suggests your depressed then tell your parents and go doctors.
Avatar f tn You should take the TEST!!! You are waay late! Good luck!
6530778 tn?1456883801 I know this affects a lot of people and it does take the lives of many. If only I knew what you were going through I could've gave you advice and talked to you. You seemed like such a happy person but I guess you weren't. I'm sorry you had to go through that alone! I know you're In a better place now :( RIP Tommy Gun ❤️ Depression is serious! I know what it feels like. This *****...
1103110 tn?1341254499 Well I am at my lower than dirt feeling... Feeling so lonely...I know I have God and some online friends to chat to, but man what I wouldn't give just to have someone wrap their arms around me and say everything is okay and I am here for you.
Avatar n tn Posted by David on July 18, 1999 at 16:11:11PWhilst on vacation in the USA I became sick and had to go to the local hospital where it was found that my heart was pausing for any thing up to 7-9 seconds. It was decided that, following a stress test, I should be fitted with a pace-maker. After about 9 days I returned home to the UK where,as far as I know, the pacer is working as it should. BUT I now suffer from bouts of deep depression.
Avatar f tn If you are interested there are many online quizzes for depression and bipolar online too.
Avatar f tn Seriously my pet peeve about this site is people asking if they could possibly be pregnant after having unprotected sex. Seriously! How the hell could a bunch of strangers answer this with any accuracy? Here's a quick answer: if you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. We can't tell. I'm sorry but we can't. Take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor and have a blood test. You can get tests that are completely accurate from 5 days before your period is due.
Avatar n tn Started celexa today after taking an online OCD/depression test. I haven't told anyone that I got the prescription; I want to see if anyone notices a diff in my mood.
1609417 tn?1389642778 i feel weird as if this hcg shot has taken over me..its been six days and its 5000 mls only, how come i still feel it? maybe i shud test n c if its gone..or maybe i shud weight 2 more days 2 check then do the hpt 4 - 5 days later..think the best thing is to forget about it... till saturday augghh y dont we all have patience angels protecting us and sprinkling all the patience dust on us in these hard time?
Avatar f tn I've been taking 40mg propanolol 3 times a day for 2 years for anxiety and have just been prescribed 20mg of fluoxetine to be taken daily to tackle depression but the doctor never said anything about stopping taking the propanolol, although everything I've found online says it's a dangerous combination. Is it safe to take them both together or should I be replacing the propranolol with the fluoxetine?
Avatar m tn I would say a less then a Year for you for sure. A DR told me many times that it would take a Year or Two..But that is me and I have been using a long time..I do wish you the Best and just give it all Time to balance back.
Avatar f tn am taking a progesterone test today
Avatar m tn breakfast: muesli. online. do washing. CM gets blood test. lunch: ham sandwich. put out washing, clean bin & laptop, shower. online, watch TV. online, get dinner: bangers & mash. watch DVD. online, bed.
1477529 tn?1291836554 its an antidepressant.not a pain medication.i have tried many pain medications but i dont wanna take them anymore.im too young to be doing that.so he gave me ELAVIL 10mg and i have been taking it since Thursday October 7, 2010. just 9 days! and i dont see any difference. so i wanna go cold turkey since i havent taken it for a long time and its only 10mg.but tody is the first day of my withdrawal and im having a headache with neck pain and i dont wanna take a pain pill.not right now.
1124038 tn?1259693194 2 hour blood test for celiac disease. head about to explode. nausea. no focus. eyes hurt like hell. pounding chest.
Avatar m tn there is med u can get just have tofind whats right for u dont give up on tryin there is many out there can take a long time to find right now
Avatar f tn On this day, we are about to had our first online test, but because the connection is kinda slow. We just had our discussion and continue the online test outside the campus.
Avatar f tn i have depressed as H*** lately,i have my good and also my bad days of course.i get the computer,mainly to check out if i some notes,or anything from anybody but here lately i haven't got nothing.this is the only place i had friends that understood,now i am beginning to wonder if i have any friends on here or not !!!!! I FEEL SOOOOO ALONE !!!!THAT IT HURTS !!!
1305017 tn?1274786453 We had a discussion about Chapter 37 which was about Nursing Informatics in Canada. After which we had our online test after dismissal. It was a 30 minute test about chapter 25-26 & 30.
1295911 tn?1272774501 i wish i could have had something to take care of instead of needing everyone to take care of me. and, of course, as soon as i found out - i quit. cold turkey. i wasn't as bad at that point but it didn't matter - i had a reason. what's my reason now? i hate myself; what i've become. i don't want to be addicted but i don't want to feel this way. i want to crawl out of my own skin. i want to be someone, somewhere, anyone, anywhere else.