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215461 tn?1331862765 I guess it was only a matter of time before depression grabbed me with its nasty claws. The constant anxiety has finally won over. I want to live life. I look out the window longing for some normalcy. I feel lonely and vulnerable. It's as if I am the only one in my world, physically. I'm tired. It's so tiring to constantly be fighting a battle you can't win.
Avatar n tn I am a mess and I am so gun shy when it comes to doctors (because of all of the side effects of the medication they put me through). I don't even want to talk to my doctor anymore. I live in a rural community in Alaska and there is not much when it comes to healthcare here. Please someone give me some sound advice as I am losing it mentally and physically. I feel like I am falling apart and I have been in pain and had so many illnesses that I don't think I can handle it anymore...Help!
Avatar f tn I think im depressed. But im not sure. I have most of the symptoms. I've tried to speak to family about it but they just think its apart of growing up. They dont understand!!!! I just want some help or some else to even speak to about it.
451975 tn?1372328599 Most recent diagnosis is Somatoform Syndrome though I believe that to be just another feeble attempt to label new and more dvastating symptoms. Does anyone have any suggestions? MS has been ruled out, symptoms are similar to Parkinson's, ALS, life is very, very difficult and I am confined to bed most often, can't care for myself, many days cannot swallow water or food. Hospital says there is nothing more to be done.
Avatar f tn ) Another very useful resource is the Australian based Black Dog Institute - They have a lot of info on Bipolar along with a quick online test which helps rate how you are feeling now . Yu can find their website here : and the self test is here :
1580318 tn?1550254481 So i know there's a few ladies on here that have issues with their thyroid, and was wondering what some of your symptoms are. The reason i'm asking is cause i'm wondering if it's become an issue for me. I did an online quiz for thyroid disease, and it came back that i answered 12 of the 33 questions as possible thyroid disease indicators. Which is 36%. Some of the ones i answered yes too were Irritability - this was i think the big one.
Avatar m tn Frequent evening urination, vivid dreams about positive test (planning to test in am due to spotting)
Avatar m tn I did some scrrening test online for adult ADHD and they returned very likely.I will talk to my psychiatrist about this thursday.When i was younger many teachers would write on my test inatentive,i was doing everything to fast at math and always did mistakes on simple calculations.I always had trouble wrting essays,my mind would not work and cause distress,and also when had to read a book.
Avatar n tn Does any one know of a test that can tell if a personal has stress, anxiety, depression? Is it possible to have all three?
487571 tn?1268994581 Having no symptoms whatsoever! No sore (.)(.)s, no bloating, no fatigue, none of the usual stuff I feel at this point. Only thing is a couple of days of very little cramping, more like pinches and heavy CMs. Could this be a good thing????
689528 tn?1364135841 I'm feeling a lot of anxiety today and am not liking it. I haven't felt like this for a long time. I feel all the pressure of things I need to do building on me and I can't stand it. I wish it would just go away. :( Tomorrow I have an ultrasound...I'm going to ask if this baby girl is indeed a baby girl. She's moving lots which is good. My hips are out of line so I've been having major hip and back pain. Also my pelvis hurts...especially certain ways she's laying.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing a choking feeling at the base of my neck. My entire neck appears a little swollen. At night and when lying down the feeling goes away. I can also get relief if I pull my skin away from my neck. It feels like somethink is caught in my throat and I just need to cough to get it out. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now. I have been to the Dr and he took exray and nothing. I was experiencing shortness of breath which as of today is better. Any Ideas??
1432912 tn?1309269918 took another test this morning came out negitive. not feeling any symptoms but i am feeling a hard spot on my stomach.
Avatar n tn Agree to test cholesteral based on history of stroke symptoms
922048 tn?1387942584 -) Praying that I get to join the ranks of my preggers friends on M/H!
1056865 tn?1325808785 So this is day 5 after my bfp!! Honestly I'm feeling pretty normal. going by my lmp I should be about 4 weeks or so. Online calculators say b/t 4 & 5 weeks. I think tomorrow makes me 5 weeks. Anyhoo my Dr. Appointment is Tuesday Dec. 1st at 10 a.m. I'm feeling Normal... No vomitting no nausea no bleeding no heavy discharge barely no cramps. Yet I've taken a total of 4 preg test over the last 5 days.
613872 tn?1513028824 Negative. I have no clue why do I have these symptoms...
1065853 tn?1256478740 Thought I was pregnant, did test,faint pink line, next test was negative. Carried out another test \and that was negative also. Couple of days without any symptoms, started period, symptom discomfort not as acute as days previous to this.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the comments people leave on posts here amaze me. Or, I should say that the lack of information/erroneous information people leave on posts here amazes me. You have a computer, you can use Google, can't you? People post on here that celiac is an allergy to wheat. IT IS NOT AN ALLERGY! It is an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. They post that there are false positives to blood tests for celiac. THERE ARE NO FALSE POSITIVE RESULTS FOR CELIAC.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 and I think I'm depressed. I've had a constant feelings of sadness and the typical depression symptoms for 5-6 months. But some days I'll be fine and happy. Other days I'll barely make it out of bed, be super irritable and have no Motivation to do anything ( but I'm still capable of not showing these signs and getting on with my day). I typically have more good days than bad but lately it's gotten worse.
Avatar f tn Additionally, I have suffered from depression for some length of time. Upon the worsening of my depression, my doc ordered thyroid tests. These are the results: TSH: 0.82; Free T4: 0.69; T3 Total Serum: 89ng/dl; T3 Free Serum: 2.9 pg/ml. The internist says those are normal results. The nurse practitioner I see for depression meds says they are low. From what I've read, none of this makes sense, but am starting to wonder about pituitary involvement.
Avatar n tn Sometimes depression rather than causing sad feelings leads to physical symptoms and this should always be a consideration if you have unexplained symptoms; treatment of the underlying depression could improve how you feel both physically and mentally.
Avatar n tn late period , odd sensations in the stomach , cramps on different areas of my stomach , and light period after my period , fatigue , bloating.
Avatar f tn getting heartburn again today.... roll on sunday... test day.... fingers crossed.
Avatar m tn These tests are usually accurate, and if there are errors, it has more to do with how the specimen was collected than the actual test. If you gave them the first part of your urine stream, and you had waited at least an hour since your last urination, and you weren't on antibiotics within the last 2 weeks, then you should be fine. Your risk was really really low anyway.
Avatar f tn I have problem of low self esteem, some times feels neutral, not like to do anything. Are this symptoms of clinical depression? Please suggest.