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Avatar f tn Im in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area. Has anyone else near me had success buying meds from an online site and where the meds authentic? And is this true that there is no generic adderall avail in Ontario?
412873 tn?1329174455 Montel Williams, Magic Johnson, Scott Hamilton and Fran Dreschler all spoke about the day they received their diagnosis-MS, cancer, HIV.....and how they fought. Very inspiring and uplifting. Glad my nap ended early today or I would have missed it. =) Here's a link...right now it's just the preview because the show is still on, but I think you will be able to at least read the interviews later. http://www.oprah.
Avatar f tn It may appear to you that the crying occurs for no reason, but as you point out there are reasons. It's just that the precipitants to the crying reactions are not so serious, from your pointof view, that you expect crying would be a result. PVL itself would not likely contribute to this condition, though if there are neurological finding in the area of the brain called the amygdala, there might be some association.
Avatar n tn Dr Hamilton Informed him of Fish Oil Caps reaction (rash) Agree to begin Zocor Follow up with Liver Function test in January
Avatar n tn anecdotal, meaning that the conclusions were drawn from observation and not scientific methodology) but it studied a small number of people who were on pharmaceutical grade omega-3 oil and tested them against the Hamilton Scale for Depression and it demonstrated some therapeutic value.
Avatar f tn My step daughters name is summer layla maree Hamilton ....
Avatar f tn I just bought a big purse from Michael Kors lol I'm using the hamilton large tote as a diaper bag :p
Avatar f tn I'm naming my daughter Carter ------Hamilton and I need a very feminine middle name something unique and beautiful
Avatar f tn Hello , I saw an escort that I found online in Hamilton ontario Canada , she was younger 20-25 when I met her he seemed very normal clean and somewhat low key as she hasn't advertised much at all and only accepts emails doesn't give out her phone # or anything so she seems somewhat selective , she gave me unprotected oral and I ejaculated in her mouth with her swallowing I'm now worried I may have something what are the chances of getting any and all stds from an oral encounter with
Avatar f tn Has anyone heard of or dealt with a Dr. Gunnarsson out of McMaster University in Hamilton????
7642836 tn?1410611040 Hi, so we just found out that we're having a girl but we are kinda disagreeing on a middle name. My choice is Bria Marie Hamilton & his is Bria Emari (E-MAR-E) Hamilton... any votes! Lol also marie is my name too !
Avatar m tn breakfast: muesli. online. do washing. CM gets blood test. lunch: ham sandwich. put out washing, clean bin & laptop, shower. online, watch TV. online, get dinner: bangers & mash. watch DVD. online, bed.
Avatar f tn On this day, we are about to had our first online test, but because the connection is kinda slow. We just had our discussion and continue the online test outside the campus.
Avatar n tn We have been to Markham, Toronto, Hamilton and Brantford so London is pretty much the last place to look. We are even considering heading to the States to see if anyone there can figure this out. Please....anything you can tell me would help..thanks for listening.
Avatar n tn Hamilton 2 nights Auckland Book Club 1 night
Avatar f tn I have done depression tests online and the result is always sever depression, my parents don't know I do the tests and self harm, I don't know if I should just tell them I wanna get tested and show them the results I keep on getting from online tests or to just let it go, I'm scared they are just gonna say "Jorjia, its just a online test don't be ridiculous" and then forget about it. Can someone give me some adice ??
2176548 tn?1340677817 Anyone here from Brantford or Hamilton Ontario? If so, any of you ever gone to see Dr.Sibley for your Endo? Please let me know!!!! It is kind of urgent!!
5426152 tn?1382129604 Apparently orangeville and grand valley got that creepy yellow sky, and hamilton just got put under tornado watch, so hopefully kaylamomof3 is doing alright cuz I know she's over there!