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Avatar f tn Most of the time you have to ask because if baby is in a weight range where they feel is normal they went being it up. Only if it's an issue. I asked every ultrasound because with my first I never asked, and they never told me that my son was underweight and actually stopped growing.
Avatar n tn And non water drinks should be watered down. You've gained 24lbs and the usual recommended weight gain range is 25-30lbs Gaining more weight and at a faster rate can cause complications for both you and baby. You risk getting diabetes, and having more complications during delivery.
Avatar n tn Ive heard that is normal to gain from 15-40 lbs but i know people that have gained 80,100 lbs and im just like thats crazy gaining weight, for both my pregnancies ive lost weight.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I'm just wondering what is the normal weight to gain in pregnancy? On my last appointment I was 32 weeks and gained 19 pounds and doctor said I should slow it down.. How many have you guys gained and what has the doctor told you?
171768 tn?1324233699 I don't know if it's due to her reflux, colic, or tongue-tie or if it's normal for a newborn to be such a pain when it comes to feeding. I figured it was just them, but I do see frequent posts about frustrated parents trying to get their babies to eat. by the way, this one likes to be swaddled to eat and rarely will eat without it. We also have to feed her in the swing with the white noise on. We're working on weaning her from this, but it's a slow process.
1019167 tn?1315591948 I feel like I am gaining too much weight, but I think my weight gain at the normal range? I weighed 125 and have gained 16 pounds so far... I am 26 weeks.
Avatar f tn My mom and grandma both gained almost 90 pounds and all their babies and they were healthy. I think that's a normal range but to think you have to target weight gain or not I think it's just a standard they go by.
2087711 tn?1354911775 From what I've read that sounds right for 21 weeks. The baby is suppose to be a lb around 24 weeks. They start to grow fast now.
178590 tn?1294180367 I'm kinda worried because a book that my OB gave me told me that with twins you should gain most of your weight early since twins are usually born in the 32-34 week range. But I've lost weight....I lost 4 lbs. and then gained only 1 lb. Is this ok?
Avatar n tn For example, if the baby weighed 4 pounds at 30 weeks and 6 pounds at 33 weeks, that's not too far out of the norm for a weight GAIN (though still a very big baby, certainly). But if the baby weighed 3 pounds at 30 weeks, and 7 pounds at 33 weeks...something really isn't right about that. What does your doctor say?
Avatar f tn I found out how much my baby is weighing today at 21 weeks and I was wondering if you mommies that are at 21w have found out babies weight and if so how much are your babies are weighing?
12788993 tn?1427515659 Baby is measuring exactly 50%, but we did find out my amnio is a little high. Not out of normal range, but high enough she wants to keep an eye on it. It depends on the doctor, but most won't do extra ultrasounds unless there's a reason for concern, because recent research suggests that too many can lead to risks for the baby.
Avatar n tn Just as an FYI, my daughter had gestational diabetes while pregnant, but strictly followed the diet given to her by the doctor and blood sugars at birth were in the normal range. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions as to what we can do.
Avatar n tn With DD i gained 36lbs, Dr told me that was normal for me since i was under weight when i got pregnant. He actually told me if that he thought i would gain anywhere from 35-50lbs, I was 110lbs whe i got pregnant with her. With this baby, at my 28 week check up i've put on 19lbs so far. Again i was under weight when i got pregnant with this one, i was only 108lbs so he thinks i will gain the same amount that i did with DD.
Avatar f tn I was never told how much either of my babies weighed throughout my pregnancies. Are they telling by ultrasound or just guessing? My doctor did say he thought my lil man will be in the 7 pound range IF i make it to my due date but doesnt tell me a weight.
1356315 tn?1344899415 How the baby can fit inside mothers womb?
10798067 tn?1431554033 At 34+3 my little chunk was at 6lbs 7ozs. I'm 35+4 now so I've probably a 7 pounder by I'm seeing my consultant next Thursday to get my date for the c section. Here in UK they don't give you a date before 36 weeks for some reason.
Avatar f tn Always have healthy babies and lose the weight quickly too so I've stopped looking at recommended weight charts. With my 2nd pregnancy I ate less carbs, and put on less than my first, but I still would have fallen into the 'excessive' weight gain range.
Avatar n tn Having a bigger baby means a harder delivery because more to push through your vagina and can somethimes mean a c-section if baby is too big to pass. For you, gaining too much weight means it is harder for you to lose that weight after delivery. Not impossible but harder. Does this help at all?
Avatar f tn On this app alone it says for week 34 that weight gain from 20-28 pounds is normal range .
Avatar f tn Lol big baby. The last weight I was estimated for my little man was 3lbs at 30+2 I believe it was. I have an apt friday so I'll see what they say his weight is again during that apt.
172023 tn?1334675884 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THURSDAY, May 28 (HealthDay News) -- Obese moms-to-be should limit their weight gain during pregnancy to between 11 and 20 pounds to safeguard their health and that of their baby, according to newly updated expert guidelines.
Avatar f tn I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow & have gained 30 pounds. My thyroid was really underactive for the first half of my pregnancy which made me gain weight. My thyroid has been in normal range for a month & a half & in the last month I've only gained 1 pound. I'm hoping I can keep the weight gain under control these last few months.
Avatar f tn If you use a BMI scale specifically for your gender than small frame should be at the lower end of this 12kg range and the large framed people should aim for the top of this weight range) Personally I aim for 2.500 calories per day as I struggle to hold onto weight I'm far too thin.but nutritionally I am still fine eating less I just don't like the way I look.
Avatar f tn Just need a little advice. I know the normal weight gain is 25-30 pounds for a woman who is at their ideal weight before pregnancy.
94902 tn?1330483267 Buuuuuut, I still can't help being curious. I know this may be a touchy subject for some, but I can;t help but wonder.... About how much weight have us July mommies to be put on for our little ones? All of my friends seem to be finding out they are pregnant lately and are asking me what to expect - and I tell them all of the above - that "normal" is relative, but I still can't help but to wonder.
589816 tn?1332980371 What is the normal range for 29-32 weeks? There are a lot of various numbers here and I am worried that my peanut is on the small side... when I tell people I am 7 1/2 months they all take a double take and say "wow... you are small" -belly not my boobs or butt - because they are huge (oh wait... maybe that is where the lbs are going.. luckily I can only see the front side :) I know that means nothing - but I was a lot bigger with the other two...
142722 tn?1281537216 org lists the following warning signs for THREE MONTH OLD (more or less) babies (i.e. time to bring it up with doctor if you see anything on the list). I went to our four mont appt and told doc our baby couldn't roll over. We put her on the table and lo and behold she rolled right over (front to back).
Avatar f tn The question is I do not experience any swollen or water retention on my body which is good and I have no problem bending down as I walk a lot and I don't have any back ache that often its just that I feel that my baby is small cuz the last time I went for my appointment,the doctor told me my baby weight was 2.1kg and its below normal range right? But she said its fine. I'm just worried why I don't have any symptoms like normal pregnant women.