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Avatar n tn 50) I realize the lab says it is normal but I have read online that that is not an optimal range. My dr requested the free t4 but our medical plan only pays for the test if she marks it as a special case...which she did not. My Dr is a big believer in not looking past the TSH if it comes back normal. Is it normal to jump that much in 9 months? Apparently it can jump around on the same day but would it jump to 4 if all was normal?
Avatar f tn The normal range for the lab I used is as follows for the TSH. Not sure why it says ranges are for a pregnant female, I am NOT pregnant!!! Not sure if this alters the results or not. TSH/Thy.Stim.Horm 0.40-4.50 mIU/L 1.03 (my result) REFERENCE RANGES BELOW ARE APPLICABLE TO PREGNANT FEMALES FIRST TRIMESTER - 0.26 - 2.66 mIU/L SECOND TRIMESTER - 0.55 - 2.73 mIU/L THIRD TRIMESTER - 0.43 - 2.91 mIU/L These are the ranges for the FT4 Free T4 @ 0.8-1.8 NG/DL 1.
Avatar f tn Normal blood sugar for a child is typically in the range of 70-100, with fasting numbers in the 70s - 80s (lower than for adults). After eating it may increase, but should should not go higher than about 120. Please have this looked at by a dr if you are concerned. A 3 year old shouldn't be tired!
Avatar f tn The TSH is within normal limits, but would be considered on the high end of the range. The FT4 might be normal also, but without knowing the reference range your lab uses, it's impossible to tell. It would be great if you could post that range. Also, have there been any other thyroid tests run besides TSH and FT4? Such as Free T3, antibody tests to check for an autoimmune disease? You could also get an ultrasound done on his thyroid to check for swelling/nodules.
Avatar n tn No it is not low. Normal blood sugar in children is lower than in adults. In normal children blood sugar will stay close to fasting levels all the time. Ie. his blood sugar is probably in the range of 70 to 90, regardless of what he eats. Actually in non-diabetic adults blood sugar will also stay close to fasting levels all the time.
Avatar f tn At her last growth check her doctor noticed that her weight is below the normal value and adviced us to do blood check for thyroid. Well her Tsh is elevated ie. 5.18 but FT4 is within normal range. I am worried about it.
Avatar f tn amtlmn, Marquis de Sade was a French revolutionary and aristrocrat from the 1700-1800's. Not a nice guy. The word "sadism" comes from his name. Enough said.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. My natural weight after 2 children is 118. To go to 132 in months is frusterating. It's hard to tall people my story because they think that is a great weight. Not to me though. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn While we always say that the rule of thumb for FT4 is midrange (50%) and the rule for FT3 is upper half of range, that is a general rule, and many people feel best outside those parameters. We are all very individual. Some of us have to be very high in the ranges, some of us feel comfortable lower in the ranges. So, the true test is often the symptoms we have. However, as you know, the list of thyroid symptoms is long and applies to many other condiions as well.
Avatar f tn My mother's TSH levels are totally normal! My TSH is normal as well. I am due for a physical and I am also going to request the same tests you indicated for myself. Thanks again everyone. Sad to have to push soooo hard to get doctors to listen!
680767 tn?1254834175 2 range (0.7-1.8) TSH 0.33 range (0.32-5.50) T4 Free 2.4 range (0.7-1.5) Prolactin 5.8 Range (2.8-29.2) Corisol 24.9 8:50 AM Blood work Range 4.3-22.4 Progesterone 1.34 Endo says that's low for a nursing mother. I have a 9 month old that I'm nursing. My PC had me start lexapro for the depress/anxiety and Clonazepam 1 mg at bed for the night time anxiety. It helps me somewhat but I still have alot of day time anxiety. My endo had me lower synthriod back to 112 as of Friday the 14th.
Avatar n tn After my hyper stage after the girls were born, I went hypo, and lived with those symptoms for 4 years until, I was finally diagnosed last Ocotber with Hashimoto's Even at that stage, my TSH, showed nearly a normal reading. I hope my worrying is for nothing, and that my daughter is just little. Will post a comment on Monday after the appt, to let you know what he said.
230948 tn?1235847929 Thank you for your height and weight. You are within the normal weight for your height. I suggest an intake of 1500 calories to maintain your weight. If you start to gain weight, then bring the calorie level to 1200 calories; however, do not go with any less calories. Less then 1200 calories will bring you into a high risk of becoming malnourished. When anyone is dieting and exercising, measuring your waist is a better indicator of weight loss then the weight scale.
172023 tn?1334675884 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THURSDAY, May 28 (HealthDay News) -- Obese moms-to-be should limit their weight gain during pregnancy to between 11 and 20 pounds to safeguard their health and that of their baby, according to newly updated expert guidelines.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling overly irritable, weight gain of about 10-15 pounds that I cannot seem to lose, headaches, joint aches and pain (sepecially neck and elbows), lack of concentration, sleeplessness (sleep areound maybe 5 hours a night, escalted cholesterol levels, and I have been losing my voice every couple of months and that last for about 2-4 days typically, menstrual cycle that is very inconsistent.
2047155 tn?1527167564 Thanks girl! & thanks for the concern too! You are too sweet!
361026 tn?1197563128 I am curious to find out if anyone else out there who has Hyperthyroidism if they have had any problems with weight gain instead of weightloss? For a solid year and a half before the doctors finally diagnosed me they couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight. It would be a couple pounds here and there but it has added up over time to almost a total of 100 pounds of weight gain.
Avatar m tn Firstly Im a fit 22 year old male athlete, no steroids, no drugs, occasional alcohol. Had symptoms for over 5 years now. Here is my out of range blookwork: Folate >20 Albumin 5.3 H Hemaglobin, whole blood 17.3 HDL Cholesterol 28 (s/b 40-125) Direct LDL 105 (s/b 60-99) Creatinine CK 297 (s/b 30-200) another CPK 297 at a different lab My cortisols are always different everytime I have had a several diagnostics that are negative.
1694651 tn?1309208405 perhaps this is the reason for your weight gain and hair loss and this is basically the 2 main side effects of depakine (sodium valproate). As to one in your family having it, no one yet knows why one has it, it may not hereditary, neither of trauma, etc... a mother with migrane can induce it into her children, etc... i am just warning you of depakine: it causes cyst in the ovaries, and i suspect you want to have children in the future. There are a lot of other medications keep well.
Avatar n tn Her pediatrician claims these numbers are a little high, and thinks she should do a 24 hour holter monitor, and I am wondering what the normal ranges for a five hear old are? Her 6 year old sister has a sleeping rate of anywhere between 90-104. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn 903 normal range) FT4 - .85 (.58 - 1.65 normal range) T4 - 7.50 (6.09 - 12.23 normal range) My symptoms over the past year have been : can't sleep I have been on 3 different RX sleep aids, now on Halcion. I stay tired all the time, for the past 2 weeks my temp has been in the upper 99's when my temp is usually 97 or right at 98. I have arm cramps which is why I was tested for potassium and found it was low. I have borderline glaucoma so my visual field tests are always abnormal.
1030544 tn?1252300046 old and have 3 children by the age 25 I had my tubes tied and gained so much weight after that. I have been having all the symptoms of pre-menopause for about 6 years now.
Avatar n tn TSH of 7 is out of normal range and could/should be treated w/ a low dose of synthroid. I'm shocked both MDs wouldn't run antibody test!!! Do you have another MD that could run that lab, if not you might look into going to a lab yourself and getting the lab to test tsh (only) just for you, but insurance probably won't pay w/out script from MD.
2046312 tn?1360383200 If you were my patient, I would advise you that normal cycles are between 21 and 31 days long. Anything outside that range is NOT normal. I think you are exactly correct about what is happening, for some reason you are not ovulating regularly. It doesn't mean that you won't conceive, it just means that it will take more time.
Avatar m tn [More] So far the urine collection test result was 29.5 (no range for normal given) The blood tests came back 180, 256, 279 (again no range given for "normal" I brought in my son because he was exhibiting the following signs and my GP said "off to the Endocrine Clinic (at the local children' Hospital) with you guys.
2083143 tn?1332285583 I never really had an issue with my weight until after I had my children. I had my son 8 years ago and my daughter almost 2 years ago. After having my son, I wasn't able to completely get rid of the weight and then after having my daughter, not only did I NOT get rid of the weight, but I gained another 40 lbs!! I am VERY unhappy with my weight. I am ONLY 5 foot tall and I feel horrible!! What is the best most effective/rapid way to lose the weight? I try and eat healthy.
5628691 tn?1402510162 I mention these things, because I went from 115 pounds to 140 in less than 3 months and struggled with my weight for over a year, before finally being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and being started on replacement thyroid hormone. I was keeping my weight steady and even managing to lose a few pounds, when all of a sudden, it skyrocketed again and after struggling with it for nearly another year, I was recently diagnosed with insulin resistance.
Avatar f tn I read that if a person is normal weight for their hight before pregnancy, they should gain around 25-35 pounds with a pregnancy. ok well im 23 weeks and at 20 pounds already. i dont want to gain all that much because it would be harder for me to loose, but is it really possible to gain only 15 pounds (more) with a pregnnacy (i would expect a LOT more)? would me only gaining 35 pounds be really all that good for the baby?
Avatar f tn I want to start dieting and exercizing but it seems like there is no hope in all the things I read about people who have this disorder and the bad luck they have in losing weight. Is there any routine diet and exercize program that has worked for anyone who has hypothyroid. summer is coming up and I really want to get in shape. I am just not sure the best way to go about it.