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Avatar n tn She said weight should be of no concern ( unless you are feeding your baby unhealthy food) until after age 1. I have a boy in my daycare who at 11 months weighed 27 lbs. His parents said his two older siblings were exactly the same and they thinned out as soon as they started walking. I have seen both children and they do not have a weight problem what so ever.
Avatar f tn First answer it is totally normal for your newborns weight to fluctuate like that and your doctor was right everything else us good so you have no reason to worry as long as he's eating good like every 2to3 hours and not spitting up like more than half of his milk than you shouldn't worry about it like i said it is totally normal for a newborns weightto fluctuate 2nd answer yeah that totally sounds like it could be thrush if it is it kinda looks like he had bits of formula or milk stuck to the r
4251679 tn?1370309131 Yes sadly those darn hormones don't go away right away after baby lol and my son lost a little weight too at the hospital and gained it right back.
Avatar n tn If you are worried about her weight, just swing by the peds office and have her weighed. Its normal for any baby to lose weight at first, even if they are getting enough to eat.
Avatar n tn The best way to weigh them is to put a shoebox on a baby scale (at the very beginning you can use a diet scale because they only weigh about half a pound at the end of the first week), and then zero the scale out with the box taped onto it. That way the weight of the box doesn't figure into the weight of the kitten. Has this kitten had any time at all with its mother?
Avatar f tn She woke me constantly after that, but at least I had that first stretch, which seems like gold when you have a newborn. Some people suggest putting the baby in her own room. I like to have mine in the bassinet because I don't want to get out of bed everytime she needs something. Plus, I was nursing so it was easier having her next to me. A compromise could be moving the bassinet to DH's side of the bed, or a little further from you in the room.
Avatar f tn I hop ei don't gain too much weight but I stress about it because of the way the Marine Corps works, sometimes I wish we would have waited till after we got out ot have a baby but only because of the pressure to maintain weight. It will be stressful with a newborn and trying to get back into weight standards!!! Thanks for the stories ladies!!!
Avatar m tn When he was 2 days old developed mild jaundice Total Bilrubin 11.9 at 6th day (normal lab range 0.2 -1), 11.6 at 16th day, 13.1 at 22nd day weight at this date was 5.5 lb, moved from breastfeeding to Formula (prebiomil) for 5 days, 7.45 at 27th day weight increased to 6.4 lb. at the 36th day Here are the final test results: weight 6.6 lb, T4, TSH and Temp mentioned aboved were of this final day. In addition to RBC = 2.8 (lab normal range 4.5 -5.5 C/ul), Hemoglobine = 9.
Avatar n tn My baby had really bad reflux and nothing helped! She is 8 mo and just grew out of it a month ago. I mostly breastfeed but the only formula that she didnt projectile vomit was Alimentum. Keeping her upright is a good idea after she eats. Zantac wasnt strong enough for her so she was on prilosec and then prevacid. She was also not gaining enough weight her first month. (only 4 lbs 14 oz at birth) Reflux is HORRIBLE!!! My baby was miserable most of the time-until we got on prilosec...
Avatar n tn 20) for prolonged periods of time increases the risk of neurological injury. A bilirubin level of 10 should not be toxic for your baby. It is unusual, however, for the bilirubin level to remain at a level of 10 at 5 weeks of life, even in a baby born 3 weeks premature. Your pediatrician has already checked the thyroid function, which was the most important test to perform.
Avatar f tn As long as she is gaining weight there's no reason to wake your baby more often at night. And don't be surprised if the pattern changes and suddenly there will be a few night in a row that she wants to nurse all night long... those growth spurts happen frequently over the first six months and then decrease in frequency. Don't wake a sleeping baby - so much of their growing happens while they're asleep!
Avatar n tn MY daughter never was any fussier than my other 3 children, her birth weight was normal if u breast=feed your baby will go home with u and only 2% of m-babies go through sever withdraws or even any withdraws at all! you can taper your baby down on your own around 3 months! Please DONT listen to hear say about it. Thats what will stress u out and put u in early labor! My email address ***@****! Got a number to a nurse u can call! She was my life line through my preg.
Avatar f tn Newborns need to breastfeed every hour for 15 to 30 minutes on each breast Its normal for them to lose a little bit of weight in the beginning until your breast milk comes in sometimes babies will fall asleep while breastfeeding and not finish their full meal You have to wake them up and make them finish Or you will constantly be breastfeeding and there will be no schedule And it will lead to engorgement of your breasts heavy leaking breast milk and a skinny baby
Avatar f tn Dr wanted to give him a week without tube to observe the weight. If we can get his weight up with oral, then we have green light to off tube permanently. Otherwise he'll be on tube again. What are the risks of using NG tube? I'm getting worried on his frequent self removal of tube.
229857 tn?1319033507 My daughter went around 2 weeks without passing stools. I was so scared! But it is very normal for exclusively breastfed babies. My midwife told me that baby absorbs all the goodness from breastmilk and what is not needed is removed from the body as waste.
10817881 tn?1422291120 I wouldn't suggest a humidifier until child is at least 6 months of age because baby is getting used to the air quality and if you add a humidifier it can cause pneumonia.
Avatar n tn In terms of frequency, the projectile part is only 2x/day (remainder is regular spit-up). The baby is extremely uncomfortable during/after eating. Normal weight gain (he is in 60% percentile). Spit-up is either white (from formula) or clear. He was on Pepsid for reflux, we are now trying Prilosec. Recently, he has been crying more than usual when eating and has extremely loud burbs that smell like sulfur/rotten eggs. Is there anything else wrong other than his reflux?
Avatar m tn I had a question about some lab values that were taken of my newborn in hospital. He was born at 39 weeks with no fetal distress in utero or during labor. He had APGAr scores of 6 at 1 minute and 7 at 5 minutes. He had a loose nuchal cord around neck. He had respiratory distress at birth and was dx with aspiration of amniotic fluid with respiratory symptoms and a small right sided pneumothorax that did not require a chest tube and hypovolemia. My question is about his ABG's.
Avatar n tn At 4 months, 30 ounces of formula takes care of a baby's nutritional requirements for the day. If your baby is already taking 30 ounces of formula a day and still seems hungry, you really do need to take it up with the doctor. How is her weight? Signs of overfeeding include vomiting (not just spitting up) after a feeding, and very frequent, loose watery stools. Again, you should seek your doctors advice if this is happening.
1395422 tn?1308019851 He is also almost back to his birth weight. Am I crazy or are all of these pretty good indications that he is getting enough fluid? Anyways, I don't understand this whole thing, and I'm kind of starting to get worried. Why would his levels continue to rise even when using this blanket? Please help.
Avatar f tn If your child is gaining weight well, has good pulses in the legs and is comfortable, then this will likely be either a small hole in the wall between the lower heart chambers (VSD) or a murmur of blood flow across normal heart valves or blood vessels (flow murmur). Neither of these are likely to require any intervention. Although every good parent is concerned about such news, I would suggest that you wait for the cardiology evaluation and discuss the results with the specialist.
Avatar n tn I know that Lasix has some side efects as to pottasium loss and water loss, is it dangerous for a newborn to be taking these medications and another question why the big difference in chance between 2 doctors concerning the closure of the hole. I am really worried for my baby. Will this defect lead to heart failure or lung disease or even death??? Is it safe to use the medication? Is it recomended to go for surgery?? and when? I would appreciate if you could reply in details. Thank you.
142722 tn?1281537216 Seriously put the boys down at 7 pm, got up around 7 am and fed the baby, gave the toddler a cup of milk and put them in bed with her. How crazy is that?! They both nap at least twice a day, and the older one is almost 2, they sleep from 7 pm and are up around 7 am, take 2 naps, and she has switched the formula so many times, just because...I can'[t even get mine off of the Nutramigen. It's hard, but every baby is different and he will get past this.
116879 tn?1266519849 ) and would have died if I had to have stopped breastfeeding--that situation is not that common but both COWS MILK (and everything derived from it) and SOY are on the top 10 list of baby/child allergens. In terms of crying, though, if it's really that you keep feeding her and worrying about the feeding because she's crying, it is also true that there are these babies who just cry from maybe 2 weeks to 8 weeks, and then it passes--look into colic online. It's very hard on the mother.
222234 tn?1216343635 be proud of that weight gain- not worried! it won't last. the first few weeks dd was gaining a pound a week. it slows down. i would not put him on a schedule, and i am surprised to hear any doctor suggest that this day in age. it's what my mom was told to do over 20 years ago, but these days most peds recommend on demand, especially for breastfed babies. feeding 12 times averages to every 2 hours, which is very very normal for a newborn.
Avatar f tn Our daughter was diagnosed with a VSD when she was 4 days old. We were not told the diameters of the hole, just that it "wasn't huge, but not tiny either", and that no other abnormalities were noted. The doctors noted a loud murmur, heard easily all over her chest. She was quite small, being 5 lbs 15 oz, full term. Otherwise is doing great, gaining weight, good color.
Avatar m tn The birth weight of the baby is 3.35 Kg and in 15 days the weight went up to 3.85 Kg. No feeding problem seen. My questions are : 1. Does the presence of 2 small VSDs has the effect of a large VSD. 2. How does the VSDs is going to affect the baby in both Short Terms & Long Term 3. What are the precaustions to be taken by the parents 4. What is the chance of spontaneous closure of both the VSds. 5. What are the symptoms we should look for.
Avatar m tn Dear Deanna, I felt the need to update you with the final results. My baby nephew's TSH thankfully returned to normal without any treatment at all during his 72 days of life. At physical examination the baby is quite normal. Here is the TSH (sensitive) test results: Age 72 days: TSH : 1.62 uU/ml (lab ref range 1.7-9.1 for 2-20 wk) With gratitude.
Avatar f tn The app itself gives you an estimated baby weight range. As long as you measure well, your baby should be in the ranges given. Several sites will also give you a week to week range. You will never be able to tell your child's true weight until you have them, this can be an issue for some women as the bigger the baby, the harder labor is.