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3530672 tn?1370038043 I was told my baby at birth would be an 8 pounder so i returned all of my newborn clothes, my baby was 7 and everything was huge on her!!!
10943479 tn?1432725499 Maybe six pounds each. And guess what? BOTH of my kids were 8 and a half pounds at birth! Imagine my shock when newborn clothes and diapers didn't fit! I have learned that I just make big babies so I'm prepared for this one to be big too regardless of what my Dr says this time.
Avatar f tn d say start with a few newborn pieces but watch the weight recommendations on the different brand of clothes because I went bonkers buying my daughter newborn clothes and didn't realize that for some clothes makers newborn clothong could start at 5lbs-10lbs and another brand may say newborn sizes are just depends so check out each brands weight measurements.
Avatar f tn t be able to fit some of her newborn outfits i brought her hopefully thats not the case. Also another thing that kind of worries me next time i go to my appointment which is like in another week im afraid when they do the measurements that she will tell me the baby is about five pounds and i will only be 31 weeks and 3 days. So if any of you experienced mothers can help me out than that would be great thanks.
Avatar f tn 0-3 months will fit well on a 10 lb baby. It is the ones labeled 'newborn' that may not fit a baby that size. My son was born 9lb2oz and was quite tall. He only fit newborn sizes for the first week. So if you think you are going to have a big baby then I would invest more in size 0-3 month clothes rather than newborn size.
Avatar f tn The morning of my c-section they did ultrasound to check baby position and said he was 7lb 5oz. Well my lil man came out 6lb 10oz and swims in 0-3 month.
Avatar f tn The app itself gives you an estimated baby weight range. As long as you measure well, your baby should be in the ranges given. Several sites will also give you a week to week range. You will never be able to tell your child's true weight until you have them, this can be an issue for some women as the bigger the baby, the harder labor is.
Avatar f tn I wake my baby up every 3 hours if he doesnt wake up by himself. But he is slowly starting to get used to the schedule and wakes up by himself. He's 10 days old now.
Avatar n tn Which formula are you using? Some formula makes baby constipated. At first I was using newborn enfamil Dr recommend enfamil gentlease because she was spitting up a lot I tried it but made her constipated so I switched back to newborn enfamil and bought the Gerber prune mixed it with baby water give it to her with a spoon her pooped is now soft.
4251679 tn?1370305531 t go away right away after baby lol and my son lost a little weight too at the hospital and gained it right back.
7557112 tn?1399509472 Start off with 3-6 months when I had my older daughter I brought her a newborn set 0-3 months and she couldnt fit and she weight 6 pounds 8 ounces 21 1/2 inches long the out was too small
2020005 tn?1628125976 ll unlatch a few times and eat for a minute or two more but then she refuses the nipple, is nursing this short amount of time normal? She was 8lbs 12ozs at birth, went down to 7lbs 11ozs and is now 10lbs 11ozs. I was also wondering about exercising during BF'ing, I've read it can decrease your supply, is this true?
Avatar f tn First answer it is totally normal for your newborns weight to fluctuate like that and your doctor was right everything else us good so you have no reason to worry as long as he's eating good like every 2to3 hours and not spitting up like more than half of his milk than you shouldn't worry about it like i said it is totally normal for a newborns weightto fluctuate 2nd answer yeah that totally sounds like it could be thrush if it is it kinda looks like he had bits of formula or milk stuck
Avatar f tn It depends on which model of the baby Bjorn one you get, I received one from a friend but doesnt have back support and only goes to 25 lbs so I plan to use it for when baby is newborn-first couple of months. I plan to register for the Ergo baby or Eddie Bauer as they both have back support and go to higher weight limit, we do alot of hiking so I plan to use it alot. But I hear alot of good things about the Ergo baby carrier.
Avatar f tn My baby was born 7lb 1oz and I needed only 3 packs of newborn.
Avatar f tn As long as she is gaining weight there's no reason to wake your baby more often at night. And don't be surprised if the pattern changes and suddenly there will be a few night in a row that she wants to nurse all night long... those growth spurts happen frequently over the first six months and then decrease in frequency. Don't wake a sleeping baby - so much of their growing happens while they're asleep!
Avatar f tn I am looking for a baby carrier that can be used from newborn up until about 8months, I don't really see myself using one past this point as I have some back problems. I want one that is a structured carrier as I feel it would provide more spot for my back! I have looked at the ergo baby performance and the baby Bjorn one. I like the baby Bjorn one as it doesn't require an additional newborn insert, does anyone have any recommendations?
Avatar f tn My son was only in newborn clothes for a week or less and 0-3 months for maybe a month. I agree with your sister buy more 3-6 months. I will only buy maybe 7 outfits that are 0-3 and the rest will be 3-6. I have only bought a couple things so far and got 3-6. I need to get shopping I'm 24 weeks and have not gotten hardly anything yet and won't be having a baby shower. When my son was 3-6 he was wearing 6-9. Baby clothes seem to run smaller anyway.
Avatar f tn ll be about 8lb. Will she fot into newborn diapers and clothes. I only have 1 pair of newborn clothes and a box of newborn diapers should I buy at least 2 more pair of clothes of newborn.
250155 tn?1485295939 is it normal for a newborn to have periods of sleepiness that they are just sooo hard to wake up? i gave ds a sponge bath earlier and then fed him and put him in the cradle for a nap. well he slept for a good while and i tried to wake him up right after 9pm to eat. well he never fully woke up...
Avatar f tn It's normal, baby gets our hormones and can bleed.
Avatar f tn No the 1 is just next size up after newborn. Just go by the weight of your baby. If u look under the size it will say something like 8 to 14lbs or something like that. Not sure the exact weight for each size.
Avatar f tn The tags on tue sizes should say the weight for them, like i know 0-3 month is between 8-12 lbs, it also depends on how long the baby is, but the price tags on them thay say the sizes also have the weight with them
Avatar f tn Don't always assume they r accurate in the size of the's usually not accurate when they measure the weight on ultrasound ..they were anywhere from 2-3 pounds off each time they tried 2 tell me how big my baby's were gonna be .take a couple of both sizes to b sure. Congrats and good luck.
Avatar n tn Normal, or innocent, murmurs can be heard in up to 77% of all newborn infants. However, approximately 1% of all babies born has something structurally wrong with the heart, otherwise known as a congenital heart defect. Furthermore, I am guessing that when you say that they think that his heart appears “round”, they are making this finding on interpretation of a chest radiograph, or chest X-ray. Unfortunately, these are not the most exact tools for diagnosis.
Avatar f tn So I'm new to this community. I came from one of the pregnancy forums. It helped me out a lot so I decided to try this forum to help with my newborn daughter and she's my first so I always have a lot of questions even though I've read and researched everything on babies. So my daughter is three days old. Shes being formula fed and shes a big sleeper. She would sleep through feedings if I let her I feel but eats the perfect amount, pooping and peeing very well.