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Avatar n tn I doubt that any doctor would support a weight loss goal of 25 lbs. per month unless you would be morbidly obese. Most of the weight you would lose would be water weight anyway, and it would come back quickly. I recently consulted with a weight loss doctor who prescribed a sensible diet (moderately low carb) and the medication Adipex. That combination was magic for me. The diet resulted in rapid weight loss, and the prescribed medication made it easier for me to follow the diet.
Avatar f tn It's best to aim for around 2lbs per week. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Exercise contributes only 30% to weight loss. You need to cut down on your calorie intake dtasticlly. Your app will tell you exactly how much... Id guess eating no more thann 1000 calories per day.
Dog The Raspberry Ketone comprises an antioxidant that happens to be the chief ingredient to work on weight loss. The efficacy of the Raspberry Ketone diet has been earlier tested on mice in Japan & Korea. Under both the observations the mice were given a high fat diet along with a dose of raspberry ketone. Despite the high fat diet the mice did not gain weight. The Raspberry Ketone apparently aids to boost the adiponectin hormone in the body, which helps to regulate blood glucose and weight.
Avatar f tn Why is weight loss so slow sometimes? I work out 5-6 days wk for at least hr-aerobic & deadlifing/kettle bells. Also keeping at 1,500 cals per day.
Avatar f tn About a year and a half ago I started dramatically decreasing my dosage from 45ml to 40mls in 1 month and then following month I decreased it to 30ml per day. I continued decreasing it a few months later to 20ml per day till I got to 1oml per day. I'm currently in 7.5ml per day and my main concern is that I've lost a lot of weight over the past year where I feel that I look ill. Is this normal? And more importantly, how can I get my appetite back and gain my lost weight back?
649848 tn?1534633700 "So when overweight due to low metabolism due to low thyroid, when thyroid levels are corrected, there should be a weight reduction to account for that." I tend to disagree with that both from experience and from a mathematical/psychological (there's a combo for you!) point of view. LOL Yes, I lost 25 lbs after starting meds, but it came off so fast and so easily that I have to assume it was mostly water, i.e. not real fat loss.
Avatar n tn Losing that much weight in a month is really not safe, practical or realistic. Weight loss should be about 2 to 3 pounds a week for it to be a meaningful loss that you can keep off.
Avatar f tn t usually coincide with healthy. The average weight loss at a low caloric deficit is 2 lbs. per week safely.
Avatar f tn This clears that you have to eat more, yes, you will lose weight during your first trimester, thats normal , even my wife also had the same problem. but after 5 th month she started gaining weight and in her 9 th month she was 26 pounds more than her normal weight and we checked to your doctor about this weight gain, he told it is normal. Actually, a pregnant women should gain at least 12 kg more than her actual weight. So eat well, eat healthy and be happy.
Avatar f tn Still I cannot lose weight. I am a pro-diabetic and it is very important that I lose weight. Please help!
Avatar m tn Ok ladies so I weighed myself this morning at home and I was 2 1/2 less than last week at my Drs. office. I have been eating the same amount of food as I've always eaten, expect that now when I eat I always feel like puking after the last bite. I'm always full for some reason and I find that I'm eating only b/c I have to eat. Are any of you ladies experiencing this? I don't think that's normal that I'm actually loosing weight especially this late in the game.
Avatar m tn t tell us what this plan consist of, I suggest you go back to your doctor and discuss making necessary adjustments to the plan to halt the weight loss. Also consider opening YOUR OWN new post on the Weight Loss forums.
Avatar f tn How much is a kilo in lbs?
Avatar f tn I am a female who went from 250 pounds down to normal for me weight of 140 pounds and have kept it off for more then 10 years. First I had to get serious and stop stuffing food in my mouth to soothe myself. Then I had to learn all about exercise and what will possibly work to trim me and what is bunk or junk and how to stay away from stuff that does not work..It is always the most fun finding out about your own body and stretching and training it for top health.
Avatar f tn It's normal, I was the same until I reached the 20 week mark & I gained weight rapidly.
Avatar n tn Huge amounts of weight may take time but weight can be lost on a daily basis. Weight loss over a day or week seems more tangible, more real somehow. And definitely more motivating. I don't think intense dieting should ever be part of a plan. Restricting may also jeopardize potential weight loss. I think there are many variables that contribute to successful weight loss but I think mind-set is perhaps the most important.
4347624 tn?1353481573 I have started a weight loss diet and daily excersise for a month and a half now. The problem is that even with a calorie intake between 900-1100 kalories and almost daily high intensity aerobic excersise for at least 30 minutes i have dropped only one kilogram. I cannot understand why, though. In older attempts i would lose up to 1 kilogram per week!
Avatar f tn Maybe. It depends on how much you have to lose, it depends on the type of diet you are on, and it just depends on your individual physiology. I've lost 40 pounds so far and kept it off, and I've never been able to lose as much as five pounds per month. At the beginning, when I was losing faster, it was about three pounds per month, and lately it's slowed down to about a pound a month. But I've kept off what I've lost, and I've lost a lot, so I'm happy.
Avatar n tn I feel I have barely lost anything I watch my calories so carefully lost of fruit and veg only drink water, and walk about aan hour everyday. Is this normal I dont kbow what can I do to make my weight loss noticable.
Avatar n tn I'm over weight & have lost 40 pounds my whole pregnancy & doc wasn't concerned I'm 35 weeks