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Avatar n tn I am 41year old ,my height 5.9inches and weight 80kg.please suggest diet chart.
Avatar f tn I am tracking, recording- my weight loss doesn't show- I've lost 9 lbs this month, but on the chart it looks like I've stayed the same- Maybe the chart will move at 10,15,20 #'s lost-??
Avatar m tn If you want to reduce fat and keep it off, then it will take some time. I won't assurance 5-10 pounds weight loss in a week or two weeks’ time, but I will say you can reasonably reduce 1-2 pounds of body fat a week, and build muscle at the same rate. You can’t put the body weight on overnight instantaneously, and therefore it's not going to magically disappear overnight.
403156 tn?1290150018 Thanks for the suggestion. Sure, we can Remeron to the list of treatments. We'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar f tn I can honestly say crash diets are not that great for long term weight loss. I have always been quite a large child, whilst all my siblings were rather tiny and I struggled so much with Weight but what I felt worked best was eating lots of protein and lean meats with lots of vegetables. I also found green tea with lemon and raspberry tea quite effective. It takes time but you'll get there.
438445 tn?1358365978 I have tried to customize my weight loss chart for months and things I add don't show. For example: I tried to add the subject trips and running and it does not show up.
Avatar n tn As was suggested, you need to use the BOM chart for your weight and size. Being to small is not good for anyone. You are young, you are going to want to have a family and being small will not be productive to that. Get out live a little. Mind the charts for age and grow healthy.
Avatar f tn I've been reading up about calories and weight loss but I am still extremely confused. I'm female, 5'6, currently weigh 128 lbs, and my target weight is 122 lbs. I workout for at least one hour 5 days a week (usually running or interval training) and on average usually burn about 750-850 calories. I was just wondering how many calories I need to consume daily to safely reach my target weight ( perhaps a pound a week?) and to keep it off.
899045 tn?1241824973 I have been working really hard with my weight-loss, I exercise more than most people I know in my weight loss group, 65oz of water per day, 20-25 carbs, Veggies, Lean meats, no sugars, you name it, I've been doing it. I am also HypoThyroid and on 50mcg of Levothroid. My weight loss had been a upward battle, very hard battle. Anyhow, I spoke to a Dr. on the phone (My Dr. is out on leave), she looked at my chart and said that as we get older, we exercise less. I am only 35.
Avatar f tn I have been losing weight and so far my diagnosis is anxiety, but I feel as though I am managing my anxiety and the weight is still coming off. In November I had an endoscopy and tissue was sampled... acid reflux. I had a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis and it was normal. An abdominal and pelvic ultrasound which was normal. I have had numerous blood tests which looked at thyroid, celiac disease, and many other things I can't remember.
Avatar f tn While exercise has lots of benefits, some people find that it only contributes a relatively smaller amount to weight loss. I tend to believe that weight loss is primarily diet controlled - both portions and the quality of what you eat. Without knowing more about what you eat and drink each day (a food diary is really helpful with that!) it can be hard to know where to start cutting back.
Avatar n tn Please shed some light on using Victoza SOLELY for weight loss in a patient whose Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus is in Perfect control? Grade 3 obesity, biochemical hypothyroid and diabetic since 7 years. Both under good control. On regular Eltroxin 50mcg, Pioglitazone, Voglibose Nateglinide and Repaglinide in prescribed doses as per doctor's prescription. Also takes homeopathy and Ayurvedic propreitary medications for plantar fasciitis and Bile problems.
Avatar n tn First of all I would advise you not to get too panicky. This kind of anomaly is seen in many persons on some exercise programs. Any weight loss programme requires lots of patience and consistent efforts. You should first determine if what you're gaining is actually fat or muscle. Muscle has more density than fat. So, even if you gain muscle mass, you might observe an increase in weight.
Avatar f tn Hormonal factors in PCOS make weight loss difficult. Weight loss can be achieved by a combination of diet control or dietary modification and exercise. You should consult a dietician to prepare a diet chart according to your food habits, in such a way that nutrition is not compromised. Exercise should be such that is as per your liking so that the chances of sticking to the exercise regime are greater. Exercise should be done daily for 30 to 60 minutes. Take care & good luck.
Avatar m tn Hello, You are definitely underweight. For weight gain and weight loss diet and exercise play an integral role. For gaining weight you should start eating the right type of fooid.Eat food rich in minerals, vitamins and all other essential nutrients. Exercise daily. Consult a nutritionist and get your diet chart made. Stay away from fattening junk food. Try gaining weight in a healthy way.
Avatar f tn Aerobic exercises are best for weight loss. You can consult a dietician for a diet chart according to your food preferences. At present you can defer removal of the IUD. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I think if you are putting yourself on a strict diet it might. I remember reading once that can make your body not get pregnant. But the weight loss should actually help. My dr told me to lose weight so that i can ovulate. Hope this helps.