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Avatar f tn This gamble proved to be the greatest healer, her daughter is now 3 and this week her mother tried to explain that I could not pick her up and cuddle her as I had a baby growing, we all fell about laughing when her daughter announced she did not want me to have a baby, she wanted cuddles!. Eventually the loss began to ease. I worked to loose weight and saw there was a chance still there for me. I thought about Greece, but our local airport has more regular flights to Barcelona.
Avatar n tn Hi, Chris! You are funny! : ) Yes, it's a real problem. I don't chalk it up to visions or anything like that, either. Neither does my neurologist. Sleep paralysis is one thing, but waking up not able to breathe is SCARY. It's happen to me a couple of times. NOT FUN. Have you had a sleep study? You have some symptoms of Narcolepsy and you are about the right age to get it (although we old people can have it, too!). I've had the buzzing and rustling, too. I never heard anyone else say that!