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Avatar n tn Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss? So many diet drugs interact with Synthroid so I though maybe it was worth a shot. Just curious! (Ive gained 50 lbs since TT and quitting smoking a year ago) Yikes!!!!!!!!!!
1626306 tn?1302483506 Have you tried relaxation cds or hypnosis. Their actually is a site where you can listen for free online to a hypnosis session for relaxation and anxiety www.freehypnosistreatment.com.
Avatar n tn Can hypnosis done on a child cause trauma, if while under some one shot a gun and gave them terrifying info. can that cause ptsd and loss of memory, which effects them later in life?
633403 tn?1281175065 Has anyone tried to use hypnosis to stop drinking. I have downloaded a few hypnotic sessions to help. But apparently it is not working because I am still drinking. If someone has one good to try I would love to know. By the way I have gotten back into AA. I find after a meeting I want to drink because all we are talking about for an hour is alcohol.
Avatar f tn The only reason for quiting was the twice a week appointments and expense which was not covered by insurance. The book also talks about hypnosis for weight loss purposes.
Avatar f tn YAY welcome to team pink!!! Bristol Faith? Bristol Brynn? Bristol Grace? Or Bristol Love.....Maybe even Bristol Belle??? Just throwing some out there....
Avatar m tn While a multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) implant can cause various visual issues, it should not cause a severe loss of visual field to one side. You need to see an ophthalmologist for a complete evaluation, to include a visual field exam and a dilated retinal exam.
Avatar n tn There are two types of thyroid disfunctions. But if you get the correct dosage you wont gain weight. If you still have weight problems, try a hypnosis disc. I used...thinkandlose.com and it worked for me. I am 140 for 3 years straight, on occasion I may lose a little or gain but it stays pretty much on the money.
Avatar m tn Age, 29 Male. For the last 4-5 days I have had a loss in my appetite. I just do not feel hungry. I still eat for the sake of eating regularly. I believe this all stems back to 5-7 days ago when I had some bad salsa. My stool would be at a 3 or 4 but now it is a 5(based on the Bristol Stool Scale). After eating that salsa, I noticed red spots in the stool for a day or 2, so I stopped eating anything that had red in it, and monitored my stool.
Avatar n tn For about 5 years I have had increasingly frequent flatulence. Usually It is foul smelling, with my stool type 5 on the Bristol stool chart (as on wikipedia).It is also quite warm, and I feel a burning sensation after doing my business . Also I have noticed if I delay a meal I start getting gas, both burps and farts. It is quite an embarrassing situation. Sometimes, during winters, I also get very thin poop (type 4 on the bristol stool chart). Please suggest a dietary or lifestyle remedy.
144586 tn?1284666164 The very elderly and stroke-disabled often have difficulty in using a ball-point pen or pencil. On one of my visits to a nursing home last week to help out a friend I brought her packages of "sharpies" in many colors, and a bristol-board pad upon which to draw. Bright purple, red, green, blue and many pastel shades in between. I prefer the fine points. She has trouble sharpening a pencil or using a ball-point pen, but delights in using the markers.
Avatar m tn A U.S. federal court has invalidated the U.S. patent on Bristol-Myers Squibb Co's Baraclude treatment for hepatitis B after a challenge from generic drugmaker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Bristol-Myers said on Tuesday. "We are disappointed with the court's decision and believe it is incorrect," Bristol-Myers spokeswoman Laura Hortas said. She said the company is considering whether to appeal the ruling by the U.S. District Court in Delaware.
1530342 tn?1405016490 http://news.yahoo.com/bristol-palins-bar-fight-zinger-tell-youre-gay-183514638.html Bristol Palin should have learned from her mom's experience in 2008 to be careful around TV cameras because your least articulate moments will be captured and rebroadcast forever. But it looks like she did not. Bristol is being filmed for a reality show to air on the BIO Channel, and they followed her to a Los Angeles bar.
Avatar f tn Its hard but I made it through I'm in my third trimester now! I puked so much I lost tuns of weight, and its just no easing up. I feel alot better then I did the first and second trimester were insane. Hang in there you can do this!
Avatar n tn org/petitions/gilead-sciences-please-collaborate-with-bristol-myers-for-the-cure-for-hepatitis-c-now. Please sign this petition to release the two pill cure for hep c!
Avatar f tn Front-runner Jennifer Grey hung on to beat Disney star Kyle Massey and teen mom Bristol Palin to win the coveted mirror ball trophy.
Avatar m tn The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and American Society of Hypnosis are two good groups that have web sites with referral lists. Sometimes causes are knowable and useful, other times not. You need to be sure this concern does not get in the way of getting the help you need.
Avatar f tn “Dancing With the Stars” alum Kelly Osbourne believes Bristol Palin has potential in this season’s run for the mirror ball trophy, but talk show host Ellen DeGeneres hopes to see a real hoofer grab the prize. “As for a winner? You know, I really, really feel like Bristol Palin is going to give everyone a run for their money,” Obsourne said during an interview on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.
1530342 tn?1405016490 http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theticket/20110621/ts_yblog_theticket/bristol-palin-trashes-the-mccain-family-in-upcoming-memoir By Holly Bailey John McCain and Sarah Palin have long insisted things are all good between them, even after their losing 2008 presidential effort wound up with a nasty bout finger pointing between loyalists to the two former running mates. But the family members of both candidates are not being so publicly amicable.
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