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Avatar n tn my 15 mo old son is not gaining enough weight. he was 7lbs10oz at birth and is only 19lbs now. he cannot have any dairy. he is deathly allergic to it. so no milk, yogurt, anything with whey, casein, cheese.... i was already at a loss as what to feed him (he gets lots of veggies, fruits and meat. some rice and noodles) but he doesn't like potatoes and i don't know how to sneak the calories in that he needs. he drinks soy milk now. any suggestions?
Avatar f tn s health n weight loss your after try coconut water, spinach or kale, 1tblsp each of sesame, chia, sunflower & pumpkin seeds and zap it up, I drink it on my way to work, it gives me loads of energy & fills me up, some mornings I'll throw in half an apple or Frozen berries usually blueberries. Am on a mission to lose 15kgs for my daughters wedding in September.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome to the group!! Glad to have you, We have lots of recipes on the forum just listed if you scroll down. Tell me what you are interested in and I'll place some here for you as well. I try to eat lean protein, veg, fruit, whole grains, etc. A well balanced, healthy diet that isn't too over the top. so tell us a little about what you are looking for--- love to share recipes!
Avatar m tn Ask him to recommend a diet that is lower in carbohydrates to help you lose weight and lower your insulin levels. Your diet should mostly consist of protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and occasional fruit. Avoid sugary drinks. Instead of drinking juice, eat the fruit. Drink mostly water. If you need help with meals and snacks, just leave me a message. It's not easy changing what you eat.
266539 tn?1281402152 Try taking a cooking class for fun, to learn, and to meet other people. Do join the weight loss and dieting forum and use the weight and exercise trackers here at MedHelp. Good luck with everything!
99457 tn?1321878677 You may find this site helpful. http://www.gicare.com/diets/Low-Fat-Diarrhea-Gall-Bladder.
Business woman2 I heard from some people that juice cleanse is just a temporary weight loss program. Once the person goes back to the same diet, the same thing happens again. Are there benefits of juice cleanse that are not just a temporary weight loss?
6647728 tn?1383446143 One week weight loss recipes Daquan Monday: tri-color silk melon Ingredients: melon, carrots, green pepper. Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, salad, starch. Practice: 1, melon, carrot, green pepper, cut wire, with warm oil boiled, picked up the stand. 2, all the vegetables in boiling water and then boiled to remove greasy. 3, pot put a little oil down into all the raw stir fry, seasoning thicken, you can.
Avatar m tn This Weeks New Paleo Recipes & Collection Tex Mex Hash Brown Casserole http://paleogrubs.com/tex-mex-hash-brown-casserole?awt_l=1PJ7RB&awt_m=3Z__4__EObcmO.x Lemon Curd Coconut Cupcakes http://paleogrubs.com/lemon-curd-coconut-cupcakes?awt_l=1PJ7RB&awt_m=3Z__4__EObcmO.x Spicy Texas Slow Cooker Chili http://paleogrubs.com/spicy-texas-slow-cooker-chili?awt_l=1PJ7RB&awt_m=3Z__4__EObcmO.x 17 Dairy-Free Paleo Yogurt Recipes http://paleogrubs.com/yogurt-recipes?
Avatar f tn I walk ten miles onece a week to work and about 2-4 miles e/o day! I have been doing this for almost a month now and have only lost ten lbs..
649848 tn?1534633700 I just want to let everyone know I've posted a weight loss challenge in the Weight Loss & Dieting community. Anyone wishing to lose a few pounds and/or wanting/needing support or motivation to stay on a healthy diet/exercise program is welcome to join. You can join the challenge via the following link: https://www.medhelp.
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Avatar m tn My nutritionalist tells me to do as much cardio as possible, its the best in shedding weight, but as a man i think adding weights once or twice a week will help tramedously as well as it will help tone as u loose the weight and aid in the weight loss. her tips..
Avatar n tn Is there any help for weight loss women that has a hysterectomy i exercise and eat right taken all kind of diet pills.
Avatar f tn Both will work. For green juice recipes I can recommend www.juiceman.com and www.hungryforchange.com , both sites are very informative and have great juice recipes and diet programs you can join for free.
Avatar f tn Google LCHF and you will see a whole bunch of doctors and nutritionists with tons of meals and recipes (simple and inexpensive). Try it for a week and you will see the weight loss happen and food cravings reduce, as this style of eating keeps your blood sugar stable all day long and trains your body to burn fat in absence of insulin secretion. So, LCHF works for me...I love it! I hope the best in your life whatever you chose to do. Good luck and be well.