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Avatar m tn Jillian michaels is the best!!!! And in combination with calorie counting best way to do it!!!!
Avatar f tn Instead of cutting all pastas, why not switch to whole grain versions, which are much healthier, and limit portions? You should also switch to whole grain breads. Don't cut out meats; they're a major source of iron and vitamin B12, both of which are essential for providing energy. Make sure you opt for leaner (low fat) cuts and stick to smaller portions. Opt for chicken or fish, as much as you like; just make sure it's grilled, broiled, or baked vs fried.
Avatar n tn I'm planning to lose 100 lbs after my baby is born, not all at once,.I know it takes time but I'm 240 almost & need to lose it. What are the best weight loss programs for at home? Tae bo? Insanity? Jillian Michaels shed in 30? I already do yoga & some pilates. I run when I'm not pregnant also.
Avatar f tn my dr had said this type of thyroid problem should cause weight loss, not gain....not seeing this at all...actually, total opposite....last night i joined the gym which i will start tonight....wondering if anyone found that taking this medication along with workouts at the gym have helped with the weight gain?
649848 tn?1534633700 I enjoy the Jillian Micheals DVDs (ie. 30 day shred, shred it with weights and 6 week six pack). I work long shifts 4 days a week so i can usually get in a workout 3 maybe 4 days a week. Its worked for my weight loss and I really enjoy exercising at home. Great cardio and gives you a good burn!
Avatar m tn I have started dieting and exercise since April 8, 2012. I am working out doing Jillian Michaels everday for about 1 hour since I began. I work as a Nurse so when at work I am constantly walking and taking stairs. When I went in the first week to weigh in at Jenny Craig i lost 1/2lb. Second week lost nothing. Third week lost 2lbs. I did Jenny Craig 9 years ago and had no issues losing weight in fact I was losing approx 2lbs per week and lost 40lb in 6months.
Avatar f tn I know many of you, like myself, have looked far and wide to have this thyroid stuff explained in a manner that makes sense. Well, I am reading Jillian Michaels "Master Your Metabolism" and I can't say enough great things about this book. She explains it all in a way that is so understandable. Not just about thyroid hormones but adrenal fatigue and all of the hormones that make up our endocrine system.
Avatar f tn Not sure about pregnancy weight ftm.
Avatar n tn Have you tried the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? If not then you should give a go its only 10$ at the store and it WORKS!! I plateaued after getting halfway and losing 10 lbs and as soon as i started it the scale starting moving and the tape measure even decided to be my friend!! LOL!!
Avatar f tn I saw a video on youtube of weight loss journeys..at first they had strechmarks. But not yet sure if they skin tightened...
Avatar f tn Tweaking your diet and getting at least 20-30 mins of cardio will also help shed fat there eventually because you cant spot check fat. It has to leave in the order it came for the most part but weight training those areas can help build muscle which in turn aids in burning fat.
684175 tn?1295477838 t get to touch it until Christmas. Hopefully there will be a wii fit for me under the tree as well. Hoping to get the Jillian Michaels workout as well. Looks interesting. Going to the gym after I get off of work. Thats the plan. The bed is really trying to tempt me, but I really need to get my workout in. Then errands, then sleep and work another 12 hours tonight. It never ends. LOL!
Avatar f tn I use Jillian Michaels whey protein shake. I get it at wal mart and only spend 13$. I get the vanilla flavor. It has all kinds of vitamins in it and works gret fir me. I always mix orange juice in it. It taste just like a dreamsickle. Sometimes I'll do orange juice and starwberries with it that's really good.
Avatar f tn So it has definately helped with weight loss when I put some effort. So it does help with weight loss, but only when you are already trying to lose weight. If that makes sense?
583580 tn?1231136383 I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried those online programs for diet and exercise tips? I get an online newsletter for the Jillian Michaels Online Program (coach from the biggest loser) and right now she is offering a one week free deal (its regularly $4 a week). I'm hesitant because what can she really do for me over the internet.
Avatar m tn lets all try to have a good day!.......dont make me send jillian michaels over to your house!!!!
Avatar f tn I eat small portions also. I mainly workout with videos and stuff like Jillian Michaels. Can anyone make suggestions in my routines?
Avatar f tn I too have the same problem and I am also trying to lose weight. First and foremost is changing your eating habits. Eat healthier, have your 3 meals and snack on healthy snacks like almonds, raw veggies, fruits, yogurt... every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism up. Try keeping a food diary, I suggest using the app My Fitness Pal to track calories and exercise. Start off with easier exercise programs. Try an hour a day. Cardio will help get your heart rate up but don't over do it.
Avatar f tn But I should add, unlike a lot of weight loss supplements that are very speedy, I don't think this will hurt you as long as the manufacturer isn't lying about what's in it and is sourcing its ingredients from reputable sources. It's always hard to tell with these fad supplements.
958098 tn?1246809218 http://www.amazon.com/CosmoGirl-Get-Fit-Jillian-Michaels/dp/B000ION77G/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1342566302&sr=8-4&keywords=teen+cardio Cheeracise: Twilight - Dance Fitness Aerobics http://www.cheeracise.com/store.php Teen Tone: Extreme Dance Workout http://www.amazon.com/Teen-Tone-Extreme-Dance-Workout/dp/B000TBQ1DK/ref=pd_bxgy_mov_img_c Fitgirl: Dance Moves - Kids and Teens Fitness http://www.amazon.
1457025 tn?1290023640 t understand what weight loss has to do with CM though? Only thing that weight loss would benefit CM , is being healthier for recovery from CM Surgery??
Avatar f tn I just an about through doing the jillian michaels 14 cleanse and fat burner hoping to give my body a boost.ill be finished on easter sunday. Cant wait. Are you trying to concieve again?
Avatar n tn keep an HONEST food diary for a week - write down EVERYTHING you eat and figure out the calories (knowing the protein would be helpful as well). Then come up with a sensible eating plan - not a diet! Diets make you fat, in the long run. Weight watchers is sensible. Or go to a registered dietician after you do your food diary for a week or two and get a consultation. They will tell you what you need to do, if anything. Health and fitness are the only things that matter.
393685 tn?1425812522 I don't know if I would call this a miracle cure, but I just started reading Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Losers trainer) and I found it very interesting. You are right when you say we have to get our metabolism moving! Also, which I found shocking was all the toxins we are putting in our mouths!! I can see why thyroid problems have been increasing in the last few years. Jillian is also hypothyroid. She feels what she ate growing up might of had something to do with it.
Avatar n tn Michele Nickels in Milwaukee, WI offers vitamin injections for weight loss and hCG-the weight loss cure. www.drnickels.
Avatar f tn Keep in mind that you are still developing and despite what your doctor says you can still grow. A female does not stop growing until age 19. You have a good five years to increase your height. I started my growth spurt at a young age too and I was 4' 10" at age 14. I was also told by my doctor that I would not grow anymore. By age 20 I was 5' 3". I proved him wrong. Everybody's body is different.
Avatar f tn Well I am positive now that it is due to Depo. In January I started the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and was religious about it. I actually gained weight do to muscle but was so disappointed! I should have had a six pack and instead my stomach looked like I was 4 months pregnant. My boobs are so extremely tender all the time too. I've always had a wonderful metabolism and have always been active. I am 5'4" and since highschool my weight has always been a constant 110-115.