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Avatar f tn If you're doing a lot of weight-training, then you've obviously put on muscle. It weighs a whole lot more than fat, so even though you're working out and LOSING FAT, you're not losing the WEIGHT because you've upped your muscle percentage. This is healthy, and muscle burns calories even at rest, so you've increased your metabolic rate (which is good!).
Avatar f tn The ACSM does note that weight loss could require as much as 60 or 90 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day, so make adjustments to your routine in order to see results. Lift weights several times a week. lifting actually strengthens the muscles of your back and spine, and in time, could decrease your pain level. Also, as you build muscle, your metabolism will increase, assisting you with your weight-loss goals.
1825274 tn?1317541719 I also swim 7to8hours aweek bike ride 1to5hours aweek light weight lift 3times aweek but my weight lose is as little as 1to2pounds aweek.Im a male 5f10in 17s3Ibs was 18s9Ibs any tips 2 help me beat this brick wall im facing.I also still eat choclate 2bars aday but I don`t drink acohol. like yesterday I weight myself for the week and I had lose 1.
Avatar f tn Many people find that they cannot lose weight by means of exercise alone. Exercise has many benefits, but weight loss may not be among them. In fact, strenuous exercise can even make it harder to lose weight, for many people. (I keep saying "many people," because it's highly individualized.) Diet, for many people, is much more important for weight loss than exercise is.
649848 tn?1534633700 Have you been able to reach your weight loss goals? If so, congratulations; if not, please let us know how we might be able to help. Remember: We all win by losing ---- weight, that is. Wishing everyone a great, successful week.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the compliment! I think it's easier to lose the weight now for Jackie than if she waited to try to achieve some weight loss in later decades when the metabolism slows making the task more difficult. It's great to be a healthy weight for so many things, lowering risk factors for serious health problems!
Avatar n tn Won't losing fats result in weight loss too? I am not a "veteran exerciser" and don't want to push a lot. I need to lose fats' weight first and then move on to something vigorous.
Avatar n tn hi, working out an hour/day is great, no need to cut your food intake down because you are already working out, you need only to drink more water (especially warm) it will melt your extra fat off and and you will get your desired weight, if you still wanna try something, you must go for beyond weight management tea,a very good thing for weight management.
Avatar m tn What kind of food are you eating? I have recently started "eating clean" and I am noticing a difference already. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally also. It is pretty amazing, actually. You basically stop eating processed food, it's a more natural diet. The best advice I have found so far is,"abs are made in the kitchen, 30% exercise 70% diet." and,"100 calories of junk food is still JUNK.
Avatar n tn m sorry to hear that your parents tease you about wanting to lose weight. Learning to eat healthy and losing weight now are the best ways to ward of health issues down the road, as well as making you happier with yourself. We all know that fast food isn't good for you, but when you do go to a fast food restaurant, there are some ways to limit the damage that's done...
Avatar f tn The chemicals in diet coke can contribute to weight lose the sugar high and crash alone will make u crave carbs and more sweets give up all sodas drink more green tea and water coffee...
Avatar f tn Everyone starts gaining weight differently but you really should only gain a few pounds in the first 8 weeks, then in starts increasing much faster. As far as mc concerns making it to your first ultrasound at 8-10 weeks is really the biggest hurdle. Seeing that little heartbeat brings great relief. A majority of miscarriages happen by then, something goes wrong during development and the heartbeat just doesn't occur.
Avatar n tn t have much to offer for fast weight loss because I have found that the methods to do that are generally not the healthiest. So, I'd focus on clean eating and cardio/strength combination. And just do a lot of it. You'll be running a lot, so I'd do some long runs. My boys are swimmers and I swim and that is great exercise and I've found my kids have been able to transition into endurance sports due to their swimming.
Avatar f tn Guilty as charged but a good tool if a patient is truly their own best advocate. Unexplained Weight Loss/Appetite Loss/Depression are all symptoms of various cancers, thyroid issues. So...I'm scared and sad and a bit at a loss. The weight continues to drop (indicated more by clothes fit than scale) and it seems to my eyes to be more muscle than fat. I continue to have nearly no interest in food and at this point, 2 drs are going to blame a nearly 30 lb weight loss on anxiety. Again...
Avatar f tn Fast food restaurants, sugar,salt breads and things like that. The weight will come off faster. Sugar slows down the metabolism, salt bloats like hell and there are alot of very unhealthy things in processes foods that you would not believe are in there. Example,antifreeze, human hair and sawdust contributing to mental health issues and being overweight.
Avatar f tn It depends on where you're dining. If it's fast food, options are pretty slim, but you'd want to opt for fruit and yogurt type things. Breakfast buffet is good, because they typically, provide yogurt, fruits, boiled eggs, and other healthy options. You have to be careful with regular sit down restaurants, because most of the "good" choices are made bad, by cooking in too much fat, using to much sodium, etc.