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Avatar n tn Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss? So many diet drugs interact with Synthroid so I though maybe it was worth a shot. Just curious! (Ive gained 50 lbs since TT and quitting smoking a year ago) Yikes!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Uh, sorry; did you mean Rochester, NY, or Rochester, MN?
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with ALS but three great doctors at Rochester agree that the loss of balance is not a part of ALS and must be caused by something else. No one seems to have a clue for my loss of balance. I am not dizzy and have no symptoms of inner ear problems or anything else that might be the cause. I have had blood tests for just about everything including Lyme disease but all results are normal.
Avatar f tn I have had more severe flareups late November through mid January; same symptoms two years in a row. I live in Rochester, NY and the change in seasons has always caused me to have a butterfly rash flareup OR severe rash, itching, inflammation/vascular upset. Have taken Plaquenil since December; experienced pretty bad cramping, light headedness and itching for the first three weeks then my body seemed to adjust to the Plaquenil. I take 400 mg daily; one in AM and one at dinner time.
Avatar n tn She is now going to have her crohns specialist speak with the head, ears, and nose doctors at Strong Hospital in Rochester NY. will let you know if anything of importance comes up.
Avatar f tn I am in Rochester NY searching for Neuro for my daughter that has MS. She is currently being treated by Dr. Robb from the URMC me clinic. She is horrible. Can anyone give me any advice?
Avatar f tn t let her go outside NYS so she cant go to Cleveland Clinic where her Dr. wanted her to go. The hospital that was chosen was Strong Memorial in Rochester NY. Well she had the consult and actually set up surgery thinking that both leaflets in the valves are shot and that they would be repaired. The surgeon reviewed the previous tests and he did an echo and he is not in agreement with my daughter's cardiologist he feels that it is moderate and not severe.
Avatar f tn I'm from Rochester, NY.
1626306 tn?1302483506 Have you tried relaxation cds or hypnosis. Their actually is a site where you can listen for free online to a hypnosis session for relaxation and anxiety www.freehypnosistreatment.com.
Avatar m tn Sounds like a good ideal. But she lives in Rochester Ny and I'm in Illinois.
Avatar f tn cheeseburgers french fries and macaroni salad with hot meat sauce all mixed together. I have been DYYYYING for one for a month now. But my bd wont get me one :( hes so mean lol. I know exactly how you feel.
Avatar n tn I live in rochester ny not nyc ( that is 8 hours away).. i am way up near lake ontario near buffalo....does anyone know of any lyme doctors around this area???
Avatar n tn Can hypnosis done on a child cause trauma, if while under some one shot a gun and gave them terrifying info. can that cause ptsd and loss of memory, which effects them later in life?
4165941 tn?1353988628 m a little upset with the scale at my 36wk appt yesterday, I was just wondering how many pounds are loss when baby comes out? Like water, placenta. Also weight loss over the next few weeks (not breastfeeding).
633403 tn?1281175065 Has anyone tried to use hypnosis to stop drinking. I have downloaded a few hypnotic sessions to help. But apparently it is not working because I am still drinking. If someone has one good to try I would love to know. By the way I have gotten back into AA. I find after a meeting I want to drink because all we are talking about for an hour is alcohol.
Avatar f tn Yes, there is. You...Only better is a HCG weight loss clinic in Des Moines. The website is www.HCGdesmoines.com and their phone number is 515.442.1624. The girls at YOB are great and they can help you lose the weight fast!