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Avatar f tn They said my baby already weighs 12 oz and I'm only 13 weeks is this normal???
Avatar n tn In the UK they don't even weigh you at prenatal appts because women gain such widely different amounts and it's no reflection on the weight of the baby. As long as you're still a healthy weight for your height I wouldn't worry especially as they'll be monitoring your sugar levels in your urine anyway. However there's no harm in raising it with your dr if you'd like reassurance.
11754186 tn?1422648586 That's normal :) my baby weighed 13oz last week at my 20 week scan.
Avatar f tn I'm 26weeks, 6months pregnant. My baby girl weighs 890grams. Is that normal? If not what's dangerous about that?
Avatar f tn I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and I had an ultra sound to check the baby's length and weight she ways 4 and 6 oz I've been reading that it should barely be weighing 3 pounds my due date has changed 3 times I'm wondering has this happened to anyone else I'm not sure if I'm longer than 31 weeks or that my baby is just chubby my belly isn't that big and my weight is below normal so I'm not sure to question my due date ?
Avatar f tn Heyy everyone I m 18 weeks 3 days pregnant.... what is the normal weight of baby at this time in centimeters??? Plzzz waiting for response....
13619738 tn?1431118115 Its a very normal weight. At 32 weeks, a baby should weigh at least 3.75 lbs. My daughter is weighing 5 lbs 15 oz which is considered to be pretty large at this point.
Avatar f tn How Long did it take you to go back to normal weight after you had your baby?
Avatar f tn I recently undergone USG scan,, baby's weight is approx 282 grams,,, is it normal??what to eat to increase baby's weight???
3224201 tn?1380381395 I've gained 1lb since week 13. As long as you and your baby are fine, it's Okayy.. I'm 31 weeks and 3 days..
Avatar f tn I find this app really wrong in terms of our weight gain and baby's estimated weight. I bought a pregnancy book and its estimated weight is spot on with what my dr says while the app is a lot less. I would ask your dr what they think. Most say a couple of weeks more or less is normal.
Avatar f tn Weight question! I'm 30 weeks, and have gained 30 pounds so far.. normal?? Was 128 and now at 158 I feel like I'm gaining more then I should?
Avatar f tn yes thats brill , a baby at 23weeks is suppose to be almost a pound. the scans aint always accurate tho with my last baby they said his weight was higher then he actually was lol i was shocked. if ur worried about baby weight theres an section on here its weeks and that update u on week by week and thats where i seen how much baby should weigh.
Avatar f tn If your pre pregnancy weight is normal you'll gain more weight than an over weight person who will gain very little to nothing.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for my baby to weigh 3 lbs and 5 ounces at 32 weeks?? I'm 5'4" And weigh 131.6 if that helps any?
Avatar f tn Everything is normal and baby boy is healthy. I'm wondering tho,has anybody else gotten their baby's estimated weight?? Cuz my boy is weighing 1pd 1oz already and according to this app he's about 5oz over the "normal" weight for his gestation.
Avatar n tn he has not gained weight in 3 weeks. should i be concerned that he has not gained weight in 3 weeks. the doctors says it is because of the antibiotics and he is in the 95th percentile for his weight anyway.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago i had an ultrasound sound and i was 36 weeks, baby weighed 6lbs 11oz I dont know if thats normal?