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Avatar f tn First answer it is totally normal for your newborns weight to fluctuate like that and your doctor was right everything else us good so you have no reason to worry as long as he's eating good like every 2to3 hours and not spitting up like more than half of his milk than you shouldn't worry about it like i said it is totally normal for a newborns weightto fluctuate 2nd answer yeah that totally sounds like it could be thrush if it is it kinda looks like he had bits of formula or milk stuck to the r
Avatar n tn If you are worried about her weight, just swing by the peds office and have her weighed. Its normal for any baby to lose weight at first, even if they are getting enough to eat.
4251679 tn?1370309131 I know your dr said she should eat every 2-3 hrs but if what your doing seems to be working and she is gaining weight good I wouldn't change how and when you are feeding are the one with your baby everyday and know her schedule. Have confidence in yourself, your doing great!
Avatar f tn She woke me constantly after that, but at least I had that first stretch, which seems like gold when you have a newborn. Some people suggest putting the baby in her own room. I like to have mine in the bassinet because I don't want to get out of bed everytime she needs something. Plus, I was nursing so it was easier having her next to me. A compromise could be moving the bassinet to DH's side of the bed, or a little further from you in the room.
Avatar m tn When he was 2 days old developed mild jaundice Total Bilrubin 11.9 at 6th day (normal lab range 0.2 -1), 11.6 at 16th day, 13.1 at 22nd day weight at this date was 5.5 lb, moved from breastfeeding to Formula (prebiomil) for 5 days, 7.45 at 27th day weight increased to 6.4 lb. at the 36th day Here are the final test results: weight 6.6 lb, T4, TSH and Temp mentioned aboved were of this final day. In addition to RBC = 2.8 (lab normal range 4.5 -5.5 C/ul), Hemoglobine = 9.
Avatar f tn It will be stressful with a newborn and trying to get back into weight standards!!! Thanks for the stories ladies!!!
889551 tn?1416188083 I was told anywhere from 20g to 1oz a day of weight gain was normal in an infant, not 4g of weight gain per day. I'm hoping to get an appt with her ped to discuss the Cow's Milk Protein allergy, but as of right now I'm scared. It just doesn't seem good at all to me that her weight gain is so low. I mean she's still in newborn diapers and just now grew into 0-3 months clothing. Please pray we can get an appt and that it all goes well with her.
Avatar f tn When does the health department do newborn home visits... is it required. ..
Avatar f tn She usually eats every 1-2 hours, but at night she likes to go 3-4 hrs. Is this normal? I know she's supposed to eat every 2 hrs, but I try so hard to get her up to eat I try everything and she just doesn't want to. And if she does she latches on to feed, but then falls right back asleep. Is this okay?
Avatar f tn Dr wanted to give him a week without tube to observe the weight. If we can get his weight up with oral, then we have green light to off tube permanently. Otherwise he'll be on tube again. What are the risks of using NG tube? I'm getting worried on his frequent self removal of tube.
Avatar f tn ) they weighed his last night he lost 4% and weighed 6.12.. They said this was normal .. They just brought him back from his second weigh in now he's at 8.4% weightless @ 6.5 pounds... They have me trying to pump in the dude but im discouraged as nothing seem to really add up with my colostrum nd pumping but when I squeeze my nipple I know I've fit stuff there...
Avatar m tn However, the cardiologist was rather rude about the fact that we were even there. He did an EKG, that showed a normal sinus rhythm, and sent us home with the feeling that we should never have been concerned about her heart. I haven't noticed the PAC's when listening to her since, however, she does have some other symptoms that I am wondering about. Her legs and feet turn purple at times...this does not seem to correspond with them being cold or dependent.
Avatar n tn In terms of frequency, the projectile part is only 2x/day (remainder is regular spit-up). The baby is extremely uncomfortable during/after eating. Normal weight gain (he is in 60% percentile). Spit-up is either white (from formula) or clear. He was on Pepsid for reflux, we are now trying Prilosec. Recently, he has been crying more than usual when eating and has extremely loud burbs that smell like sulfur/rotten eggs. Is there anything else wrong other than his reflux?
Avatar n tn Baby is exclusively breastfed and is gaining weight very well. 3 lbs in 1 month Thyroid was checked and it is normal. Stopped breastmilk for 48 hours---no change was noted--baby still yellow face with yellow sclera Doc isnt concerned but I am. What should I do? I am worried waiting for it to go on its own as doc says will lead to irreversible damage.
10817881 tn?1422291120 I think it could be reflux because he recently started spitting up a lot more after a feeding but he's still gaining weight like crazy and eats so I'm not extremely concerned
229857 tn?1319033507 The thing is that he is peeing ok but he hasnt pooped since monday night. Is this normal in a breastfed baby or is he not getting enough milk. I feed him on demand.. sometimes he is feeding for a few hours straight... What should I do?
Avatar m tn They said that he was at no greater risk for neurological impairment than a normal term newborn since his issues were corrected fast and the ph and base excess did not drop to serious acidosis levels. What do you think of this? With the values I gave you, was he ever in severe metabolic acidosis or just mild to moderate? Should we follow up differently than suggested? thanks for the information.
Avatar n tn Obviously, as long as your newborn is healthy and gaining weight, the best option right now is to wait and see if the VSD will close on it's own. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Newborns need to breastfeed every hour for 15 to 30 minutes on each breast Its normal for them to lose a little bit of weight in the beginning until your breast milk comes in sometimes babies will fall asleep while breastfeeding and not finish their full meal You have to wake them up and make them finish Or you will constantly be breastfeeding and there will be no schedule And it will lead to engorgement of your breasts heavy leaking breast milk and a skinny baby
Avatar f tn Heart murmurs are common in young children. If your child is gaining weight well, has good pulses in the legs and is comfortable, then this will likely be either a small hole in the wall between the lower heart chambers (VSD) or a murmur of blood flow across normal heart valves or blood vessels (flow murmur). Neither of these are likely to require any intervention.
Avatar n tn How is her weight? Signs of overfeeding include vomiting (not just spitting up) after a feeding, and very frequent, loose watery stools. Again, you should seek your doctors advice if this is happening. Underfeeding may be evidenced by your daughter failing to gain weight, seeming to have a very thin face, and seeming to be hungry after a complete feeding. Be sure that hunger is the reason for her cries, also. Babies do cry for other reasons.
Avatar n tn MY daughter never was any fussier than my other 3 children, her birth weight was normal if u breast=feed your baby will go home with u and only 2% of m-babies go through sever withdraws or even any withdraws at all! you can taper your baby down on your own around 3 months! Please DONT listen to hear say about it. Thats what will stress u out and put u in early labor! My email address ***@****! Got a number to a nurse u can call! She was my life line through my preg.
1395422 tn?1308019851 My milk is completely in and I know that he is getting what he needs because his weight is back up to 7lb 4oz and he poops/pees like crazy. I keep that blanket on him 24/7 with the exception of changing his diaper. I don't understand all of this and I'm really getting annoyed that my Doc keeps pushing me to feed him formula.
142722 tn?1281537216 He was 7lbs and then two weeks later he was 9lbs. Is that to much weight gain in two weeks? Could he have gotten use to me sticking the bottle in his mouth when he was cring? I am going to change the formula even though the Dr. seems to think that is not the problem. Like the post below - he thinks colic is the baby's way of dealing with being in the world??????????? Sorry for all the posts but Ryan is having a hard time and I feel so bad for him.
222234 tn?1216343635 feeding 12 times averages to every 2 hours, which is very very normal for a newborn. however, if you want to make a change, instead of putting him on a schedule you can try to slightly space the feeds if possible. does he take a pacifier? if so, you can see if that can help delay one nursing session by a bit. hopefully he'll be a little hungrier and feed longer. (if he's not on a pacifier, ask a ped or someone else since i don't know if that would cause nipple confusion).