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Avatar f tn Is it normal to be 29 weeks and your baby already weighs 3 and a half pounds thats big. Im a ftm. I had a appointment earlier this week and i was 28 weeks and 2 days that was Monday and they said im 29 cm and im a lil over 28 weeks the doctor really confused me. I just tried to ask as many questions as i can so that i can understand better. So if any of you moms can help me out than that would be great.
Avatar f tn First answer it is totally normal for your newborns weight to fluctuate like that and your doctor was right everything else us good so you have no reason to worry as long as he's eating good like every 2to3 hours and not spitting up like more than half of his milk than you shouldn't worry about it like i said it is totally normal for a newborns weightto fluctuate 2nd answer yeah that totally sounds like it could be thrush if it is it kinda looks like he had bits of formula or milk stuck
Avatar f tn Just a note on that - make sure they are gaining weight sufficiently before and during if you plan to try this. If baby doesn't stay growing properly, start waking to feed!
Avatar f tn If you measure bigger than normal then they will send you for an ultrasound to find out weight. Also if you are past due and such depending on your doctor they will give you an ultrasound to see how much the baby weighs. Once you get into your second trimester they will not tell you weight because it is based off certain measurements of the baby they have to look for and it's not necessary.
4251679 tn?1370305531 I know your dr said she should eat every 2-3 hrs but if what your doing seems to be working and she is gaining weight good I wouldn't change how and when you are feeding are the one with your baby everyday and know her schedule. Have confidence in yourself, your doing great!
Avatar f tn Most newborn clothes and diapers say till 8 pounds. So i was wondering if your baby came out 8 1/2 or 9 pounds could it even fit in newborn diapers and clothes at all?!?
Avatar f tn My baby girl is a week old. She usually eats every 1-2 hours, but at night she likes to go 3-4 hrs. Is this normal? I know she's supposed to eat every 2 hrs, but I try so hard to get her up to eat I try everything and she just doesn't want to. And if she does she latches on to feed, but then falls right back asleep. Is this okay?
Avatar f tn Yes, my son was 11lbs 1 oz and wore 0-3 but couldn't wear newborn size.
Avatar f tn Babies grow and gain weight rapidly!! So not over doing it with size newborn is also a great idea. I have bought 2 large cases (newborn) and more cases of size 1's and 2's.
Avatar f tn We went in for his 4 month visit and he was in the 7th percentile for weight, so the md did a TSH, and T4. T4 was normal, TSH was 9. Waiting on a callback with recommendations from our Pediatrician. Did some research online, and read that if left untreated it can cause mental retardation.... Very worried about time untreated and confused about TSH levels being normal, then not?
Avatar f tn So I'm new to this community. I came from one of the pregnancy forums. It helped me out a lot so I decided to try this forum to help with my newborn daughter and she's my first so I always have a lot of questions even though I've read and researched everything on babies. So my daughter is three days old. Shes being formula fed and shes a big sleeper. She would sleep through feedings if I let her I feel but eats the perfect amount, pooping and peeing very well.
3530672 tn?1370038043 I'm a sis in law told ne that with all 4 of her kids, and every friend she has....they were way wrong on weight when it came time for birth. So I wouldn't try and put too much stock into what theyare saying on weight.
Avatar f tn s dropped a lot of weight after birth, as they do at first, and is 3.2kg today and is between sizes prem and newborn. My first was the same though and initially wore prem and newborn for the first 6wks before going into 0-3mths and stacking on the weight.
Avatar f tn No the 1 is just next size up after newborn. Just go by the weight of your baby. If u look under the size it will say something like 8 to 14lbs or something like that. Not sure the exact weight for each size.
Avatar f tn Do you think I should rethink the newborn sleepers in our bag and take more 0-3 months ? Newborn diapers should still be ok I hope ? TIA its been 8 years since my last baby was born so it's like starting over again lol .
6706619 tn?1391316843 is that ok weight? Will he can gain much more weight up to my due date? How accurate do you ladies think the measurments are?
Avatar f tn When does the health department do newborn home visits... is it required. ..
8464451 tn?1409883976 It depends on your baby's weight. Newborn only up to 10 lbs. My daughter fit in her clothes for less than a mth/ she weight 7 lbs, 6oz when born..right now my son is a premiee so it will fit him a while.
2120802 tn?1334878594 The best way to know for certain if she is eating enough is her weight gain. If she is following her curve (ie born in 50th percentile and stays on the 50th or increases, then she is getting enough). Your Dr. can help you determine if this is the case. You will also find she eats more frequently or just more per feeding during a growth spurt. It's generally not a great idea to keep feeding her after she has let you know she has had enough. She will do this by just plain stopping.
9514648 tn?1406655517 9oz but by the time we left the hospital she weighed 7 1/2lbs which I was told is normal to loose weight the first couple days outside the womb. She was in newborn till about a Month ago and she is now 3 month and 1 weeks old. So I mean its really up to you.
229857 tn?1319029907 I would say no more than TWO newborn size diapers...then perhaps a costco pack of size 1 ....even tho the newborn size says up to a certain weight...every kid is different and may not fit them well...
889551 tn?1416184483 Lexi is 7w old now and on Friday we took her to the ER for an allergic reaction to the soy formula. She had a rash and started projectile vomiting. She had been constipated since we switched her formula and then her stools turned almost black, although no blood was present. Anyways, at her last appt at 4w she weighed 8lbs 2.5oz. On friday she weighed 8lbs 8oz. I know the scales can be off it really concerns me that in 3w she's only gained 5.5oz.
Avatar f tn You never know how big your baby will weight, and if they are more than 8 pounds then you wasted money because some newborn clothes only go to 8lbs. Also if doctors have gave you an estimated weight, i wouldnt go by that. My doctor said my son was going to weigh 6lbs, but when i had him he was 8.7lbs. So all the newborn clothes we bought and got didnt fir.