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Avatar f tn Take a pregnancy test. It's always best to know. Then you can decide on your options. You already know it's possible If you miss your pill on a regular basis ,then it prob is not the contraception for you. Have a look at what other birth control to take.
Avatar f tn I have some info on my profile about breastfeeding as a form of birth control. It's in my 'journals'. My midwife told me that estrogen free birth control is the safest while nursing. Estrogen can dry up your milk and if it doesn't, might cause issues with baby. Estrogen free versions include the paragaurd iud, the depo shot, and the 'mini pill' (progesterone only daily pill). I'd definitely decide what you want to do before baby comes!
Avatar n tn Me and my girlfriend just had sex without the use of a condom. She missed three days of her birth control prior to taking them the last 4 days. I pulled out before "going" but noticed my sperm on me afterwards. Could my girlfriend get pregnant.
Avatar f tn I have a 18mth old and im 29 weeks pregnant. So after this one i want to go on birth control cus i have no intentions of having another anytime soon.
Avatar f tn Ive heard a lot of bad things about the vaginal but I haven't really heard anything about the arm.
7677085 tn?1395374075 They can't make you choose birth control if you don't want it. I didn't start using birth control until my daughter ed five months old. I just breastfed around the clock.
Avatar f tn m still exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and have used the mini pill the entire time, no side effects, no drop in milk supply, no periods, I love it!
Avatar f tn What birth control are u ladies considering after birth? I'm trying to explore my options.
7019649 tn?1396792517 I was on the patch, ortho evra, it worked good I guess, I didn't end up pregnant again until I quit using it, I believe I gained weight on it though, its one of the side effects but I seem to be prone to gaining weight every time I'm on birth control.
360318 tn?1340393363 My cousin was like this and she would have no period for almost the whole year then she would bleed for about a month. I do NOT want to live like this. I had recently put on weight before all of this happened and I am working on continuing to lose weight. I have now lost 10 pounds so far and plan on losing another 30 or more. Before I gained the weight, I had always had issues with having a normal menstrual cycle. So my question is should I get on birth control?
Avatar f tn Which birth control would u ladies consider after u have the babie I cant decide whqt I want to do but I no I dont want the pill or the depo shot
634745 tn?1256844310 no birth control wont affect your fertility any. if a woman is able to have children it wont be affected any by birth control. if a woman is not able to have children it wont be affected any by birth control.
Avatar n tn I'm sure I've seen a post with this question before, but I can't find it. I'm wanting opinions on birth control after baby is born. I have less than 8 weeks to decide! I'm 99.9% sure this our last one, but don't want to have my tubes tied. I want the option to change my mind even though I'm sure we won't. I just don't want to take that away therefore I don't want to get pregnant again so what is the best birth control?
Avatar f tn What birth control is best to get after you have the baby? I was thinking a about getting my tube tired but I'm scared and I don't want anymore after I have my baby girl ...
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, i've been putting thought into what Birth Control method I want to use after baby gets here. Ive heard a lot of different suggestions, but i'd like to read some personel experiences? Much thanks.
Avatar n tn t use condoms, birth control is a contraceptive. how long have you been on birth control? unless this was your first pack, the plan b probably wasn't necessary. despite the week of sugar pills, birth control is fashioned so that you're safe during that week. i wouldnt be too worried, if i were you. when you have all thoe hormones in you, your period is bound to be a bit irregular.