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Avatar n tn Some ppl may love did I...I was quite content having no period and no side effects for almost 8 years. But now....I really wished I never took it in the first place. Hopefully you will find the right bc for you. Good Luck!
1454858 tn?1306787978 Sometimes I can't sleep at night because of it. Anyway, back to the subject! I am considering options (I know it is a little early) for birth control. 1.) tubes tied??? does it hurt? 2.) the pill. I love how birth control pills make me feel. I love how nice my skin is when I take them. i love the short, pain free peroids. But, As i said, I am 33. I will be 34 when this baby is born. How much longer is it safe to take the pill? 3.
Avatar f tn ) -Pain relief (ie, epidural) -Home birth -Midwife versus doctor -Doula or no doula Not only are there many birth options, there are many options on where to birth: -Home -Hospital (separate rooms for labor, delivery and recovery) -Hospital (same room for labor, delivery, recovery; termed LDR rooms) -Birthing Center So let's talk BIRTH. What are some options you're considering? Do you have any questions?
Avatar f tn You already know it's possible If you miss your pill on a regular basis ,then it prob is not the contraception for you. Have a look at what other birth control to take.
Avatar f tn I'm still exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and have used the mini pill the entire time, no side effects, no drop in milk supply, no periods, I love it!
Avatar f tn What birth control are u ladies considering after birth? I'm trying to explore my options.
Avatar f tn I have a 18mth old and im 29 weeks pregnant. So after this one i want to go on birth control cus i have no intentions of having another anytime soon.
Avatar n tn I just don't want to take that away therefore I don't want to get pregnant again so what is the best birth control? I've done the shot, loved it because of no periods, but not sure I want to it again. I'm worried about losing baby weight while being on the shot. My weight stayed the same for 7 months after I had my daughter even though I stopped eating sweets and drinking pop. No pill, it's hard for me to remember to take.
634745 tn?1256847910 no birth control wont affect your fertility any. if a woman is able to have children it wont be affected any by birth control. if a woman is not able to have children it wont be affected any by birth control.
Avatar f tn Which birth control would u ladies consider after u have the babie I cant decide whqt I want to do but I no I dont want the pill or the depo shot
Avatar f tn Ive heard a lot of bad things about the vaginal but I haven't really heard anything about the arm.
360318 tn?1340396963 My cousin was like this and she would have no period for almost the whole year then she would bleed for about a month. I do NOT want to live like this. I had recently put on weight before all of this happened and I am working on continuing to lose weight. I have now lost 10 pounds so far and plan on losing another 30 or more. Before I gained the weight, I had always had issues with having a normal menstrual cycle. So my question is should I get on birth control?
7677085 tn?1395377675 They can't make you choose birth control if you don't want it. I didn't start using birth control until my daughter ed five months old. I just breastfed around the clock.
Avatar f tn Birth control is never 100% I've failed at all of them on baby #4 I had the depo never missed a shot bam 5 months pregnant with my oldest I had the Nuva Ring replaced it and made sure it was in position bam pregnant with my second I had the hormone bar implant in my arm got pregnant with my daughter....
Avatar f tn What is the best birth control to consider I told my doctor the depo shot but I'm reconsidering it.
Avatar f tn Thank you evergbody! I will definitely be looking into a few of these :) & for those of you that suggested condoms thanks but there's a reason I don't want that to be our only form of birth control.
Avatar n tn I had a Mirena IUD after my first was born and had no issues with discomfort, no bleeding, no decrease in milk production and no trouble with removal once we were ready to start trying again - but I realize it's not for everyone. Barrier methods are always an option as well, though failure rates are much higher than a long term option like Implanon. After this baby we're ready for a permanent solution that won't affect my hormone levels, so my husband is going through sterilization.
Avatar f tn Has anyone used any type of birth control in life apart from condoms ??
Avatar n tn You might want to use condoms for the next month to make sure that you will not get pregnant. Also consider other birth control then the pill. There are a couple options out there, such as the patch, or an IUD. That was you do not have to worry about forgetting them.
Avatar f tn So i am now 34 weeks (monday) and am thinking about birth control methods... ive done a bit of research but would like yalls opinions and experiences. I am going to be breast feeding so i know im limited to bc options... i cant use condoms they hurt me really bad (i think im illergic or somethin). I got prego on the pill so i am so not doing that, what are other forms a breast feeding momma can use? how effective is it? did u get pregnant on it? how long does it last? side effects?
6883059 tn?1395512677 What type of birth control do you ladies plan to take after giving birth & why ? . I'm just trying to decide which one to take.
589762 tn?1330210735 In my mind there is no better form of birth control...effortless, easy, and convenient- I would totally recommend the IUD to anyone! The copper one lasts for 10 years while the Mirena lasts for 5 so they are great for long term usage. My experience was bad because the doctor who inserted my IUD cut the strings too short and it traveled up in my uterus. When it came time for removal they had to basically scrape my uterus with a long ice cream scoop to try and remove it.
Avatar f tn Tubal is out of the question because the Dr won't do it at 23 yrs old. Sooooo I need some birth control options that are safe and lasts a while. Any good ones?
Avatar f tn Bree61714, I often think of you. How are you doing? Well I see your asking about birth control choices/options so I guess I won't ask if you planned to try soon again.
639543 tn?1297031234 I had the Copper T IUD for over 8 yrs and LOVE LOVE LOVED it... no pills, no remembering, no hormones, nothing! It was awesome! Then, I decided to get pregnant again and all I had to do was have my doc remove it and BAM - I was prego w/in 2 months! good luck finding anything else that great!