Period early while on birth control

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Avatar m tn Because I have been on the same pills for a few years now and I am older, they put me on the higher dose of the birth control I am currently on. This change in my period has been gradual and I did switch my diet significantly in the past 2 months. My doctor was almost positive the problem was the lack of hormones, thus increasing them. But I am having an exam on Monday with my Gyno. Will keep posted!
Avatar m tn t want to be a father, using a condom and getting her on some birth control is a better method than having sex and then wringing your hands and feeling sorry for yourself.
Avatar f tn Also you should be getting regular check ups, having protected sex and using some sort of birth control. Even if you are on birth control you can still get sexually transmitted diseases if you aren't wearing condoms. HPV is a very common std and it can effect you for the rest of your life. Your partner may not even know he has it and you can get it and pass it to other guys, who won't even know either who can continue to pass it on...... Cervical cancer is no joke PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I got my period a week early while I was still in my month of pills. I stopped taking my bc pull still the following Sunday of the next week. I started a new pack and finished it. It's been a week since I finish my most recent pack and I still haven't had my period. I had sex but we have used a condom. I want to take a pregnancy test but I cramp like I'm going to get my period. Is this normal of not getting a period??
Avatar f tn I'm on birth control and I started my period almost a week early, is this normal? I'm sexually active & I've been on birth control for about a year now and this has never happened.
Avatar f tn There's always a small risk of getting pregnant having unprotected sex while on birth control, and even more of a risk if your partner ejaculates inside of you. Putting this small risk aside to answer your question -- you will not get pregnant during the placebo pills if you have been taking your birth control continuously the entire month. There is a chance of pregnancy if you miss any of the white pills. You should take the one you missed with your second pill as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn Hello, My doctor is on maternity leave, and I'm not able to go to a walk-in clinic for a couple of days; your response will be greatly appreciated! I've been using Evra birth control patch for exactly a year, and have experienced early bleeding/spotting before taking off my 3rd patch. Normally, the bleeding would start 2-3 days before my patch-free week. I would not take the patch off early,however, and will still take it off on the same day despite the early bleeding.
Avatar n tn My period was supposed to start on jan 11 it started on jan 8 what does that mean that it came early
5069617 tn?1366659785 I never missed a period even after I stopped BC.
Avatar f tn m on Yaz and i went to Hawaii june 2nd through june 10th and i was supposed to be on my period during that week but i double up on my birth control so i wouldnt have a period during vacation but before that i was sexually active with out protection and i had not taken my birth control at the same time those days. but i guess i was just wondering could you get pregnant during that time? are you fertile if you do that?
Avatar f tn I have not personally tried the patch. I believe it lasts for one week, so you use one a week for three weeks, and then have an off week. It's odd that a 21 day pill pack messed up your periods, since the usual effect is to make them super regular. Were you taking them at the same time every day? It's possible that that brand of birth control just wasn't right for you, and that's why it was screwy.
Avatar f tn I've never heard anything about birth control raising your cancer risk. I don't see why it would. You're giving yourself a form of estrogen and/or progesterone, not some sort of carcinogenic thing. If you're on something that's been around for 10+ years, you have even less reason to fear it causing cancer because it would have been pulled from the market if it was linked to cancer.
Avatar m tn So I've been on birth control for about 3 or so months. I take the pill on a regular basis(sometimes a few hours early or late) And I honestly have a missed a couple but I always take them the next day, I am sexually active but he has been wearing a condom. I've never been late since I've been on birth control. Is there any way im pregnant, or am I late?
Avatar n tn How heavy is the flow (do you need a regular tampon or maxi pad to catch it or juet a pantiliner/lite tampon)? There are some normal things that can cause this (breakthrough bleeding on birth control, missing birth control, ovulation spotting, being peri-menopausal or having just started having your period). There are also a lot of problems that can lead to this (endometriosis, hormone disorders, miscarriage, etc.). Would need more info on your problem to give a good answer.
Avatar f tn plan b was taken 8 hours after unprotected sex. next week it will be time for my period. since i’m on birth control i have a timed period at the end of each month. i’m concerned with the plan b effecting my period and making it late. i do have pregnancy tests stocked up just incase. i have already took 2 and they have been dead negative. i plan to take one when my period is supposed to come. i just don’t want to be pregnant right now i’m not in the greatest situation. any advice or tips.
Avatar f tn I am planning to get rid of this IUD. Please help me if any one else having this kind of issues. Any other suggations for birth control.
1095600 tn?1333823007 Yes while I was on birth control pill I was nauses all night insomnia which I never suffered from I was sleeping 2-3 hrs a night horrible which made me moodier than just all the extra hormones them self
902536 tn?1326914250 thanks for all the advise ladies. now home normal is it to get ur period while on depo?
1209036 tn?1299178657 To answer your question, YES it is perfectly safe to go on birth control pills while breastfeeding, HOWEVER, you can not take pills that contain estrogen. There are pills call "mini-pills" or "pops" (progesterone only pills) such as camilla and micronor that are considered safe during breastfeeding. Ask your doctor about it. Some docs will give you a script straight out of the hospital, others will make you wait until you have your 6 week post partum check up.
6789572 tn?1395629939 I only have a few weeks left I'm 35 weeks this Thursday and doctors are thinking he's gonna come early. I want to get in birth control after I have the baby because sometimes we just can't get the right condoms for us. (I am either allergic to the material or lube or they don't fit him). We will use condoms or he will pull out most of the time while I'm on birth control. Anyway we have talked about different ones to use for me.
Avatar f tn I started it two Sundays after my period because I had forgotten. My period was regulate from it. But this time I got my period while I was still taking the pill, and it was almost over. Then I finished the pack and my period became heavy again. So I've had my period for 8 days. Would this have to do with starting the pack late?
1345697 tn?1430619021 I have my six week check up tomorrow and plan to talk to my OB, but I'm pretty sure I started my period this weekend. Isn't that early? Especially while breastfeeding? Everything I read online is all over the place... 6 weeks, 12 months. Doesn't seem to be a "rule" so to speak, so I thought I'd ask.
Avatar f tn I have been taking birth control for about 3 months now and I started having sex with my boyfriend 1 month ago and 2 days ago we had unprotected for the first time and he came inside of me and I'm scared! Yesterday I bled a bit and I thought it was my period but it's a week early it stopped later that night and it was never too heavy, my doctor to me one of the side effects is that I may spot off my period on this BirthControl. Is this normal? I'm so worried that I'm pregnant!