Pregnancy during period on birth control

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Avatar f tn Hi there, Antibiotics may decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills and doctor may recommend additional back up form of birth control (such as condoms) while you are taking birth control pills. Azithromycin usually does not cause this interaction, but it is best to check it with your doctor to get their opinion. Few women may notice slight changes in their menstrual cycles like in number of days, or heaviness of flow after they have taken antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Can I get pregnant if I have sex without a condom while I have my period but yet am on birth control? I know the pills you take during your period are basically placebos?
Avatar m tn i am on birth control and have been for several months. the first few months, bleeding was normal at mentruation, though each time slightly lighter. this month, at the time of my period being due now, it has only been spotting. i haven't had sex since last month during my period, so is this spotting pregnancy or has the period flow really slowed down that much it's blocked up?
Avatar n tn Im just wondering here, for those who are on birth control, when do you get your period during the placebo week? for sunday start.. also while on birth control and being stressed out, is it possible to not get your period? thanks.
Avatar m tn I am 17 years old and I have been taken birth control for over 2 years now, and during my second week of my pills I got my period, which has never happened before I would always get my period during the week of my sugar pills and it would only last me 4 - 5 days. I am now on my last 3 pills of my third week and still seem to have my period, I am very confused to what is happening? Help?
Avatar f tn I started taking birth control pills for the first time the day my period ended. I can't say it was always at the same time each day. I missed a day but took two the following. I had unprocted sex 7 days later where my partner ejaculated inside of me. I stopped taking the pill 4 days after (11 total days on BC). I got what seemed to be my period 3 days later. 2 weeks early. My menstrual cycel is usually very normal (every 27 to 28 days).
Avatar f tn My breasts feel a little swollen but not tender, but they normally feel much more tender before my period when i'm not on birth control. I don't seem to have any other signs of pregnancy, besides bleeding, which seems to be too heavy to be implantation bleeding (light pink and brown). The bleeding i'm experiencing is darker red with some small clotting. What are the chances that my birth control stopped me from ovulating? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Also, if I took a pregnancy test, is it true that because I'm on birth control the results would be skewed because of that?
Avatar f tn You could be pregnant, if you did not use a condom during and since being on birth control. Birth control takes at least a week (sometimes a month) of consistent use to protect a woman from pregnancy. You only took it four days, so you were never protected.
Avatar m tn Well, if she is WAITING for the pill to start working, it is not working yet, right? So, unprotected sex at that time is like as if she was not on birth control. Yes, she exposed herself to an unplanned pregnancy.
2074702 tn?1332811939 Let me give you my background first I am an 18 yr old female. I'm on birth control (ortho try-cyclen lo) I've been on this pill since the end of January. Ever since I started birth control my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex. And he would ejaculate inside of me. I made a post a while back because this sort of problem too but I'm really all over confused.
Avatar n tn I was on implanon birth control for about a year and i jus got it out on january 6 and i had unprotected sex today on january 7 and my last period just ended on the 4th is it possible for me to get pregnant that fast
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and i are sexualy active, we have sex while im on my period if the flow isnt heavy. im on birth controll but stopped taking it monday so i could get my period this week. it came tuesday night my boyfriend and i had sex on the saturday, once everything was done, he pulled out and we both reliezed that the condom had broke and he had cam in side me, i start taking my pill monday will i get pregnant or should i get the after pill ?? Help! I dont know if i should be worried or not ????
Avatar n tn My first 3-month dose was going good, and I am not supposed to get my period until the 13th week. I got my period on the 9th week and I am still on it, it is now a few days before the 12th week begins. Before I started on the pill I would get my period every month for 3-4 days at the most. The 13th week of the pills have a lower estrogen level, which will cause my period again. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I was on the same bc for 6 months before stopping for a month and a half. I had my period during the time i was off my bc. Once I decided to get back on the pills I started my period AGAIN, a very short time later. I just chalked it up to the fact that my body had gotten used to the hormones the bc was putting in body and that my body was just thrown off by the lack of the hormones. Everything returned to normal after that scary incident and it hasn't happened again.
Avatar f tn When I was a teenager, my period was always on a Sunday. I've been on birth control for 18 years and it gradually changed days. I suggest take the pill asap, go get the morning after pill if you had sex within the last few days. Buy an early detection pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn But the bleeding and cramps are most likely your period coming on, or just a really light one. My first period on the pill was very heavy, but everyone now starts off with some spotting, then goes to just having to use about a pad a day. They are very light and nothing like before. Good luck.
Avatar f tn i have been on the pill, just had my period july 2nd. It was a regular period, as always, but then i stopped taking the pill for 3 weeks. I am back on the pill and have been for 2 weeks. I have not yet started my period, and always have one every month. I have had all the signs of starting, cramps and all but no period, and have taken 2 pregnancy tests that were negative.
457438 tn?1302072007 My wife is do breast feeding by an intervel of 2 hours on day time and 4 hours interval in night time fr our three months baby. Period is not been started yet .Is it an effective Birth Control Method. Any experienced person..?
Avatar f tn I had it for about two years and loved it everyone always bashes it but my experience was great no pregnancy scared no period didn't gain weight I loved it and will probably get it after this pregnancy
Avatar f tn I've been on lo lestrin FE for about 5 months and I usually do not have a period, and if I do it's light and spotting. I got on birth control because I was having a lot of periods in a month. Well I had sex during my white pill which I believe are the sugar pills and we didn't use a condom and the next day I started my period.
Avatar f tn Bleeding during the first trimester can be attributed to a period when in reality it is part of the pregnancy, problematic or not. I would highly recommend staying on your birth control but also getting a blood test by a medical professional. If it comes out negative and you still have problems in a few weeks... get an ultrasound.