Pregnancy during period on birth control

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Avatar f tn i stopped birth control pills for the last month can i start using this birth control while on period and will this stop pregnancy?
Avatar f tn There's always a small risk of getting pregnant having unprotected sex while on birth control, and even more of a risk if your partner ejaculates inside of you. Putting this small risk aside to answer your question -- you will not get pregnant during the placebo pills if you have been taking your birth control continuously the entire month. There is a chance of pregnancy if you miss any of the white pills. You should take the one you missed with your second pill as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn I am 17 years old and I have been taken birth control for over 2 years now, and during my second week of my pills I got my period, which has never happened before I would always get my period during the week of my sugar pills and it would only last me 4 - 5 days. I am now on my last 3 pills of my third week and still seem to have my period, I am very confused to what is happening? Help?
457438 tn?1302068407 One of my very best friends was breastfeeding Baby #2 and was on was on a mild birth control pill that is safe to take during breast feeding....Baby #3 arrived within a year!
Avatar f tn There is always a chance of getting pregnant with condoms/birth control/ etc. Nothing is guaranteed. Some women do bleed during the first trimester of their pregnancy. I would take a test just in case. Some women will continue to bleed around the time of their period through part of or through their entire pregnancy. Like I said just take a test to be safe!
Avatar f tn Also, if I took a pregnancy test, is it true that because I'm on birth control the results would be skewed because of that?
Avatar f tn I had it for about two years and loved it everyone always bashes it but my experience was great no pregnancy scared no period didn't gain weight I loved it and will probably get it after this pregnancy
Avatar f tn i have been on the pill, just had my period july 2nd. It was a regular period, as always, but then i stopped taking the pill for 3 weeks. I am back on the pill and have been for 2 weeks. I have not yet started my period, and always have one every month. I have had all the signs of starting, cramps and all but no period, and have taken 2 pregnancy tests that were negative.
Avatar f tn If somone was pregnant and didn't know still taking birth control pills would they still get their period during the placebo pills ?
Avatar f tn You could be pregnant, if you did not use a condom during and since being on birth control. Birth control takes at least a week (sometimes a month) of consistent use to protect a woman from pregnancy. You only took it four days, so you were never protected.
Avatar f tn My boobs have grown and this morning i had light pink discharge on my toilet paper...... am i pregnant or is it just birth control?!?! Please help im lowkey frraking out! And should i be getting my period at my normal time or when i take the placebo pills?? I'm due for my period tomorrow according to my normal schedule..
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a question concerning the side effects I am experiencing on birth control and how likely it is that i could be pregnant. I began Yaz Birth Control Sunday January 4th (i'm a sunday starter). My period began the week before, Sunday Dec 28th. I had unprotected sex Thursday January 1st late in the evening. I am normally very regular, about a 28-30 day cycle. I see my fertile days are thursday 8th-monday 12th.
Avatar n tn Some woman have regular periods through there whole pregnancy its rare but does happen! If she's been on the pill its unlikely though but no birth control is 100% I fell pregnant on the pill.
Avatar f tn I actually got pregnant with my 2nd child on it, it caused me to have several problems during my pregnancy. After that I got the mirena & loved I but a little over a year it can out on its own, my dr said my body rejected it.
Avatar f tn re pregnant, but that bleeding during early pregnancy is fairly common. The difference between a period and early pregnancy bleeding is that when you have your period, your uterus is shedding the layers and unfertilized egg. Early pregnancy bleeding is more hormonal and due to the stretching of the uterus (or something to that effect). Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn If I take my birth control pill close to the date of when my next period supposed to start will it delay my period ?
Avatar f tn m on Yaz and i went to Hawaii june 2nd through june 10th and i was supposed to be on my period during that week but i double up on my birth control so i wouldnt have a period during vacation but before that i was sexually active with out protection and i had not taken my birth control at the same time those days. but i guess i was just wondering could you get pregnant during that time? are you fertile if you do that?
Avatar n tn okay, im currently taking the Alesse 21 days Birth control pills. It's a 3 weeks on and 1 week off right? I've been reading about Birth Controls and it say that while being on the pill, it can cause you to have LIGHT period or no period at all. What if you finished the first pack (the last one for the third week) and you expect your period like the next day since it's the fourth week but it doesnt come (and you're sure your not pregnant).
Avatar n tn I had sex during this week mostly with a condom but the times that I didn’t my boyfriend either pulled or our put a condom on toward the end of our intercourse. The new birth control I switched two during this time provided only four sugar pills versus my old one, which provided a whole week. Usually when I take sugar pills for a week my period lasts for four to five days.
Avatar f tn It obviously wasnt planned and i do not want to get pregnant soon again im just stuck on what birth control to take . What birth controls have u ladies taken? What has worked best? What side effects fid you have anything helps thank you in advance !!!
1594373 tn?1297225786 s very common for the depo shot to cause you to miss your period and you may not have a period at all while on the shot. Though if you are really worried, take a home pregnancy test to find out. You can take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after having sex and get an accurate result. And if you have any questions about your birth control(the shot), don't be afraid to call your doctor and ask questions.
1663595 tn?1303411887 You don't really, but the IUD is highly effective at preventing pregnancy and if tests are negative you can assume it's true.