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Avatar f tn 6 years ago i went to see a doctor after i discoverd a small lump on my vulva area,he gave me zovirax and told me it was an herpes simplex. after that i still getting the same lump in the same area only that its gettin bigger every year,being this year the biggest ,nd i only get it during spring and summer time never during the winter. what could it be?
Avatar n tn I have just notice a lump on my vulva on the left side,like size a bean and i only notice this morning.Im a bit worried coz i never had it before its a bit itchy and bit painfull.CAn you give any idea what is this or do you think it will go away.I never have sex with anyone except my husband.Please help me.Thank you!
Avatar f tn Then I noticed it was slightly red in my vagina and saw a flesh colored lump around the vulva. Well I washed my bf clothes (and put some of my underwear in with it) in his dye free sensitive skin detergent. Well within 1 day that lump got bigger and my vulva was really red. This freaked me out! I soaked in a very warm bath, just water, last night and then decided not to wear underwear to end to see of it helped. I checked this morning and it seems to be slightly better but it's still there.
Avatar n tn Hello, Vulvar cancer presents in form of a lump or ulceration, often associated with itching, irritation, sometimes local bleeding and discharge. Also dysuria, dyspareunia and pain may be noted. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn well she has hpv genital warts, but it isnt one its like a lump on inside of her left vulva
Avatar n tn just had a biopsy on a lump on my vulva found out last tues it's cancer the lump has gone through 3 of the 4 layers of skin just has the 4th layer and the membraine to go through before i have full blown cancer seeing a cancer dr mar 13 to see what has to be done
Avatar f tn I have white blister like sores on my vulva and a lump in my groin. both myself and my partner are not carriers for herpes, what else could it be? we used a sex toy that we havent used for a long time and i'm worried it was somehow infected?
Avatar n tn I have a small pea sized lump on the inner left lip of my vulva. It is white inside almost like a large pimple but hard. This is the second time this has happened and last time it went away in a few days.
Avatar f tn I have a painful lump on my vulva. It's the size of a pea and I don't know what it is. Please could you help. It's slightly red but doesn't look infected. I'm really worried it's cancer. Please could you reassure me.
Avatar n tn many, many years ago (at least 10), i found a small, somewhat hard lump on the lower right side of my labia majora. until very recently, it has never bothered me in any way. however, just a couple of days ago, it has started to be quite painful and it appears to have grown a little in size and darkened. please tell me what this is.
Avatar n tn I have an appointment with a gyne on nov 8th thats for a check up on the 5cm cyst they said I have on left ovary. They want to see did it go away on it's own but I don't think it has as I still get left sided pelvic pain and all this week have been in horrible pain all across pelvis. So is that too far away, nov 8th to get this 'Mark' checked out??? And do you think it does sound odd to have a black Mark down there?
Avatar f tn I have this bump/lump on the right side of the vulva (the labia majora). It's painless and it's been here for a couple of weeks. I'm scheduling a doctors appointment to see if it's anything serioius. There's a rumor going around that this guy I messed with has warts, and even though we used a condom everytime, if it's true there's still a chance of catching it. I'm really worried it's a wart... and any info would be helpful.
Avatar f tn After having sex with my partner i became very sore about a day later, i noticed a lump on the side of my vulva that you cannot really see but can feel it is extremely painful to sit, or even move! there is also a smaller than pea size lump just underneath it that almost looks like a pimple... im very worried as its the second day i have had it now .... iv been with my boyfriend for over 5 months so i cant understand how it would be an STD?? have you any suggestions to what this may be..
Avatar f tn They are benign tumors composed of mature fat cells. Vulva and labial skin are rare sites to get these. Treatment is by surgical approach and you cannot remove them at home. I would recommend a dermatologist’s consultation for this. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn Im an 18 year old girl and about a month and a half ago i found a red lump on my vulva. It was really sore and itchy but it seemed to go away or so i thought cause i didnt experiance any discomfort or anything but a few days ago i realised it had came back. Its now a red lump and has a red rash around it. The whole area is extremly itchy and can get very sore, especially when my underwear gets near it. Its starting to bleed when i go to the toilet but only very light spotting.
Avatar f tn I put a bandaid on it and changed the bandaid continuesly and eventually it wasnt painful anymore, so, i took the bandaid off and now it doesnt hurt aat all but is still a popped little sore just sitting there. I have had 2 sores like that one, one on my vulva and one on my thigh. Now i have this big fat one i have no idea what to do with! How do i get ride of it? Should i put a towel with hot water on it or take a warm bath or shower?
Avatar n tn I also was at a party when I was 17, and it was my fault because I was drinking, but I was so drunk that I didn't really know what was going on, and I was almost passed out on the floor and this guy started kissing me, and before I knew what was going on, he started giving me oral sex. I told him to stop and leave me alone, and he wouldn't get off me right away, I think his penis may have touched my skin down there, but then he got off me and never had actual intercouse with me.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone i've recently found a lump on my bone, above my clitoris. its quite small, smaller than a pea i could say, and movable. it's not on my groin so i doubt its a lymph node, and quite deep under my skin. anyone know what this can be?
Avatar f tn Tonight as I was using the bathroom I noticed a smallish lump on my vulva very close to the opening of my vagina that was very painful to the touch. I felt it some more and before I could get a mirror to get a look at it I saw that I had fresh blood on my hands. I've just cleaned up the blood and its too late to book a doctors appointment so i am writing this.
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks ago I developed a large painful lump on the peineum just to the left of the vaginal opening. Thinking that it was an abscess I started using sitz baths, result of that was now I have like 8 more of the large painful lumps. They are on the Mons Pubis, Labia Majora and perineum. They are not abscesses as they have never developed a head nor drained at all. My concern is that my sister had Vulvar Cancer in 2000. Can this be a symptom of that?
20823751 tn?1524264895 I have two hard, movable pea sized lumps under the skin near my vulva. One is located to the upper left of my clitoris, and the second one is lower and on the right side. I first discovered them when I was 12 (there was only one lump back then) and the second appeared some time around last year. I'm now 16. There is no pain, but they can be an annoyance if I wear tight clothing or sit down in a particular way.