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Avatar n tn My daughter, 11, has a lump off the center of her rib cage under her right breast area. Definitely rib bones! She doesn't complain of chest pains or anything, but she is beginning to feel self conscience of this large protrusion. Doctor, 2 years ago, said it's nothing to worry about. What can it be, what can we do?
1584290 tn?1296724541 Please look at my photo. I have a significant large lump on my 11th & 12th left rib. Only discovered 3 months ago. It is very hard like a rock. Immoveable. My mother & grandmother both died of breat cancer. Can you have a breast cancer lump on your rib? Also, as low as the bottom of my rib? I have had normal chest x-ray, bone scan and blood tests. Any ideas???
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a boney lump on my rib, right-hand side just below my collar bone, quite close to my sternum. It is like a thickening of the rib, is hard, not moveable and non-painful. Any ideas what this could be? I don't recall injuring the area at all. The lump is about 2cm long, along the line of the rib and quite shallow, I can just about see it in the mirror.
Avatar f tn The pain now goes from middle right rib cage to the middle back in a straight line. I also noticed a small lump on lower rib area that moves around when pushed. Anyone know what this could be.?
Avatar n tn It is movable and more towards the inside end of her breast by your rib bone or whatever that bone under your arm is. What can it be?
Avatar m tn Hello,bill here :) 19 years old. I've broken a rib cause of an accident, nothing serious, just a fracture. i'm on the 5th week of healing and almost no pain can be felt by any movement, only a little shake up when i sneeze hard. There's a lump on top of the broken rib which is normal. I have 2 questions. 1) Will the lump go away in time? ( doesn't really matter) 2) Will I have any physical limitations or weaknesses after the rib heals completely? (e.g.
Avatar f tn Had lump removed yesterday from my rib area. Dr. Goethals said that it did not appear to be anything too serious but would have the cyst/tumor sent to the lab. It felt larger than it actually was due to the fact that it was lying inbetween 2 muscles. I am crossing my fingers that the Doctor is right and that this is nothing serious.
Avatar f tn About a month ago I noticed that I had a hard lump located just below my left collar bone that falls just in line with my upper rib cage. My doctor was convinced that it was a rib that had been broken some time back and was now growing back abnormally, but after we did an Xray last week we found that everything appeared normal. My doctor suggested that we do an MRI, however due to the expense I don't want to pay for one unless it seems an absolute necessity.
Avatar m tn I've been on (1 month on 0.5mg, 15 days for 1mg) Fin for almost 1.5 months. 25 years old, 60 Kg (~130 pounds). This means that I am skinny and can feel my bones almost everywhere. I have no visible growth of nipples, they are also totally normal (no itching, no swelling, etc...). I felt some chest discomfort when I began with Fin but now it's way way better than before; say like twice a week. I am really OCDing about my body.
Avatar n tn So I sat up amd felt again and it was still there, when I poked my right side all I felt was rib bone. When I poke at the lump trying to feel my rib underneath it almost feels like something is moving around in the lum (I.e. A dry piece of play - do in the middle of wet play-do) it doesn't necessarily move around but it isn't stuck either. It doesn't really hurt but when I softly poke at it it feels like someone jabbed me in the ribs and its painful. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my right rib just by my breast bone which is sore and also makes my side and back and arm sore what could it be
Avatar f tn I recently noticed a small, round lump on the right side of my rib cage at the bottom of the sternum where the two sides come together to form a notch (sorry, don't know the proper terms). It is definitely on the rib and not the xiphoid process. The left side does not have the lump, and it was not there a year ago. It has doubled in size in the last 6-9 months. It is not painful. I went to a doctor when I first noticed it. She didn't think it was anything to worry about.
Avatar n tn t really feel much on impact, but once I was no longer worried about drowning, I felt pain and unnatural movement of rib. Noticed hard lump on rib, but assumed this was swelling. Went to emergency room as soon as was possible, several hours later. Four x-rays, and they simply told me that it was not broken and sent me on my way with a few percocet. Dr didn't even really touch the area or physically examine it in any way. Next several days were hell.
Avatar m tn Please help! I'm a 20 yr old male and have recently experienced severe stomach pain, that went form a terrible stomach ache to not being able to walk. Everytime I set a foot down the testical on that side felt like it got tapped with a little back scratcher.. no bueno. Since then I've felt as though my intestines or something in my stomach is enlarged. When I lay on my stomach to sleep it feels like my guts spill out into an area that they normally dont.
Avatar f tn I have seen my doctor and he suggested I had an x Ray. Those results showed that this lump wasn't bone. It's located about one third along the rib from my sternum and is about the size of a prune. I've noticed my rib cage is a lot higher on the left now and I always have a pain there now, especially when lying on it in bed. I am not waiting for a CT scan to investigate further but the waiting is driving me insane. What could this be?
Avatar m tn I'm a 26yo woman and have recently found a lump just below collar bone about 2 inches and about 2 inches from my cleavage it's as hard as a bone almost feels like a rib.
Avatar n tn I noticed a hard bone-like lump below my collar bone (i am thinking the top rib) It feels as hard as bone, it is unmoveable, and pretty much has the same contour as a rib but feels a lot different from the right side as it protrudes more, the left side of that area is flat. It starts pretty much on my sternum then extends to the left about 2 inches, then the area is flat again. It feels like it might be wider than a normal rib too. I can't move it around.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right side in the middle of my rib cage i just want to know what it is
Avatar m tn hello,. im a male a male 39yrs old. last several days I noticed a hard bone like lump on the left side of my rib cage, several inches below my armpit.its about an inch in length, not soft, not painful but feels like part of my ribcage is sticking worried it might be cancerous. should I be worried?