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Avatar n tn my girlfriend is 16 turn 17 soon and she's had a small lump on the bone behind her right ear but it is not as big as it was its smaller now she's had it for a few months now she's been to the doctors twice and they say its coming from swallen glans... but she is still worried can any1 help us please ....
Avatar f tn I noticed a small hard lump on skull behind ear . def not a pimple. It's the size of a pea. Last couple days it was painful to touch the underside of the bone it's on. And now the lump. I read about a mastoid ear infection but not sure.
Avatar n tn feels like filled with hard waxy material. not painful to touch. not different color. this is behind ear on the bone skull. if you look at the back of my head you can notice it a little. any answers to what this may be?
795097 tn?1237220795 The lumps behind ear due to earrings sounds like what I have. but mine is on one ear. Ok, I am a 33year old female, diagnosed with CIN II and HPV 16 seven years ago and diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis 5 years ago. I have 3 children 7 yrs, 5 yrs and 3 months old. about three years ago, the back of my earring pierced into the back of my ear but it did not bleed or was there any cut. After that day, anytime I touch the area, it hurts me.
804382 tn?1237994213 Hello my name is A.J. About a year ago I noticed a small hard unmoveable lump behind my right ear.. (between my ear and my hair line of my neck) I wasn't to worried about it until about two weeks ago when my wife was able to SEE IT. I haven't been touching it a whole lot cause I figured it was probably a lymph node, and I didn't want to irratate it. It doesn't hurt and it is now about the size of a nickel.... can someone please give me an idea what is going on?
Avatar n tn i looked where it hurt and there is a hard bump/lump behind her ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself). i touched it and it hurts. it's about as big as an eraser on top of a pencil or a pea. it is not red or anything (skin color). i get very worried about these kind of things and will give her dr. a call but in the mean time i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be? like i said, i am worried.
Avatar n tn i too have this lum on the bone behind my lower left ear it hurts really only 15 so i dont really know what it could be and im kinda scared!
Avatar n tn 'Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid process, the portion of the temporal bone of the skull that is behind the ear. It is usually caused by untreated acute otitis media (middle ear infection) .' You could read more about the condition at the following links - and Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Post us about what your doctor advises. Regards.
Avatar n tn i woke up 2 days ago with a hard quarter sized lump on my forehead, 2 smaller ones in front of my right ear, a small one behind my ear and the whole right side of my face hurts. I slept on my right side last night and feel like its swollen, I don't have insurance and don't want to spend the money if its nothing. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have 2 hard bump/lump behind my ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself), and 1 hard bump/lump under the earlobe. This is my right ear.
Avatar m tn He is now 6 years old, perfectly healthy, but I notice, and he does too, that it's still there and slightly bigger, more like a small marble now - he says he can move it around, but it starts to hurt when he does - it is on the bone behind the ear. He calls it his 'baby bump'. I keep telling myself it's the fatty lump. But am inwardly worried. Is it fat and will it never get any bigger?
Avatar n tn Hi, A lump behind the ear could be due to throat infection, insect bite, accidental trauma to the site, ear infection , etc. Lymph nodes in the region are known as post auricular lymph nodes and can enlarge secondary to infection, inflammation, etc. You could try some warm compresses at the site, warm saline gargles for his sore throat and some oral antihistamine medications for the swelling. This could be mastoiditis, cervical lymphadenopathy or parotitis.
Avatar n tn I now have a small pea sized lump behind the ear. It has really been painful for me the last couple days. My sinuses are bugging me as well. It is a continuous pain that only goes away when I lie on it or push near the area. It really hurts to touch it. It causes sever headaches all around. I also have felt sick and dizzy. I went to the clinic again. The doctor there asked me if I had bumped my head on something. Of course I think I would know.
Avatar n tn After two weeks he developed a hard painful swelling behind his right ear. It was small at first but noticed it had enlarged but not painful anymore. Worried about the size of the swelling as it is that of a small marble. Also two weeks before he went for the sputum test he had an infection of a pimple like swelling on his right ear lobe. There was pus. I had cleaned it with an antiseptic lotion and had applied an antibiotic ointment. It has since healed.
Avatar m tn I have a small lump on my skull behind my left ear which was hurting about 2 days ago now it is giving me a tingle Im kind of worried because i dont want this to affect my body in anyway does anyone know what this might be?
Avatar n tn If there is headache associated with redness behind the ear alongwith tenderness on touching the bone behind the ear it could be mastoiditis(inflammation of bone behind the ear)or inflamed lymph node. Inflammation of the external ear or otitis externa is possible if the ear is swollen and hurts on pulling. This could be a occipital migraine headache, tension headaches, headache due to nerve compression in the cervical spinal cord.
1119710 tn?1259168533 i have this small lump behind my right ear just a little above my ear lobe where the cartilage meets wit the bone.. i showed it to my friend and she was able to see it right away.. it don hurt as bad to touch it but it is sore and it dose not move around... someone told me it was just swollen glans but i thought i would have to be sick to have that.. i dont have a fever or feel sick in any way.. if u have any ideas on wat this could be i would be very glade to hear from u..
Avatar f tn Behind both my ears about half way up my head I can feel a small lump on each side under the skin which feel as hard as bone. They have always been there about as long as I can remember, I assumed they were cartlidge or bone I was feeling, is this correct or could it be anything worse. They dont hurt to touch nor do they move, this isnt behind the ear lobe so know not a gland, much higher up on the head behind the ear.
Avatar n tn I have found a small painful lump at the base of my skull on the lower right side--just above the hair line on that bone right behind the ear---seemed to come up yesterday----no lesion or break in the skin or redness--just painful and slightly squishy--I have an appointment with dermatologist in about 2 weeks---does this seem like a dermatologist issue?
Avatar n tn I noticed 2 days ago a small hard lump behind my right ear. Both the small lump (approx the size of a large pin head) and the surrounding area are quite sore & tender to the touch. The lump is on the bone just behind the ear, about half way up. It could not be an infected lymph node as it is too hard and feels as if it's part of the bone itself. It doesn't move. Any ideas?????????
Avatar n tn I reached up to rub it, and noticed this small, firm bump about half an inch behind my ear. Rubbing it, I figured it would go away in a day or two, so I let it be. Over the next week, I couldn't stop touching it when my thoughts got idle..It wouldn't really move. It just felt like I had a bit of extra bone there. It didn't hurt or anything. After the first week though, I notice it was bigger, more pronounced. My left ear was also slightly stiffer then the other.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a quarter sized soft lump on my head, behind my right ear. It is the same color as the rest of my skin, round and smooth, and the mass moves when I put pressure on it. I saw a dermatologist last year and was told that it was a mass of fat tissue and not to worry; however, it has grown since then. It doesn't hurt so I've left it alone but it's definitely gotten bigger. I just graduated and don't have medical insurance yet... Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn After a while (that same day), I noticed there were two pea sized bumps right behind my left ear (not on the ear, on the head). The pain has gradually gone away, but the lumps remain. They are hard, if you feel behind the ear where the skull ends and the muscle begins, they are right and the end of the boney part. This all started in my sleep (although if felt as if someone karate chopped me in the back of my head).
Avatar n tn ) hers is much smaller, but of course we are having it removed for obvious reasons (her sister). the only issue is, just today i found another lump on her head. this one is behind her right ear, and it is quite large. it wasn't there before. anyone who posted about lumps behind the ear - was this a lymph node or dermoid cyst? her surgery is scheduled for the 24th, i'm calling the neurosurgeon tomorrow to see if she needs another mri prior to surgery. am suddenly worried where i wasn't before...
215234 tn?1305146561 Hi, I'm hoping for some help with the following problem, as having just finished a course of antibiotics ( Azithromycin 500) for a suspected "lymph node infection" which apparently is pressing on the Trigeminal nerve. I am still finding the pain unbearable, & feel its only subsided slightly.
203342 tn?1328740807 Under, or behind his right elsow on his rib area he developed a small, what I thought was a lipoma. A week later my daughter looked at it and said she didn't think so. Either it was something foreign, like a sticker, or something more ominous. Whe I took him to the vet this past week, she told me to keep an eye on it and if it gets larger the will go ahead and take it off. Like you, I thought it had come on overnight but it does seem a little bigger to me.
Avatar n tn Without any further description, the EMT put his finger right on the lump and told me I had arthritis of the hyoid bone. He gave me some anti-inflamaty drugs. While I was relieved that the EMT recognized my symptoms, I have occasional doubts that something more serious is going on. It really helps me to have you all reporting the same symptoms and concluding its the hyoid bone. I never had any trauma to the neck.