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Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 21 and about four months ago found a lump in ny left breast. I went to see the doctor recently who said it is more than likely to be fibrous breast tissue. My question is what can I do about it? My doctor just laughed when I asked, but I really hate these lumps and they are getting bigger and hurt quite alot, they have trippled in size and now cover 25 % of my breast. I was wondering, can their size be reduced or can they be prevented? I am still waiting to go for a scan.
Avatar f tn HI, Any lump in the breast should be looked on as a matter of concern. However as you are young this can be a fibro-adenoma of the breast which is a benign tumour. You should consult your Doctor for an examination. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Is there another way of removing underarm lump or breast tissue besides surgery, I have a large lump under my left arm after i had my first child, my left breast did not give any milk, when i got my second child, i tried all the breast massages the nurses told me to do which result in very little milk flow but something was wrong with the milk or it did not flow enough since the baby refuses it.
Avatar m tn Hi There, Several years ago, in 2004 I discovered a right lump in my right breast and it was discovered I had a fibroenemna. A biopsy was done and it was benign. Around several months ago, I was examining my breast and thought I felt a lump where the scar was. It wasn't obvious when you were feeling it. I went to a doctor and did not feel anything and neither did the ultrasound. Is there any chance this could have been missed on a ultrasound. I still feel it.
Avatar f tn Also my left breast is really big, several cup sizes bigger than the right breast. I'm not sure if this problem is to do with the extra breast tissue appearing in other parts of my body but I hope to get that sorted too. But in the mean time I'm enjoying being a mother to my children and keeping my chin up thats the best way to deal with things at the moment until my body is surgically corrected.
Avatar n tn I'm 40, have had 4 mamograms and just recently an ultrasound to diagnose a large lump and massive pain in my left breast. I have swollen glads in armpit and breast, and can feel a lump - inside, and now out. My doctor felt "something" although the U.Ss came back with a comment of normal fibro-cystic tissue/glands. I am tired - after 2 years of pain of the no caffine, heat situation. It isn't working! I'm 50 lbs.
Avatar n tn I had breast reduction surgery years ago and tonight I found a small, tender to the touch lump at the end of my scar on the inside of my breast (middle of my chest not outside part of breast) Should I have this looked at, or could it just be scar tissue?
Avatar n tn Her conclusion was that this lump is excess breast tissue, which has developed in the armpit as a result of the pregnancy. This is my 4th pregnancy and I have never experienced anything like this before. also, the " tissue" (lump) is not present on both sides...just on the left. Should I seek a second opinion? How common is unilateral excess breast tissue under the arm arising during pregnancy? And would it present as a lump?
Avatar f tn i have a lump in my right breast which is sore and hard to touch been to doctors and have to go back what can it be
Avatar n tn Hi, Increase in density of the breast tissue makes it difficult to visualise the breast tissue clearly on a mammogram. A compression mammogram or USG is then done to see the breast tissue clearly. Some of the causes of increased density of breast tissue include young age, OCP or HRT use. You should not be worried and discuss this with your radiologist and gynecologist. Ask your doctor what are they suspecting?
Avatar f tn Its feels lumpy and soft and does feel moveable but may be attached on some part. It feels like a lump of squishy tissue with a few moveable lumps in it. I can feel and hear it squish if i squeeze hard on it. I can only feel it if I sit up and squeeze the breast but when I am laying down I dont feel it. The tissue when buched together feels oddly shaped.
Avatar n tn a metallic maker denotes the site of a palpable lump in the upper outer right breast. a bilobed asymmetry is present in this region. there is no associated calcification, no architectural distortion is identified. a lump in 10-11 axis . a needle localization with the asymmetry followed by surgical excision. i believe the asymmetry would be poor target for sterotactic biopsy due to posterior location . can anyone tell me what this means .
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone, I have suffered with excess breast tissue in my armpits for as long as I can remember. I was probably around twelve when I started to notice it. Just like everyone else on here I feel terrible about it. I am now about to be 38 and the left underarm breast tissue has greatly increased. I am going to see my OBGYN on the 11th of this month and plan to ask her about it and she what she says.
Avatar f tn Surely if I had one just a year ago and breast reduction 9 months prior I am fine. I found a lump in June. Thought nothing of it...scar tissue it must be, Then in August I thought, I really should make sure this really is scar tissue and I consulted with my PCP. He said he felt it was too but wanted me to get my yearly mammo (2 months late) and an ultrasound.
Avatar n tn a lump in my left breast shows in ultrasoun,but not on mamograms 2 actually.fine needle biopsy said atypical cells but not enought sample.did open lump removal surgery ,took as in a clock from 2 to 4 of tissue, can the surgeon know by looking if is not cancer but fat lump. she said it looks like a good lump,can you really tell by eye. thanks hard to heel from catheter left one day.does the breast really full looks bad.
Avatar n tn I had a lump in my tram reconstructed breast and I had it incised. It turned out to be fat necrosis and scar tissue. I am glad I had it examined as now I have peace of mind. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn I am 32 years old and have recently found a lump in my breast. My doctor sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound which both came back normal. The results said "seen brightly echogenic fibroglandular appearing architecture adjacent to isoechoic adipose, no cyst or focal solid lesion identified". The area around the lump stays very sore.
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my breast. I had it biopsied about three months ago and it came back as stromal fibrosis. The lump started growing a month ago from 2 cm to the size of a lemon. It's not painful. I saw a surgeon yesterday and she said it feels like normal breast tissue. She said removing it would leave me disfigured because the lump is bigger than my breast. I could tell she had no idea what the lump was, but instead of saying that she said not to worry about it.
Avatar f tn Hi, If you have a lump in your breast that's been there for a couple of years,I doubt that it's a cancerous lump. If your doctor isn't sure,I would advise you to see a breast surgeon or breast specialist for additional evaluation. In my opinion,I wouldn't be satisfied with the doctors saying that's "it's maybe fibrous tissue". I would, if I were you, request a biopsy since this procedure is the only way to find out the true nature of this lump.
Avatar n tn About 3 years a go i discovered a lump in my breast. I had a mamogram done and was tole that it was only fatty tissue. And it was nothing to worry about. I was also told that I have fibrcystic(excuse my spelling) breast. Two days ago I was checking on the lump and discovered that it was a little larger and now it was very hard. Could that be a sign that it has turned possible to cancer. I go for a mamogram on the 16th. I am really freaking out right now. Please Help!
Avatar f tn It would be missed on the routine investigations if it is too deep, small in size or if the breast tissue is dense. You could be having either of these. In rare cases is the lump malignant or cancerous. It is important to get a proper clinical reevaluation got done in 3 months to have a confirmed diagnosis and to see for any changes in the lesion. Let us know if you have any other doubts and post us about how you are doing. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my breast and I had it checked out and my OBGYN said she had never felt one so deep and under my breast tissue before. So I go and have it checked out and all they do is an ultrasound. The woman never could see anything on the ultrasound but could feel it and it kind of hurts. Then they just said it was breast tissue. Should I go get a second opinion or not worry about it?????
Avatar n tn lump appeared in January in left breast (most effected by implants-nerve damage scar tissue etc.) Had mammogram and ultrasound- only revealed seroma in left breast where implant used to sit. Again large lump reappeared in May same spot- had ultrasound at different imaging place and with a radiologist who spent 1/2 on the breast. He found seroma and dense breasts but that is all. This extremely hard lump feels like an extension of my rib cage. It can get bigger especially with my period.
Avatar n tn Dear Jeri, Breast cancer can develop in any area that has breast tissue. We have lymph nodes in this area, it could possibly be a swollen lymph node. The mammogram and sonogram may give more information. The physician may then want to take a sample of the lump to examine under the microscope to further determine what it is.
Avatar f tn I recently hard a large hard breast tissue removed from my left breast in Oct. Everything came out fine. But my concern now is that I have found another lump in my right breast. I would like to know if anyone knows the risk factor of this? I am concerned that these showing up more now that I am at a higher risk for getting breast cancer?
Avatar n tn I am 20 years old and have had an ultrasound about 5 years ago which determined I have a non-cancerous lump in my left breast. I will admit I used to try and pump small bits of milk out of it when I was younger out of curiosity (very rarely), and little to nothing would come out. Maybe the lump is a result of this? Today it feels like I have 2 cysts instead of just one, I'm looking into having another ultrasound when I can finally afford it... What is inside a cyst?