Lump under chin neck infection

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Avatar n tn I'm 22 years old and I've recently noticed a lump that is about 1 cm in diameter under my chin, back towards the neck. It seems to be round. I first noticed it because my neck felt tender and the ear on that same side ached slightly. You can't notice it by looking. To feel the lump you have to push up under the chin near the neck, and then it pops out. I'm able to move the lump to my jawline. It's very, very mobile.
2117015 tn?1334630179 Hello, so i was randomely feeling like under my chin right before my neck starts and theres this pretty good size lump... Its like a size of a marble ... It hurts when i touch it... I have no idea what this could be .... Its not like a really really bad pain when i touch it but i definately dosnt feel good when i touch it and i feel some pain... you can definately feel the lump.. when i lift up my head you can also see a lump ... should i be concerned about this ?
Avatar m tn i have had this small mass under my chin and two or three on the back of my neck(mastoid,occipital area) and another on the left side of my upper back(trapezius) these "masses" are right below my skin and most are all the same size about 1/4 of an by 1/4 of an inch. i saw the doctor and he could only feel the mass under my chin...i think these lumps are easily palpable...but on another note he reccomended a biopsy on the lump under my chin he believes it be a lymph node...
Avatar f tn I recently noticed that when I put my chin to my chest, I could feel a lump or something on the left side of under my jawbone. I felt around, and I can't really feel anything when my head is upright. But when I tilt my head forwards and poke my fingers underneath my jawbone I can feel a small lump that I can "move" to the chin side of my jawbone quite easily. I felt on the right side and I have the same there, and I can move that one too.
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago, I noticed the area under my chin was pretty sore. It seemed like the muscles or whatever is under there were swollen as i could feel them very easily. That day, I also noticed my nipple being sore, and later noticed a nice hard bump right under my nipple. I'm an 18 year old male by the way. After a few days my chin was fine, but the bump under my nipple is still there and sore. It seems to have gotten a bit bigger but I'm not sure.
Avatar n tn The tender lump under your chin could be a localized infection like a beginning abscess. Breaks in the skin can cause bacteria to enter, resulting in an infection. Appropriate antibiotic should help. It could also be a swollen salivary gland or a swollen lymph node. It would be best to seek consult with your doctor for proper evaluation and management. Take care.
Avatar f tn On Friday July26 I took a nap that afternoon but woke up because of the pain under my chin. When I touched it there was a large tender lump. I had been sick and had lost my voice but not sure if this has anything to do with me being sick. Everyday threw the weekend I awoke to the pain and it has only gotten larger. I hope to get in to see the doctor later today. All I can do is pray and hope things are ok. But it is hard to have the strength to stay positive all the time.
Avatar n tn i have a lump under my chin towards my neck (where i have a bit of fat on my chin) and since this morning it has grew, its very painful to touch and is making me feel quite sick (but that could be the worry) anyone no what it could be?
2114766 tn?1334496749 This is really bugging me, my boyfriend has a lump underneath his chin on his neck. I can't really describe where it is. It's under his chin to the left (if you're looking at him). If I touch it, it's hard. It's oval shape and quite big but not noticeable unless you are at the right angle, even then it's not THAT noticeable. It's underneath the skin. He keeps saying it's a tumour but I actually think it is!
Avatar n tn I have this really painful lump or bump under my chin i just notices it and i tryed to see if it moves and it doesnt! what do you think it is? iam pretty scared and i have no acne so i know its not that. Do you think i should get a doctor to check it out?
Avatar n tn I feel a lump under my chin. Is this a sign of anything serious? It is right in the center and is smaller than a pea size.
Avatar n tn Few days ago I found another lump which is moveable under my chin and near my jaw. I was on antibiotic and the lump under my chin did reduce in size by a bit. But the two other lumps remain the same. I do have gum pain as well. Previously I did see some white patches in my mouth but I managed to brush them off easily. I’m seeing my ENT specialist in 2 weeks time. Anyone have any idea what’s wrong with me? I’m afraid I’ve cancer or any deadly disease.
Avatar m tn I got up to look in mirror then a instant sudden lump started forming under my chin on my neck throat area. It feels like a tumor but would think tumor just doesn't pop up. the lump feels like it goes down then come back i think. It hurt to open my mouth but that kinda went down. What could this be.?
Avatar f tn The primary lump can be sign of stone formed in salivary gland that plugged the duct; this will not cause high ESR blood test reading. Ask for referal to ENT, he may recommend do ultrasound of the neck, MRI or CT scan.The same imaging procedure will pickup the abnormal lymph nodes if any.
Avatar f tn It was not painful at all i had it for a month but however it did go away but just the other day i found another pearl sized lump under my chin that is also painless. So I am just curious do i just wait it out or see a doctor?
Avatar n tn 6 year old girl has a small pea sized lump under her skin in the lower left region of her abdomen......what can it be?
Avatar m tn ** Then a instant sudden lump started forming under my chin on my neck throat area.** It felt like a tumor. The lump went away about 15 min after it formed. It hurt under my back tongue to open my mouth but that went down as well. What could this be.? Ive had soreness before in the same area under my chin thats kinda on my neck that it swelled up on at work that came and went but its not like a sore throat feeling but more like bruise feeling sore inside.
12289107 tn?1424478614 They seek out the cool of the porcelain or metal . This behavior plus the lump under the right side under the chin sounds to me like he may have an infection going on and the bump is a swollen lymph node. Not unlike humans when we get strep throat and our lymph glands swell. If your asking my opinion , I would take him to the vet. He needs at least antibiotics.
Avatar m tn I had an acne spot under my chin that took a while to go down, it was under he skin so I couldn't pop it....anyway it eventually subsided but now I'm left with a tiny lump under the skin where the spot used to's difficult to feel most of the time, I have to stretch my neck to feel it and it not visible on the surface at all. I am concerned about it now as its not gone and is still there 8 months or so on from the acne...what could this be?
Avatar m tn I am 20 yr old male I just noticed tht I have a little pea sized lump just above my Adams apple, in front off neck just not far from under the chin, I noticed it does get really small if I turn my neck so am looking up and turn my head to the side it gets small or goes, and I also noticed when I tense my tounge muscles or muscles in my chin it goes, just worried anyone know wt this could be
Avatar f tn While putting lotion on my neck, I feel a tender lump directly under my chin. It is clearly above the thyroid. I wouldn't even consider it's location as being on my "neck". It is right under my chin before my neck/throat area begins. Please help!
14712110 tn?1436065615 When i woke up, i found a small lump on my neck under my chin, above my throat. and it hurts a bit when touch and when i swallow.
Avatar n tn My questions were about a lump on the back of my neck that both a dermatologist and hematologist dismissed as anything serious. I now have a lump right under my chin. It is right next to a pimple that seems to be infected. I squeezed the pimple and clear watery fluid is coming out. It looks like a couple of pieces of hair from my beard were deep in the pore. I also squeezed them out.