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Avatar f tn my left armpit is sore in one area
1605505 tn?1297863098 i found this lump in my vaginal area, its beside my vagina and the inside of my thigh. i noticed it about a year ago.. and it wasnt, very big then... but it slowly got bigger and bigger. its about the size of a quarter.. and its worrying me. and now its starting to hurt.. im scared its cancer or something.. i went to my obgyn about a month ago and he looked at it and said it was a boile. but, ive had alot of them before, and its nothing like that.. so could anyone help me?
Avatar n tn even if it's not painful, you should have it checked by your doc just to be sure
Avatar f tn feel like a hard lump/ painful in area and going down inside of leg.
Avatar m tn I have a small peanut size lump in the groin area on the top of the vulva on the fatty tissue that surrounds the whole genital area. It does not hurt is just a hard little lump I just discovered. I know its not a cyst cause those hurt a lot and I have had those on my thighs. I just started having sex 3 months ago after 2 years. I have never had anything like this. I have had a dermoid tumor once on an ovary. It is within the hair of my pelvis.
Avatar f tn 6 years ago i went to see a doctor after i discoverd a small lump on my vulva area,he gave me zovirax and told me it was an herpes simplex. after that i still getting the same lump in the same area only that its gettin bigger every year,being this year the biggest ,nd i only get it during spring and summer time never during the winter. what could it be?
Avatar n tn i ignored it. until later on today i was in the shower, and i was washing down there and noticed a lump under my skin next to my vulva. its painful when touched, its on my right side, and its swollen, and kinda red. im so scared. and ive been crying for hours. please help. please.
Avatar f tn Now a few days later while I was applying cream to my vagina I felt a sort of lump on the left side of my vulva, that i when i touch it i can feel deep beneath the surface and the area is red but the lump really isn't showing on the surface. And now the area feels tender. I am worried it is herpes. I would immediately run to the doctor but it's the weekend and the office is closed. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm in my mid 20s. Yesterday I found a lump on my upper right vulva: under pubic hair, about 1cm diameter. It's a little more pinkish and reddish than the surrounding skin. I can see skin peeling off he surface of the lump, but not seriously peeling. The lump is not hard and hurts a little when I press it. Most of the time, I feel ok.
Avatar f tn Late in pregnancy I noticed 3 lumps in the vulva area. Two on left side one on right side. One on left and one on right are located where bayholion cysts would be. The other on the left is higher about in line with top of vagina. They are lumps under the skin ( for example like how you would expect a breast lump to be) there is no pain no pus no inflammation. You can only feel them under the skin they are not on top. I’m freaking out this is cancer. Any ideas what these could be.
Avatar f tn As soon as I got home from the doctor, I felt pain in my vulva again as another hard skin-deep lump appeared on the opposite side of my vulva to match my marble size lump on the other side. The veins down there look raised as well. This new lump felt pea-sized. Yesterday morning I woke up and felt a small painful pea-sized lump under my armpit. I became scared again.
Avatar m tn Im an 18 year old girl and about a month and a half ago i found a red lump on my vulva. It was really sore and itchy but it seemed to go away or so i thought cause i didnt experiance any discomfort or anything but a few days ago i realised it had came back. Its now a red lump and has a red rash around it. The whole area is extremly itchy and can get very sore, especially when my underwear gets near it. Its starting to bleed when i go to the toilet but only very light spotting.
Avatar f tn Hi I have suddenly developed a very lge lump on my left vaginal lip(vulva)? it is extremely painful and hurts and definitely when I sit. I HAVE HAD IT 3 DAYS NOW AND IT SEEMS TO BE GETTING BIGGER AND MORE PAINFUL EACH DAY. IT IS THE SIZE OF A VERY LGE GRAPE OR SMALL PLUM?
Avatar f tn hi last year i had a partial vulvectomy to remove lump from vulva up to now touch wood I've had the all clear with all follow up appointments.
Avatar f tn i have a large lump in just under my labia in the part just before my vagina starts to split before the vulva. i am sexually active and clean of all std's and sti's and everything. the lump doesnt hurt when sitting or standing, but if you place pressure on it, the pain starts until you stop touching it. at first i thought it was a vein that had popped out but you could move it around and if it is not a pimple shape as it is competely under the skin and is not visible.
Avatar n tn heavy feeling in vulva today...
Avatar n tn If I reide hard or exercise hard I do have some pressure type pain in my area .I have a doctors apt tommorow but am very worried I have CANCER. Should I be?
Avatar f tn For quite a few years now I have had a weird skin condition that has now spread throughout my private area. The skin sheds a lot on a daily basis and is very flaky on this area, particularly on the edge of the large patch. The area is of an unusual bright shiny salmon pink colour. Also, I have been getting quite a few painful cysts on the outer lips of the vulva. What could be wrong?
Avatar f tn I have noticed if I shave in this area, mostly in the groin area, I get infected hair follicles that result in bumps and I have to squeeze them and use tweezers to pull out the hair inside. I DO NOT recommend this on the vulva !!! Try using warm compresses until you see your doctor. Wear skirts without underwear if possible, too. Keep the area clean and dry as much as possible.
Avatar n tn I have holes in the groin area at the base of my vulva that are itchy and burst with puss and lots of blood and now I have found a itchy lump next to my clitoris, I have seen 2 gynecologist and they have not given me a real answer, I am seeing a general surgeon this week. Everything is uncomfortable, interfering with my love life and frustrating my husband.
Avatar n tn The cranberry juice/supplements seemed to resolve that issue. Then I had what felt like a bug bite in my vulva area. My dogs do sleep on the bed so it is possible that they had a flea. It itched and hurt for a day, then the lump went down. Again no ***** spots but just a break in the skin that is healing. But when I read things on the internet these could all be possible signs of HSV so am I overacting or should I go be tested? Since I really don't have sores, can I be blood tested?
Avatar f tn My neck has been hurting today and I wasn't sure why or what it was. I felt my neck and it's hurting on the right side around the top of where my thyroid is. I'm not sure if the pain is associated w/ my thyroid or not. But it hurts pretty bad. I think the medicine is helping some. Not too sure though. I can still feel the "lump" in my throat when I swallow. I go to the doctor on 7/6/09 for a follow-up from the ultrasound I had done.
Avatar f tn You didn't mention if you have been sexually active? If you have, you should have it looked at by a doctor. Maybe it's nothing, but better to be safe than sorry. Also, you can get pimples there. Typically the ones you get in that area resemble an ingrown hair. It's usually a single medium-large bump. Or it could be an ingrown hair. Even though you don't shave in that area.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 y.o. married woman, NEVER had sexual relationships outside marriage. My husband didn't have either. About three months ago I developed a terrible perigenital itch, apparently without reason - to be more precise, the itch started on the right side, next to the groin. It was a very small lump there, like that one you get after a mosquito/ small spider bite. I actually thought it really was a insect bite.
Avatar n tn Here's a brief on what's going on "down there". I've been suffering from what I assumed were yeast infections for about 9 months. I say assume, becuase I did not seek medical advice until this November. When I went in for my appointment on the 17th my doctor did a pelvic exam and a swab and suggested it looked like vaginitis. Those results came back negative. On the 18th I had noticed a lump in the lymph node in my right groin.
Avatar n tn I have discovered a pea size lump/bump located between my left underarm and left breast. I had a mammogram two months ago, but this area was not in the area that is commonly scanned. There are not other lumps around it, and it does not seem to be a swollen hair follicle. Is it ridiculous to be concerned about it? Could it be breast cancer in this area?