Lump in vulva area

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Avatar n tn even if it's not painful, you should have it checked by your doc just to be sure
Avatar f tn Also, you can get pimples there. Typically the ones you get in that area resemble an ingrown hair. It's usually a single medium-large bump. Or it could be an ingrown hair. Even though you don't shave in that area.
Avatar m tn I've had a small cyst in my labia minora and sex of any kind only makes it worse (the friction). In addition to abstinence, try sitting in a sitz bath for 20 minutes 3-4/day and applying warm compresses to the area. That may shrink it if it's a cyst. Wear cotton underwear. Don't touch it to keep assessing its size--you'll just aggravate it. Take ibuprofen. I agree with the other poster--it's probably just a cyst, so call your GYN on Monday.
Avatar f tn 6 years ago i went to see a doctor after i discoverd a small lump on my vulva area,he gave me zovirax and told me it was an herpes simplex. after that i still getting the same lump in the same area only that its gettin bigger every year,being this year the biggest ,nd i only get it during spring and summer time never during the winter. what could it be?
Avatar n tn Hi can anyone answer a couple of question, i have found a lump around my vaginal area, blood test have been doen and im waiting to go the hospital because cancer cells were found in the blood, however today my vulva has suddenly swollen 4x its normal size does anyone know why thanx
Avatar n tn I have a hard, pea sized lump under the skin in my pubic area (less than 1/2 inch above clitoris and slightly to the left). It's not visible at all and can only be felt by touch - I first noticed it about 1 1/2 months ago. Went to my obgyn and she quickly told me it seems like an ingrown hair and I should put warm compresses on it. She even said it looked like a white head was coming up. Well, the compresses didn't work.
Avatar n tn A couple of months ago while shaving down below I noticed that I have this black Mark which is about under an inch in size on the inner vulva area. All surrounding skin is pink, this just looks very odd i have never noticed this before. It is not raised it is flat but it's a weird shape with jagged edges. It was definitely not there a few months ago and my husband has said he's never saw it before either ( while we were Being intimate.
Avatar n tn just had a biopsy on a lump on my vulva found out last tues it's cancer the lump has gone through 3 of the 4 layers of skin just has the 4th layer and the membraine to go through before i have full blown cancer seeing a cancer dr mar 13 to see what has to be done
Avatar n tn Hi, i just came to your site for the first time and i read a story about a young lady that is having the same symptoms that i am having and i was so relieved because i thought that i was going crazy. I am looking for answers as to why i am experiencing fluttering in my vaginal area. It started about 8 months ago and has been ongoing every since on a regular basis. The best way for me to describe how it feels is that it feels like a butterfly is inside of my vagina.
Avatar n tn I have holes in the groin area at the base of my vulva that are itchy and burst with puss and lots of blood and now I have found a itchy lump next to my clitoris, I have seen 2 gynecologist and they have not given me a real answer, I am seeing a general surgeon this week. Everything is uncomfortable, interfering with my love life and frustrating my husband.
Avatar n tn On the 18th I had noticed a lump in the lymph node in my right groin. I'm not sure how long it had been there. It didn't hurt and it was about 1cm in size. The following week my doctor sent me for blood work and checked for diabetes, urine sample, STD's etc. and that came back normal as well. Last night I went back to the doctors and showed him the lump. (I figured that it was caused by an infection, but since the bloodwork came back normal...
Avatar f tn Late in pregnancy I noticed 3 lumps in the vulva area. Two on left side one on right side. One on left and one on right are located where bayholion cysts would be. The other on the left is higher about in line with top of vagina. They are lumps under the skin ( for example like how you would expect a breast lump to be) there is no pain no pus no inflammation. You can only feel them under the skin they are not on top. I’m freaking out this is cancer. Any ideas what these could be.
Avatar n tn I have discovered a pea size lump/bump located between my left underarm and left breast. I had a mammogram two months ago, but this area was not in the area that is commonly scanned. There are not other lumps around it, and it does not seem to be a swollen hair follicle. Is it ridiculous to be concerned about it? Could it be breast cancer in this area?
Avatar f tn I'm in my mid 20s. Yesterday I found a lump on my upper right vulva: under pubic hair, about 1cm diameter. It's a little more pinkish and reddish than the surrounding skin. I can see skin peeling off he surface of the lump, but not seriously peeling. The lump is not hard and hurts a little when I press it. Most of the time, I feel ok.
Avatar f tn Since you've never had sex which ruled out STI then it is most likely a Cyst. Cysts can pop out anywhere on the body. In the vulva (the area near the vagina) they often came out as a result of a blocked skin gland. Looks like pimples or lumps under the skin. If fairly large or uncomfortable, it can be incised and drained by a doctor. Squeezing them on your own is NOT a good idea as it can cause the introduction of bacteria and cause infection. In some cases, cysts go away on their own.
Avatar f tn Sometime yesterday, noticed that I have developed a lump that's about the size of a penny, in kind of the area just outside of my ******* (lovely right!! Sorry about this folks). It is hard to the touch, doesn't really move around, and very very tender (especially when touched or pressed upon, so I'm trying to sleep on my side). Checked it out with a mirror, and it really doesn't look like much from the outside...the lump is noticeable but it's def.
Avatar n tn I explained to them though that this is like in the pubic area almost where my leg meets the pubic area but on the actual pubic area. It does give quite a bit of discomfort when I push on it. Has anyone had anything like this?
677927 tn?1234101599 For just over a month now, I have experianced a sharp (not too severe but there nonetheless) throbbing pain in my vulvur area. My vulva is red, slightly swollen and tender where the pain occurs and the pain is in one specific area only, not quite at the vaginal entrence, just below it. The pain varies day to day but is there consently and I'm finding this extremely irritating and distressing.
Avatar n tn It isn’t very subtle. There will be a round tender 'lump' in one of the vaginal lips, near the opening of the vagina, use a mirror and you will see it. Cysts that get infected can become very painful. Go to a gynecologist or your health care provider and let that person determine if it is infected. Treatment: The treatment really depends on several things; the size of the cyst, how painful it is, if it is infected and how your health care provider chooses to treat them.
Avatar n tn I am a female who is not sexually active (for many years) I currently have a large cyst low in my pubic area that must be ready to explode any time. I only wish it would. It is very hot and tender to the touch. Also painful to walk. Sometimes I need to go to the bathroom and cry. Yes, it hurts that bad. I'm too embarassed to go to the doctor. About 2 weeks ago I had the first one which was about the same size, maybe a little smaller. I am freaking out. What can I do to get some releif?
Avatar f tn So you don't think it is a tumour ?
Avatar m tn I have a small peanut size lump in the groin area on the top of the vulva on the fatty tissue that surrounds the whole genital area. It does not hurt is just a hard little lump I just discovered. I know its not a cyst cause those hurt a lot and I have had those on my thighs. I just started having sex 3 months ago after 2 years. I have never had anything like this. I have had a dermoid tumor once on an ovary. It is within the hair of my pelvis.
Avatar f tn Hi I have suddenly developed a very lge lump on my left vaginal lip(vulva)? it is extremely painful and hurts and definitely when I sit. I HAVE HAD IT 3 DAYS NOW AND IT SEEMS TO BE GETTING BIGGER AND MORE PAINFUL EACH DAY. IT IS THE SIZE OF A VERY LGE GRAPE OR SMALL PLUM?
Avatar n tn I was reading all the post and seen that a warm cloth would help with the pain of the lump in my bikini area. As I read on further I decided to try the warm cloth, i added epson salts to the water and used the wash cloth as a compress. After I had finished reading the other post, I decided that I had held this long enough, when I took the cloth from the lump I noticed that there was a lot of brown puss coming from the lump.
Avatar f tn Hello, my 8 month old bullmatiff has come into heat for the first time,all was going fine at first, spots of blood, swollen vulva general things, untill 2 days ago i noticed her back end in her vulva she had a protruding pink lump i believe to be her uterus??
Avatar f tn I had underarm extra breast tissue during my pregnancy, and after I stopped breastfeed it went away. Now two years later I found a small hard lump in the same area, and I don't know what to do. I am not pregnant. HELP!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am no medical person nor an expert but from own experience, I had little knotty bulges (or thought to be fatty cysts) in several areas (1 was in my arm under the elbow fleshy area & had been there for up to three years, which I had shown to every doc I had been to, as as leaving, "by the way...?'') and FINALLY, after some elevated levels on blood tests, achey feeling & maybe, now, they don't think I am hypochondriac, and 'I am imagining'...
Avatar f tn I can only walk for ten minutes before i am limping and in a lot of pain.I also noticed the lump in my groin is bigger than it used to be its a slight bit sore if i push on hip is very sore if i touch it and can experience pain during sexual intercourse.i do not know if these things are linked or i am just being paranoid.But i am getting no answers from my gp and am getting concerned.
Avatar n tn Im pretty sure it is just a pinched nerve and a chiropractic adjustment should do the trick. If the spine/neck etc is out of place, it will put pressure on the nerves and cause these sensations. Just like when a woman is pregnant and has this same vibrating sensation in the vagina, it is because the babes head or whatever body part, is putting pressure on the nerves.